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“The Change”: Brazil and Spain yes, Australia no

Written by roxeteer on November 25, 2004 to .

(UPDATED) - According to EMI Brasil, the new Marie Fredriksson album “The Change” will be released in Brazil. The release date is not yet set. In addition, the album will be in the stores in Spain on January 31st.

  On the other hand, we have also been informed that unfortunate to the fans down under, the local EMI has no plans to release the album in Australia.

Brett Williams and Alexandre Silva contributed to this article.


So at a guess I am thinking it will not see the light in the UK also....

I´m from Brazil and I´m sooooo happy!!!!! I thank God I´m alive!!! I´m sooooo lucky!!!

Yessssss!!!! Let’s celebrate!!! We’lll have it here in Brazil!!!


Please Please!

C’mon Argentina is just one more step down from Brazil!

We’re so close, keep fingers crossed!

Gala Records delay Russian release, at least in Saint-Petersburg!!! (((

Thank God they’ll release it in Brazil. And I’m sure The Change will be released in Argentina too.

Ally, i think your “guess” is spot on....thought it wasnt really too hard to is EMI UK we are talking about.

..not released in Australia
I’m not at all surprised. Thank God for CDWOW.

South America has an enormous army of ROXETTE fans. I guess, I’ve somewhere read that the majority ROXETTE fans come from South America.

Iauuuuuuuu I’m soooooo happy. I knew Emi Brasil wouldn’t forget us :D

Incredible news for us, brazilian fans. And this isn´t enough... two webistes are spreading this news!

Marie no UOL:

Marie no Terra:,,OI428092-EI1118,00.html

(Thanks to Ukla ;) )

Congrats to the spanish fans too! And if we´ll have a brazilian release, probably it will be released in Argentina.

And let´s hope EMI Australia change their mind!!

Oh, poo. :(

Jesus... they get it in Brazil... that’s light-years away from Sweden!

No offence to any Brazilians here. I’m just a bit peeved that my country is only like a 4 hour train-journey from Berlin, and we’ll probaby never get it here in the UK!


Even if I can’t buy it in stores here in NZ, would it be possible to have one of the stores import a copy for me?

Am I dreaming? Will EMI Brasil release “The Change” here?
Well, EMI, please... Don’t make a mistake as you did with “The Ballads and The Pop Video Hits”.
I hope they release this album in others countries of South America.


@n-somnia- most shops should be able to import it, but if you’ve got access to a credit card, CD-wow is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to get it!

I think we all knew that news way before it was reported anyway.


Marie is the Best!

Sou brasileiro com muito orgulho e estou muito contente por essa notícia. Marie é muito mais que “chapéus coloridos e sorvetes!” É paz, é sensibilidade e humanidade. Alegria e tristeza.

EMI Thank God and Marie, I Love You
De um fã sincero

Adriano Silva

Adriano!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t agree more!!!

...................... uuuummmmhhhh what was that again?


Uoo Spain publicate!!!!
Thank’s you!!!!!
From Spain :-)

The fact is Roxette has a thousand fans all over south america, so it´s not a surprise her album is gonna be relesead here in Brazil (TWATG and Lonely Boys were released here too).

MTV Brasil also reports the news:

Yahoo, MARIE is mentioned on MTV, though in Brazil...

Lucky I’ve already ordered myself a copy of the album thru the fanshop! from down-under!

not in australia what an outrage i am not a happy roxette fan and i will be writing a letter of complaint.
i just got “heartland Cafe” after years of searching and asking and i desperately want this album as well.
any clue of how im going to get this album????

Where in Down Under do you live?

I might be able to help.


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