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“The Change” enters Swedish album charts at #1

Written by Kiwein1 on November 4, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson’s new album “The Change” enters the Swedish album charts at #1. At the moment, Marie and her family are on vacation at an undisclosed location. But when the news arrived to her, she contacted the Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” via her manager to spontaneously thank her fans; “What a great welcome. I am very happy and overwhelmed!”

  The single “2:nd Chance” falls from #14 to #18 this week, while Gyllene Tider’s “Solsken” falls from #24 to #33.

Crashroxer contributed to this article.


WOW!!!!! Excellent news. Well done Marie. Great to have you back. Rich

aaaaaaaw!!! so proud of her!!!!!

Thats so great for Marie! I’m really happy for her after all she has gone through!

Wow if you read swedish really slowly you can understnad it better than i thought!
Thats the link

go to listor and click by marie fredriksson on listan!

That’s really great for her!! :-))


That’s something really deserved and expected too.

And still thinking that droping only 4 spots on the singles charts shows it’s doing fine despite all the low airplay of the song.

So happy!

> And still thinking that droping only 4 spots
> on the singles charts shows it’s doing fine
> despite all the low airplay of the song.

Good point Roxryder-V2002 !!!
From what I read in TDR (I’m not in Sweden), the single isn’t getting airplay, isn’t being promoted, and (as much as you, me and many others around here like it) it’s not radio-friendly. And besides all that, it’s still in #18 !!!

Imagine what Marie could do if they choose a more radio-friendly song for the 2nd single !!!!

*yay* congrats Marie!

Nice to hear! I hope the album will succeed almost the same in the other European countries and in the rest of the world.

Greatttt Newsss!!! :-D

really nice to hear. congratulations to all the Swedish fans who brought her to #1!

unexpected and good news.

WOW!!! Congratulations!
I wouldn’t have tought that the album enters at #1!

GREAT!!! Marie, congratulations!

GRATTIS MARIE!!!! Oh well done honey!!!!
I KNEW this would happen....YOU & MICKE deserve this’ve worked soooooo hard and the album is a MASTER-PIECE of note, so well, well, well done!!!!
I seriously can’t stop listening to this amazing album!!!! Everytime I listen to it, I love it more than before!!!
I hope the success of this Brrrrrillliant album grows throughout the world for you!!!!
It neeeeeeeeeeeeeds to be no.1 all over the universe!!!!
BIIIIIIG hugs from Cape Town!!!!

Congrats Marie! Let’s Party!!!!

Yeah it’s in Sweden it’s not a big suprise. I’m curious how it’s gonna look i other countries where The Change will be released.




Thank to you Marie!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew this would happen. Congratulations:):):) I’m extremely happy.

By the way, why says that it was released on the 20th of October???

I am not surprised... because this album really KIX ASS!!!
Marie... what can I say... GREAT JOB! :o)

i knew it would! :P


That´s great news! Although this album is amazing being #1 or not! ;)

Damn!!Well done.Marie!!!
Lot of luv!

Great news!You deserve it dear!
I love The Change!
Cristian From Argentina

allright ! i just got mine in the mail from skivhugget today, does that mean i helped ?

Congratulations Marie!!!!!!!!!!!

Well deserved and in your rightful place :)

@thecla: Oh good, maybe that means mine will be here soon, too! Can’t wait to hear this #1 album... (-:

I live in the USA, so I’m waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail. It shipped November 1. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow!

It’s good to see it getting such big recognition in Sweden!

congratulations marie. you deserve it ... Hope to see you soon.

Well done!!!!!!!!!

Vala from Argentina!!!!!!!

congratulations marie... it´s a great album!!! Thanx

ofcourse she’s at nr 1 this is the greatist album i have heard in a long long time and i’m not saying this course i’m a fan.


It’s a very nice notice!

THE CHANGE, please, come to Brasil, send that to Brasil, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.....

Per is good, but marie is great!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S: if Alanis Morissete won singing confessional songs, why not Marie, that she was one of the first confessional modern singers???? There is so poetry in your songs... Life is not so “funny hats and ice cream”, but is so “Mot O”kanda Hav”, “herren Ber for dig”, Mellan Sommar en hocht”, Tro, den basta dagen, den sjunde vagen, etc, etc, etc.

Marie I love you.

Ah, someone said that marie never sing covers in your records, but it’s untrue, ’cos she recorded “All through the night” (Natt efter natt) form Cindy lauper in “het Vind”.

I agree with you, Adriano.
They MUST release her album here in Brazil.
Marie, we love you.

P.S.: I WANT TO HEAR THE SONG “2nd CHANCE”... Who can help meeeeeee?

all right!!!congratulations!!!thanks to the swedish fans!!!
- what about argentina does anybody know if the cd will be available here?

Part of my dream come true - PER at #1 in 2003, GYLLENE TIDER at #1 in the summer of 2004, MARIE at #1 in the autumn of 2004. ROXETTE at #1 in 2005 or 2006???

MARIE!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS TO YOU, DEAR!!!!!!!!!! Well done, damnit!!!!!!!!

Is it coming to Brazil??



Of victory. Your V, Marie. Your victory.


Lots of love to you.
And thank you, thank you so much, for your strength!
Lots of love to you.

Yes, please, do release THE CHANGE in Brazil!

Hmmm guess could not be that difficult to climb that high, regarding the fact all fans pre-ordered albums from Sweden and helped the album to climb up that way, I doubt sth. like that could be possible in other European countries

@ above

I don’t think the Internet sales count! Does not happen over here, anyway...


Hi ... yep, but when they know ppl in Sweden they maybe contacted them to buy some in stores ? ;-)

Ups posted twice, sorry was not my intention, Internet messin’ up here

Well, congrats Marie !


If yu wanna hear “The cange”, run back on the TDR Site and come to article saying “TDR presents The Change” and search for “aftonbladet site” under the cover page. Click there and you’ll see versions on this site. Your Must hear the song!!!!!

Hope EMI release it on Brasil.


CONGRATULATIONS MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JuAnJo from Argentina.


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