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Gyllene Tider’s final concert to be shown on Jumbotron at Stora Torg

Written by roxeteer on August 12, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - The last concert of Gyllene Tider’s tour this summer will be in Halmstad on August 18. The concert was sold out but now another 2,000 tickets have been released. But that’s not enough. Gyllene Tider wants everyone in Halmstad to be able to see the local boys live on stage.

  “Seldom – if ever – has there been such positive energy and excessive love that Gyllene Tider has met around the country during this fantastic summer. We in the band thought that we should do something as generous in the last concert,” Per says in a press release issued today. “The idea is to get the whole town to take part in the concert and that’s why we’ll build a giant screen at Stora Torg (the city’s central square and marketplace) where everyone can come and enjoy our concert for free!”

  The press release also reveals that the screen will be 40 square meters and it weighs 29 tons.

  So far, there have been 424,458 people at Gyllene Tider’s concerts. The number will go to almost half-a-million as the tour ends in Halmstad. Today the tour organizers released extra tickets for the Sundsvall (1,000 tickets) and Oxelösund (2,000) concerts on August 13 and 17 respectively. The Skellefteå concert on August 14 is not yet sold out.

Video of GT performance available online

Written by royalball on August 12, 2004 to .

GÖTEBORG - “And all year long I’ve been waiting for… June, July and August!”

  You can catch an interesting streamed video of Gyllene Tider performing “Juni, Juli, Augusti!” at their recent Ullevi concert in Göteborg. It’s available in both Real Media and Windows Media formats and includes the crowd’s reaction following the concert.

  In addition, on Aftonbladet’s site, you can see the same song – which is second on the set list – being performed at the Stadium in Stockholm.

Over 58,900 people see Gyllene Tider at Ullevi

Written by Jud on August 8, 2004 to .

GOTHENBURG - Gyllene Tider tried hard to beat Bruce Springsteen’s attendance record at Ullevi and they did! Over 58,900 fans (58,954 according to Expressen; 58,984 according to Aftonbladet) sang along with the band yesterday night.

  And all the feelings came all at once. “This is the biggest thing that ever happened in my life, after my children being born” said Göran Fritzon to Aftonbladet. “I don’t really know what to say. I’m speechless,” added Per Gessle. “It was really hard to keep the tears in the first couple of songs,” confessed Micke “Syd” Andersson, “my voice trembled when I sang the backing vocals.”

  After the show the band went to the VIP area to celebrate the record with their families and friends who had come to support the band. Among these friends were Marie Fredriksson and Mikael Bolyos. “It was great that Marie could come,” told Per to Aftonbladet, “she said the concert was fantastic, but she is actually a big GT-fan,” added a laughing Per.

  Photos: Thomas Evensson/TDR

Gyllene Tider tries to beat The Boss’ attendance record

Written by Jud on August 6, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Gyllene Tider will try to beat Bruce Springsteen’s [new] attendance record at Ullevi on Saturday, according to an article published today in Aftonbladet.

  The Boss gathered 58,310 people at Ullevi last summer and Gyllene Tider has so far sold 58,000 tickets, including the 600 that were put on sale yesterday. So, there are only 311 – to be exact – tickets left to sell to beat the record.

  The stage will be built today and once it is up, the concert organizers will see if they can fit more people in the stadium.

  “It would be fantastic to beat The Boss,” Per Gessle told Aftonbladet’s reporter Linda Hjertén. “I think beating such a record would go along with the whole tour experience.” Per added that he would pinch himself “to make sure I’m not dreaming.”

  Update: 500 tickets have been released today. They are available at Ticnet’s local ticket offices and at ATG’s offices.

“Finn 5 fel” goes back up to #1

Written by tevensso on August 6, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - After some The Hives hype, Gyllene Tider reclaims the #1 spot with “Finn 5 fel!” (3x platinum) on the album charts, while “GT25!” (gold) falls to #6 and “Mazarin” (5x platinum) to #27, after merely 59 weeks on the charts. “Tuffa tider”/”En sten…” falls to #12, but has acheived gold status (15,000).

Hallandposten’s special GT25 supplement translated by TDR

Written by administrator on August 5, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - With the kind permission of Hallandsposten, the daily newspaper serving this city and the surrounding region, The Daily Roxette has translated most of the content published in a special Summer 2004 supplement entitled “Gyllene Tider - Back Again.”

  Written by Jan-Owe Wikström, a sports reporter whose interest in music made him the paper’s “Per, GT, and Roxette” reporter as well, the articles have been translated by TDR News Editor Thomas Evensson and appear – along with our own account of this golden Swedish summer – on our newly launched Features page.

  To access this section, click on the “Features” tab above.

“Finn 5 Fel!” drops a notch, but achieves 3x platinum

Written by daniel_alv on July 30, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - In “Finn 5 Fel!”’s seventh week on the album charts, it falls to the second postion, having premiered on the chart at #1. The new Gyllene Tider album has now reached platinum status three times over, with some 180,000 copies sold. GT’s album was pushed out of the top spot by The Hives.

  “GT 25 Samtliga Hits!” stays at #5 while Per’s solo album from last summer, “Mazarin,” is at #23 in it’s 58th week on the charts. It has never left the Top 40 since the release 58 weeks ago.

  Both “En sten vid en sjö i en skog” and Tuffa tider” are in the top five on the Swedish radio charts this week at #3 and #5.

60s nostalgia on Per’s pause music CDs

Written by roxeteer on July 29, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Expressen has gotten hold of the three CDs that are played before and after each Gyllene Tider concert. It is a known fact that Per selects the pause music very carefully. Many of the songs are 60s rock (The Beatles, Small Faces), but there is also punk music by Ramones and new Swedish music by Raymond & Maria. Read more…

Per keeps his voice in shape with ginger tea

Written by roxeteer on July 26, 2004 to .

FALUN - Per Gessle must keep his voice in shape this summer because tens of thousands of people are waiting him to sing almost every night. Stress or flu could lead to a disaster. This time it’s even tougher than during the last summer’s “Mazarin” tour.

  “It was more fine-tuned and emotional. This is much more teenage screaming,” Per says. The key of the old Gyllene Tider songs were chosen 25 years in a lousy training place. “All the songs go in A. It’s not a good key, but that’s what they are,” says Per. “There are many songs on “Finn 5 fel!” that go quite high, too,” mentions Anders Herrlin.

  So far Per hasn’t had problems with his voice. Using an “in-ear” system helps him to keep the voice down because he can hear his own singing. But is there a secret weapon to keep the voice in shape?

  “No, there isn’t. I don’t sing higher notes. And I drink ginger tea,” says Per.

  “Ginger tea? Is that what you call it?” asks Micke “Syd”.

  “That’s right,” Per replies.

TDR’s Evensson guests on Stockholm radio program

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on July 25, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Being recognized as somewhat of a Gyllene Tider “expert,” The Daily Roxette’s Thomas Evensson (tevensso) appeared on a Radio Stockholm show yesterday.

  With more than 300,000 listeners daily, the station is Stockholm’s biggest radio station. They had a Gyllene Tider special on a show called “Viktors vänner” (“Friends of Viktor”) as a warm-up before the second concert at the Stadium. Read more…

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