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Capitol Germany promotes “The Change”

Written by Jud on November 25, 2004 to .

VIENNA - Marie Fredriksson’s album “The Change” was released on November 15th in Germany and since then Capitol Music Germany hasn’t saved any effort to promote it.

  Last week top radio stations in Germany, such as SWR3, NDR2 and WDR2, featured “The Change” as album of the week. SWR3 played a song from the album every evening and the host read a part of the lyrics in German. This radio station has also reviewed the album in an article on their website. “Obviously, it’s been worth for Marie to do without her Roxette colleague, the softly-washed Per Gessle”, the article says, “besides real rock, Marie brings all kind of sensitive songs, like in ’A Table in The Sun’”. In addition, WDR2 introduced the album in WDR “Westzeit” and WDR2 “Soundfiles.”

  Today, various German TV channels have reported about the documentary broadcast yesterday by Swedish channel TV4, showing parts of the documentary in programs like “Leute Heute” (“People Today” - ZDF), “Brisant” (“Explosive” - ARD) or “Exclusiv” (RTL). ARD will run today’s “Brisant” tomorrow at 10:03 CET.

Kiwein1 contributed to this article


Nice to see an article more biased towards Marie’s side on TDR....though not a surprise with Judith as the author :)

I’m happy that MARIE is doing well abroad, though I’m in a little shock because of MARIE’s documentary.

Well, it does take a little more than some snippets on TV to do well, don’t you think? ;-)

GREAT!!!! :D


*smirks* I like that article!

@ncurran: Huh? What do you mean with that? Of the 15 articles I can see on the news page, 9 of them are about Marie....

@ above

Do you think there’ll be another battle between the Marie fans and the Per fans? Over this news item?


Ahhh grrr....and I missed all of these progamms. S..t

@Judith: by the way, what does this article has to do with Vienna. Are you there these days?

I live in Vienna :)


Me too... :)

Marie is always the best!


This must be the first time Daily Roxette has written the right city in the news.
When Tevensso writes something he writes Stockholm only cause Aftonbladet wrote it or Halmstad only cause Hallandsposten wrote it. You schould write the city that you are in yourself. Quite weird that Tev do not know that.

Yes, very weird.

so what now? we will complain about the cities? I guess there wasn’t anything else to complain about *rolls eyes*

hey Judith !
thanx for the news, at least I could record the Brisant report today morning (re-run). Nice to see Marie again...
btw do you remember me, Muriel from France...C ya

yes I do :D hi!

Hm, I missed the
tv magazines yesterday. But´s it´s great to read about it. Thanks

After 5 PM, there was another report on ZDF in “Hallo Deutschland”. It was quite well actually. My grandmother called me to tell me there was a Marie on TV, the one from... Ah, well, you know... ;)

if you want to see the report from Hallo Deutschland today, go to,3496,MT-2223730,00.html
they have the video up and the program is re-run tomorrow morning at 5am (ZDF)

Merci pour l’informatio! Tu connais notre programme mieux que moi. ;)

thanks for the link.....and i can actually understand a lot of what she is saying....pity its not the whole documentary and a clearer sound, and i might actually understand it all.

living near the German border helps... anyway hope the German TV will show the whole documentary, cos in France we won’t get it

I wouldn’t count on it, I guess those snippets are all we’ll get...

Thanks for the link. And i know about the border thing in the netherlands it’s the same as in france

..uuh yeah that was a really stressy evening...recording all these programmes..ZDF was sort of broken here that day and I have really bad quality now..Sad was also that they tried to make it all even more exciting than it already was...they said that Marie collapsed during a stupid is that...? ? And they also mentioned that the Roxette-circus is over now though Marie didn’t mention anything about Roxettes-future in the whole documentary (if I wasn’t totally death)’s great that they made promotion here in Germany but I still hate the way, reporters are working!!!

@CRIZ: if I’m not mistaken, MARIE mentions ROXETTE at the beginning of the documentary. Though I don’t know what was the context.

@Auryte: she talked about the planned Roxette-Tour for autumn 2002 and she was really looking forward to it.

she also says she felt so lonely during Rox promo (90ies, before Micke), that Per had Åsa etc..

Thank you.

WOW...Marie just made it into the german Listeners -Radio-Charts from Jump-Radio from 0 to 3 !! makes fun... ;D

Thanx for the link!

This week Marie’s 2nd chance is tip for the listeners charts at swr 3, so everybody who wants to help the single start voting at:

@quagmir: Please define “close to the German border” a bit more. Where would that be?

Made my vote.

@roxgirl_germany : well, I live near Colmar, that’s approx. 45 minutes to Freiburg.

But don’t be so optimistic:) For Poland (app 40 millions of people) there are only 100 (!!!) copies of The Change!! :(

:( I’m really sad, but i can understand it, because that there is no promotion of this album in Poland and most of ppl will download it from internet or buy pirate version :(

But 100 is almost nothing.... it is imposible to buy it now in Poland (premiere was on 22 nov) :( What a mess....

But I have to admit that there aren’t many MARIE fans abroad. But on the other hand, promotion could have changed the situation.

@quagmir: Yes, that rings a bell. I live near Saarbrücken.


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