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Museum auctions off Gyllene Tider exhibition items

Written by ATLTK on November 29, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - The Halmstad museum auctioned off several items from the last summer’s Gyllene Tider exhibition on Thursday. On sale were items that were either made by the museum or were acquired for the exhibition.

  Hallands Auktionsverk, the auction house, was quite crowded but there weren’t that many Gyllene Tider fans. Only 12-15 people had come only to attend the Gyllene Tider auction. However, the auctioneer seemed to be really happy that so many young people had come to the auction.

  Auctioned items included Gyllene Tider photos as well as five sculpted hands holding items “supposedly” discovered in an archelogical dig, including Per’s pen, Micke Syd’s drum stick and MP’s guitar pick. One of the most expensive items was a GT flag that reached 600 SEK (67 Euros) and Per Gessle’s autograph on a big yellow blanket that reached 1,000 SEK (112 Euros). Other members’ signatures were between 200-300 SEK (22-33 Euros). They also had three records for sale: two copies of the yellow “Billy” ep and one Peter Pop and the Helicopters single.

  According to Hallandsposten, the auction raised 35,000 SEK (about 3,900 Euros). The proceeds will go to the training of the museum staff.

“All About You” second single off “The Change”

Written by Jud on November 29, 2004 to .

(UPDATED) - According to the Swedish online store, the second single to be released from Marie Fredriksson’s album “The Change” is going to be “All About You,” a love song that husband Micke Bolyos wrote for Marie. The new single will be in the stores on December 1.

  Update: On the left of this article you can find the cover of “All About You.” The b-side will be “April Snow (Alternative version).”

  Roxryder-V2002 contributed to this article

Capitol Germany promotes “The Change”

Written by Jud on November 25, 2004 to .

VIENNA - Marie Fredriksson’s album “The Change” was released on November 15th in Germany and since then Capitol Music Germany hasn’t saved any effort to promote it.

  Last week top radio stations in Germany, such as SWR3, NDR2 and WDR2, featured “The Change” as album of the week. SWR3 played a song from the album every evening and the host read a part of the lyrics in German. This radio station has also reviewed the album in an article on their website. “Obviously, it’s been worth for Marie to do without her Roxette colleague, the softly-washed Per Gessle”, the article says, “besides real rock, Marie brings all kind of sensitive songs, like in ’A Table in The Sun’”. In addition, WDR2 introduced the album in WDR “Westzeit” and WDR2 “Soundfiles.”

  Today, various German TV channels have reported about the documentary broadcast yesterday by Swedish channel TV4, showing parts of the documentary in programs like “Leute Heute” (“People Today” - ZDF), “Brisant” (“Explosive” - ARD) or “Exclusiv” (RTL). ARD will run today’s “Brisant” tomorrow at 10:03 CET.

Kiwein1 contributed to this article

“The Change”: Brazil and Spain yes, Australia no

Written by roxeteer on November 25, 2004 to .

(UPDATED) - According to EMI Brasil, the new Marie Fredriksson album “The Change” will be released in Brazil. The release date is not yet set. In addition, the album will be in the stores in Spain on January 31st.

  On the other hand, we have also been informed that unfortunate to the fans down under, the local EMI has no plans to release the album in Australia.

Brett Williams and Alexandre Silva contributed to this article.

“A Second Chance” airs tonight on Swedish TV4

Written by roxeteer on November 24, 2004 to .

HELSINKI - According to EMI Finland, the new Marie Fredriksson documentary which until now remained untitled will be called “Marie Fredriksson dokumentär - En andra chans” (“Marie Fredriksson documentary - A second chance”). The documentary will be broadcast on Swedish TV4 on November 24 at 9pm CET and on Finnish MTV3 on November 27 at 1pm EET. The Finnish title will be “Marie Fredriksson - Paluu” (“Marie Fredriksson - The Comeback”). In Finland the documentary will be in the original language and subtitled in Finnish.

  The Finnish TV guide says about the documentary: “The singer of the pop group Roxette Marie Fredriksson tells in a Swedish documentary about her fight against cancer and the story behind her new solo album. Marie’s husband, music producer Mikael Bolyos is also interviewed. The documentary features rare footage from recording sessions in Marie’s home studio. New songs ’The Change,’ ’Love 2 Live,’ ’The Good Life’ and ’A Table In The Sun’ are also played. Produced by Titan Television, 2004.”

“The Change” falls from #1 to #12

Written by tevensso on November 18, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - After two weeks at the top position, Marie’s new album plummets to #12 on the album chart in Sweden. There is still no news about it selling gold (30,000 copies).

  The single “2:nd Chance” falls four spots to #38, while Gyllene Tider’s “Solsken” falls to #46. On the other hand “En sten/Tuffa tider” reenters the chart at #23.

