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Gyllene Tider’s final concert to be shown on Jumbotron at Stora Torg

Written by roxeteer on August 12, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - The last concert of Gyllene Tider’s tour this summer will be in Halmstad on August 18. The concert was sold out but now another 2,000 tickets have been released. But that’s not enough. Gyllene Tider wants everyone in Halmstad to be able to see the local boys live on stage.

  “Seldom – if ever – has there been such positive energy and excessive love that Gyllene Tider has met around the country during this fantastic summer. We in the band thought that we should do something as generous in the last concert,” Per says in a press release issued today. “The idea is to get the whole town to take part in the concert and that’s why we’ll build a giant screen at Stora Torg (the city’s central square and marketplace) where everyone can come and enjoy our concert for free!”

  The press release also reveals that the screen will be 40 square meters and it weighs 29 tons.

  So far, there have been 424,458 people at Gyllene Tider’s concerts. The number will go to almost half-a-million as the tour ends in Halmstad. Today the tour organizers released extra tickets for the Sundsvall (1,000 tickets) and Oxelösund (2,000) concerts on August 13 and 17 respectively. The Skellefteå concert on August 14 is not yet sold out.

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great :D:D

How cool... anyone want to pay for my flight to Halmstad!! ;)

and for mine? :-)))

Yay..only five days left and I will be back in Halmstad!

Yahooo Gyllene summer in Gyllene Sweden.:)

Yeah which is good news for those wanting to go and tough shit on those over prices ticket touts... hope they are left with tickets they cannot get rid of...

Just wonder how many people will go to the last show in lovely Halmstad....


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