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Estimated tour turnover €16.3 million!

Written by tevensso on July 5, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish financial industry newspaper Dagens Industri (Today’s Industry), writes this week that Gyllene Tider’s summer tour will generate a turnover in excess of 150 million kronor (€16,339,000). Experts in the business claim that Per Gessle will get a third of the turnover himself. 420,000 tickets have been sold to date.

  EMA Telstar does not want to talk about how the money will be divided or how much profit this will generate. “That’s a trade secret and I don’t discuss that with the media” Leif “Blixten” Henriksson says to DI.

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He should get a fifth, not a third.

isn’t that a question we can leave to Gyllene Tider to decide? all the members have signed the deal.

Per lend us a tenner. ;) *MWAH*

Per is one doing all the singing... perhaps he deserves that bit extra. ;)

And Micke is the one doing all the drumming. A little extra for him as well?

Just an observation: one third of the turnover is far more than one third of the profit as there are people to employ, venues to book etc.

heheh yeh mands he can chuck a tenner this way too :P

lemme see.... i guess a good £300 of that came from me :P

I don’t understand why we even care.. They have made a deal that all 5 have signed...

Per does most of the work and that’s the reason why he gets more money...

daniel_alv is absolutey right.
no need to care for us fans, and deal is deal.
and i guess all of them still get enough, more than
i get as student which is nothing at all ;-)

well, if they werent all happy with the contract then they wouldnt have signed it. its nothing really to do with the fans ahahaha. lets just be happy they’re touring! not arguing about whos gettin paid what for it.... :P

Well, as for myself, I’m happy that ’FINN 5 FEL!’ turned into such a hugely successful project. After all, I don’t think, neither PER, nor other guys from GYLLENE TIDER did it for money.

There is no news about F5f!’s sales yet.

Per is really a tycoon, I think :D


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