Cover for “GT25 Live!” DVD revealed

Written by daniel_alv on November 12, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Today Swedish Internet site CDON published the cover for the new Gyllene Tider live DVD “GT 25 live! - En scen vid en plats i en stad” that will be released on the 24th of November.

  The CD sleeve has now also been made available.

Tracklist of the CD:

1. En sten vid en sjö i en skog (Jönköping)

2. Juni, juli, augusti (Halmstad II)

3. (Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän (Halmstad I)

4. Det hjärta som brinner (Jönköping)

5. Fån telefon (Jönköping)

6. Flickorna på TV2 (Eskilstuna)

7. (Hon vill ha) Puls (Norrköping)

8. Tuffa tider (för en drömmare) (Helsingborg)

9. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta (Halmstad I)

10. Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly (Eskilstuna)

11. När vi två blir en (Stockholm)

12. Det är över nu (Jönköping)

13. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet (Gothenburg)

14. Tylö sun (Helsingborg)

15. Billy (Eskilstuna)

16. Gå & fiska! (Jönköping)

17. Ta mej… nu är jag din! (Eskilstuna)


18. Sommartider/Min tjej och jag/Vänta på mej/Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång/Sommartider

19. När alla vännerna gått hem (Eskilstuna) Read more…

Marie tops the chart two weeks in a row

Written by Roxryder-V2002 on November 11, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Despite this week’s fall of sixteen spots to #34 on the Swedish singles charts with “2:nd Chance”, Marie Fredriksson achieves a second week in the top of the albums chart with “The Change”. Last week it debuted on the same place.

  “Solsken” drops four spots to #37.

“The Change” enters Swedish album charts at #1

Written by Kiwein1 on November 4, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson’s new album “The Change” enters the Swedish album charts at #1. At the moment, Marie and her family are on vacation at an undisclosed location. But when the news arrived to her, she contacted the Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” via her manager to spontaneously thank her fans; “What a great welcome. I am very happy and overwhelmed!”

  The single “2:nd Chance” falls from #14 to #18 this week, while Gyllene Tider’s “Solsken” falls from #24 to #33.

Crashroxer contributed to this article.

More awards for Per

Written by Starrox on November 3, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards have been presented for the first time ever in Sweden. More than 100,000 votes have been submitted and 14 winners were presented at EMA Telstar’s venue Circus in Stockholm yesterday. To mention a few; Best Nordic Male Artist - Per Gessle, Best Foreign Group - Westlife, Best Cartoon - The Simpsons, (which is kind of strange it being made for adults.) and also Best Fart in a Movie - Finding Nemo (also weird as the “fart” in Nemo is in fact a mine exploding.)

  NKCA has been around in the US since 1987 where 22 million kids vote every year.

  The Swedish version of the show will be aired on Nickelodeon November 6 and on TV4 November 7. Acts like Lambretta and Melody Club performed.

German fans gather together for disco party

Written by roxgirl_germany on November 2, 2004 to .

BONN - In conjuction with the release of Marie Fredriksson’s album “The Change,” German fans have re-launched a popular online meeting-point, “Planet Roxette,” which sports a new design as well as new content like an extensive multimedia section including, among others, wallpapers, screensavers and games; or a discography section based on Robert Thorselius’ “The Look for Roxette.” The website also hosts a large forum community that celebrated their first “Roxette - The Party Disco” a week ago.

  On the afternoon of October 21st, Roxette fans from all over Germany gathered together at the disco “Saga,” near Bonn, for six hours of partying and dancing to their favorite tunes from Sweden.

Read more…

Marie documentary on Finnish TV this month

Written by roxeteer on November 2, 2004 to .

HELSINKI - The yet-to-be-titled Marie Fredriksson documentary will be broadcast by Finnish commercial TV channel MTV3. The day for the broadcast is November 27.

  The documentary will be on Swedish TV4 three days earlier. There have been no announcements from other countries yet.

MP writes another song for the Finnish Eurovision song contest

Written by tevensso on November 2, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Mats MP Persson, guitarist, song-co-writer and studio guru of Gyllene Tider, has once again gotten one of his songs into the Finnish leg of the Eurovision song contest! Last year’s contribution was called “Can’t Stop Loving You” and ended up as #6. It was co-written by “a fella from Vaasa” named Patrick Linman, and so is this year’s piece - “Everything But Still Nothing”, a traditional pop song. “We almost forgot that we had entered it,” MP says in Aftonbladet.

  MP feels it’s a small, but yet possible, chance that he gets to compete against his friend Per Gessle in Kiev. “Theoretically that’s possible,” MP states, “It would be fun, but I haven’t thought that far ahead. I’m surprised our contribution got through to the Finnish contest.” The song will be performed by Patrick, a troubador and a former member of the Finnish popduo Place2go. “I myself will be in the audience or in the green room,” MP laughs.

  He won’t judge their chances this year. “Last year we ended up at number six, with a really catchy tune. It’s hard to say if this song is stronger…”

Mari contributed to this article.


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