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Hallandposten’s special GT25 supplement translated by TDR

Written by administrator on August 5, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - With the kind permission of Hallandsposten, the daily newspaper serving this city and the surrounding region, The Daily Roxette has translated most of the content published in a special Summer 2004 supplement entitled “Gyllene Tider - Back Again.”

  Written by Jan-Owe Wikström, a sports reporter whose interest in music made him the paper’s “Per, GT, and Roxette” reporter as well, the articles have been translated by TDR News Editor Thomas Evensson and appear – along with our own account of this golden Swedish summer – on our newly launched Features page.

  To access this section, click on the “Features” tab above.

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Oh cool! I got mine this morning, a friend brought one back from Halmstad! ;) and it is sooooo nice to keep, lots of cool pictures......... :)

great work Tev! :)

Now I know for sure what I already thought the text said when I read it in Swedish! Thanx!

Great work and pictures!!! :-)

Especially I liked 25 questions.:)

Thanks, Thomas... this was great and it must have taken you weeks to translate it! I really enjoyed “Timeline”... I love how they thought Per was washed-up in 1986... I wonder how Thomas Ledin feels now every time one of Per’s projects outsells his? :-D

Oh, I almost forgot to thank. So thankx.


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