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Over 58,900 people see Gyllene Tider at Ullevi

Written by Jud on August 8, 2004 to .

GOTHENBURG - Gyllene Tider tried hard to beat Bruce Springsteen’s attendance record at Ullevi and they did! Over 58,900 fans (58,954 according to Expressen; 58,984 according to Aftonbladet) sang along with the band yesterday night.

  And all the feelings came all at once. “This is the biggest thing that ever happened in my life, after my children being born” said Göran Fritzon to Aftonbladet. “I don’t really know what to say. I’m speechless,” added Per Gessle. “It was really hard to keep the tears in the first couple of songs,” confessed Micke “Syd” Andersson, “my voice trembled when I sang the backing vocals.”

  After the show the band went to the VIP area to celebrate the record with their families and friends who had come to support the band. Among these friends were Marie Fredriksson and Mikael Bolyos. “It was great that Marie could come,” told Per to Aftonbladet, “she said the concert was fantastic, but she is actually a big GT-fan,” added a laughing Per.

  Photos: Thomas Evensson/TDR

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Nothing can be better and make us happier than the news about Marie! That is what is more important than GT breaking attendance records!!! Can’t wait till Marie is back with a new album. Always best wishes and warmest regards, Marie! WE LOVE YOU!

Hej Marie...hope you also had a wonderful evening...take good care about you!!

How many people in the audience came in yellow shirts?? I was told that they tried to make everyone to wear something yellow!! DID THAT WORK??? least the first row did! :D

Those yellow t’s, manic! hehehehehe.
GREAT to see Marie. :D

Please translate the whole Aftonbladet article about Marie!! There´s even a brand new picture of her there

Great to know Marie could see GT this summer!! :D

Well done to all the boys of Gyllene Tider, wish I could have been there, sadly the bank balance would not allow me too..... still recovering from Stockholm! ;)

3 cheers... :)

Some cool footage on the website of Göteborg Posten webbie…

About 5 mins and not bad quality!!

No the yellow didn’t work. Maybe a tenth or less wore yellow.

WOW ! Fantastic! Marie visited the show! And she has her “narural blond” hair as always! She’s fine!! ;))

I hope they recorded the DVD during that night and Marie will appear in the movie for at least 2 sec.// =))))

YAY! It’s Linda. :biggrin:

Ha Ha, Linda like the yellow t-shirt... ;)

:S what did you expect? To see her like in the early 90ies? She takes strong medicine - and this is one of the side effects.. *sigh*

Can someone translate Marie´s article please? Thanks!

The thing that is makin me roll on the floor:

Check all the guitar picks on the microphone stand!!!

Basically the whole Marie article is quoted in our article. Lots of words to say nothing much.

@ Anonymous: I was also a little shocked at her appearance (Be nice Jud, it’s not fun to see your idol looking sick!!)

I did some reading and it seems she must be taking cortisone (a friend of mine had to take it for a few years, she had exactly the same swollen face but she looks perfect now!). I’m not 100% sure what cortisone does but it’s supposed to help the healing process after cancer. Anyway it’s something normal for cancer patients so I think it’s nothing to freak out about, though like I said it shakes you up to see her looking like that!

Just want to add: swollen face or not, it was really nice to see her again :)

I don´t know what to blame, stupidity or ignorance...
or a mix of both

but I can´t believe how some fans freak out so easily at something so common in someone fighting that kind of illness.

Well of course the big news here is that Marie is mentioned ;)

That photo was a little sad to see. I’m not freaking out but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to see Marie look like that...I miss her! I wish we knew more on her condition and how she is going.

Oh and Congrats GT :)

Stupidity or ignorance???? Excuse me?? Of course people will be upset if they see someone they care about with a swollen face or no hair. I didn’t know she was still taking harsh treatments so it was a shock to see her like that. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who were surprised by this photo. You’re really nasty to be so insensitive!


You deserve it!!!Great music,great show!!You are the BOSSes!!

And news about Marie!!!! i agree-“nothing can be better and make us happier than the news about Marie!”


please.. leave the flamming out of here.. thanks :)

Absolutely...let’s try to show some understanding for each other’s feelings!!

Hej, I think Goteborg was the best show from all tour. And I am not sure, if it wasnt the best show of gt ever. But I think GT were super, the same I can say about audience! I want to thank GT for the fantastic feeling and memory they gave me.
Have a nice time everybody!
Iva from Prague

Was this show recorded? I would like to see a picture of the crowd from the bands point of view

Hej are everwhere eh?? ;DD

I like the fact that Per seems to have a “mascot-plectrum”. (Or how to call it??) It’s the very first plec in the row and he never throws it away ...sweeet

Yes, that pick says “Åsa”. :D

guau! finally somethin about marie!!! i cannot understand why not an article about this, we all know that nobody was able to make her an interview, but she is MARIE, the half of Roxette... good for GT and that lot of people... but i dont get why or dailyroxette have not updated this breathtaking Marie picture in a big headline...

Oh, Linda looks so cute!!

OK, here’s the Marie article IN FULL: Marie was there, she thought the concert was “fantastic”. Period. The picture you may borrow from Aftonbladet.

so now you have the article.. and more hidden comments than shown. Happy?

thank you tevensso!!!

judith: what do you mean with hidden coments? i never post hidden coments... and yes sweety, im so happy that TDR updated this new... as you know this page is roxette´s most visited web site, so is important to submit news like this... :)

the hidden comments are stupid (to say the least) comments from “people” (always anonymous of course) that you won’t see.

There were 2 reasons I can think of now to not publish about this: these “people” and not to follow Aftonbladet’s sensationalism to shock people (think Marie is happy with it? NO)

But now you have it. It’s only our job to hide the nasty comments ;)

Marie, jag hoppas du hade en underbar kväll. Det hade vi. Jag är bara ledsen att du inte slapp fotografer och journalister. Vi älskar dig och saknar dig.

well, i dont want sensationalism from this web site, but if the picture had been already published... :-S

i did not know that people post nasty comments, well i have seen some before you have hidden them, but i did not expect nasty commnents about marie... im sure they are not real marie fans...

thank you anyway for update the article about marie, im sure many people go into TDR and see GT in headlines and dont read the articles, even a frined of mine told me that yesterday he did not notice that marie was in the concert untill the new article only about marie... :)

When you say nasty comments, do you mean the comments some people made about Marie’s face? A few people said that, but I don’t think anyone was trying to be nasty about her, I think a few people just got a surprise to see her so swollen. The only comment I found nasty was the one about being stupid and ignorant, that was a bit cruel considering those fans were just geniunely worried about Marie’s appearance! But I really don’t think the fans who said that were trying to be hurtful to her. Or were you talking about something else?

About swolllen faces. People who suffered from cancer have to take strong medicine, and they faces become swollen. I’ve read this about in the medical article. I can give 99% that it’s true!
And GYLLENE TIDER! It’s great!!! I listened to JUNI JULI AUGUSTI from Ullevi. It was fantastic. YOU go GUYS!!!

CRIZ; I was in the front row and I wore a green vest... (I forgot my yellow GT-t-shirt at home! *sob*) I think about 30-40% of the audience had yellow t’s or shirts of some kind.

erweetiran; Yes it was. There were several videocameras filming all the time.

I’ve also seen some cameras filming the show. It wuold be a huge mistake not to release DVD with this record breaking concert.


nope, i did not see any nasty comment against marie... maybe im confused becouse judith was telling something about it, but i dont know if somebody post some nasty comment... hope they havent said anything cruel or nasty...

In my opinion, it is impossible to say something nasty about MARIE.


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