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Museum auctions off Gyllene Tider exhibition items

Written by ATLTK on November 29, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - The Halmstad museum auctioned off several items from the last summer’s Gyllene Tider exhibition on Thursday. On sale were items that were either made by the museum or were acquired for the exhibition.

  Hallands Auktionsverk, the auction house, was quite crowded but there weren’t that many Gyllene Tider fans. Only 12-15 people had come only to attend the Gyllene Tider auction. However, the auctioneer seemed to be really happy that so many young people had come to the auction.

  Auctioned items included Gyllene Tider photos as well as five sculpted hands holding items “supposedly” discovered in an archelogical dig, including Per’s pen, Micke Syd’s drum stick and MP’s guitar pick. One of the most expensive items was a GT flag that reached 600 SEK (67 Euros) and Per Gessle’s autograph on a big yellow blanket that reached 1,000 SEK (112 Euros). Other members’ signatures were between 200-300 SEK (22-33 Euros). They also had three records for sale: two copies of the yellow “Billy” ep and one Peter Pop and the Helicopters single.

  According to Hallandsposten, the auction raised 35,000 SEK (about 3,900 Euros). The proceeds will go to the training of the museum staff.

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They kept that quiet!

In my opinion, there is enough space for both of ROXETTE members.

Where can I see the pix from auction, apart from the newspaper???

GYLLENE TIDER rox on !!!

@ally: it was on the museums website for some time before the auction took place ;)

It’s me on that picture in Hallandposten... the girl in yellow/black clothes.

Anyway... I just wanted to ad that the MOST EXPENCIVE thing sold there was one of the scanned and framed record covers. Someone payed 1400 SEK (about 154 EUR) for the “Flickan i en Cole Porter song” framed cover.

@ Judith, don’t visit that site very often! :)

Well I wroted that the framed Coleporter cover was the most expensive item but it seems that it has been withdrawn when it got edited

well they I must have thought that but let me put in that it was the most expensive item, sorry for being complaining or what ever you call it

I edited your article and it didn’t say which one was the most expensive item, at least not in a way that I would’ve understood it.

That rabbit (well, a living representative of its species) had an encounter with MP in a bend in Harplinge - it ended well.

”...i den där kurvan där MP har haft bekymmer...” (“Harplinge”)

@Baby-C: I’m honered that my records are worth that much. ;-)))


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