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Gyllene Tider tries to beat The Boss’ attendance record

Written by Jud on August 6, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Gyllene Tider will try to beat Bruce Springsteen’s [new] attendance record at Ullevi on Saturday, according to an article published today in Aftonbladet.

  The Boss gathered 58,310 people at Ullevi last summer and Gyllene Tider has so far sold 58,000 tickets, including the 600 that were put on sale yesterday. So, there are only 311 – to be exact – tickets left to sell to beat the record.

  The stage will be built today and once it is up, the concert organizers will see if they can fit more people in the stadium.

  “It would be fantastic to beat The Boss,” Per Gessle told Aftonbladet’s reporter Linda Hjertén. “I think beating such a record would go along with the whole tour experience.” Per added that he would pinch himself “to make sure I’m not dreaming.”

  Update: 500 tickets have been released today. They are available at Ticnet’s local ticket offices and at ATG’s offices.

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I commented the same to a friend.. wonder if that counts :P

Oi :o I’m glad I don’t have to go there


Good luck to everyone who’s going!


Per, me and several UKers will come back to help beat the record if you pay for my flight! ;)

my flight goes in 6 hours, hehe ;-)

yeah, I think Per should buy the tickets and give them away to us!!

Looks like they did it... 58 953 fans + 1/2 of the best Swedish act ever = 58 954 people! (-;

Yeah I just saw that.... so can anyone translate it, the picture ain’t that good, as it was taken from a distance....

wonder how she is
she looked great at the roling stones pics but now ....

I agree with Ally here, there are some pretty horrid pictures of me out there that were captured at bad angles, from a distance, etc. really know how Marie looks these days I’d want to see a picture she actually posed for. I’m just glad she’s out and about, having fun, and has a big shock of blonde hair again (-:

I’m glad to see a sign of life of Marie again after a year! She’s just bloated from the medical treatment, not gaining weight. Welcome back!

I think MARIE’s face is the answer why SHE was out of public eye... But on the other hand, maybe some fans are right saying that it’s just because of “angle”. MARIE looked great in 2003 PER’s solo concert and when SHE received medal from the King. Back to topic, GYLLENE TIDER make every concert gyllene!!!:):):)


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