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“The Change” falls from #1 to #12

Written by tevensso on November 18, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - After two weeks at the top position, Marie’s new album plummets to #12 on the album chart in Sweden. There is still no news about it selling gold (30,000 copies).

  The single “2:nd Chance” falls four spots to #38, while Gyllene Tider’s “Solsken” falls to #46. On the other hand “En sten/Tuffa tider” reenters the chart at #23.


I’m sure it will go up once the documentary airs next week. I think it has done really well considering the almost 0% promotion from Marie.

Well, I wonder why it still didn’t sell gold - something is going on there..I don’t get it.

I agree with you, Hotblooded, the documentary will be like a kind of “promotion”.
I think that is very hard to sell without promotion, but eventhrough i also think that this record is not made for selling, is just a personal challenge and she has done a very very good job.

Just like it’s always granted she’d take the top spot and two weeks is very well done, I’d say.

Anyway, I think it’d be fair to say the album has gone gold...Robbie Williams didn’t go to #1...Think he entered at no. 3 and stayed behind Marie for two weeks and his GH certified gold.

Its been there 2 weeks more than most ppls thought it would! ;P

yeah, no promotion and already got Gold...

oh Marie!!! we love you more than ever!!!

hey mods,

there is an article in todays aftonbladet about the ’rockbear’ awards. Rox/Marie/GT feature heavily in the pix, perhaps its worth a mention.

Shame about the Change. oam//

Plummets is not the right word, from 1 to 12 is not a plummet!

yeah buit its not a slip either, but then again tev is very biased for a supposed moderator so why are we all shocked, but I for one am not surprised, it will be fortunate if it stays in the top 20 for a month with no promotional and no video, the musci industry ain’t what it used to be

but records are certified gold for shipments, not for sales...and the change was already certified gold wasnt it?

ncurran: who knows :S The charts show the gold/platinum etc putting gold discs icons under the album title and Marie has none.. Kiwein and I have been wondering about this for a while now :O

Marie took this album way too serious as far as her illness and the caner treatment that she wet through. It needed to be at lease a bit commercial so that people would welcome it more. Her target listeners for this album are very limited and not everyone will like the album. It’s too heavy and sometimes one has to turn down the volume because it actually gets annoying. A good song will take you from the beginning to the end without letting you feel uncomfortable listening to it. In referring to her new album, “Bad Moon” is an ideal song and a bit more commercial. “All About You” is another good song which can be her next single and maybe shine a little light on this drake and very personal album! I mean come on, its Christmas and new years no one want to hear Marie’s table of Roses dying! It’s too sad and tragic!!!

I don’t quite know where everyone has got the idea from that this album is all about her breaking internationaly as a solo artist, just coz its being released ’internationaly’ (so far 3 countires?)
The fact that album is out is the achievement not the amount of copies it sells hence the reason Marie not doing any promo herself.
It was #1 for 2 weeks and so what if it falls to #12 the fact was still #1
I also don’t see where the entire album is about her illness.
I say enjoy it or hate it for musical reasons not worry about how the album was motivated.
*might edit this later when I can remeber what I was thinking* ;)

**edit** btw..... ’falls’ was a better choice of word that ’plummets’ **edit again** although i see its still there in the actual article ;P

It was not gonna be number 1 forever... but it did well to get there and stay there for 2 weeks, that in it’s self is excellent! :)

better than anybody expected :D

Taking into account that the album is in English and not “usual” Marie’s style (at least not the stuff Swedes are used to ;))

I would have a look at the lists of this past years and compare it to other swedish artists but I’m too tired now, might do it one of these days.

I’m satisfied with what MARIE has achieved with THE CHANGE - two weeks at #1. Hopefull, it will rise.

PS When I first read the message, I thought it fell from number 1 to number 2...

definitively GT25 rules 2004, I think :-)

vix is right this isn’t her international launch as an artists, and since when has marie ever really been commercial, i am sorry but people used to here belting out pop songs don’t buy the change its that simple

@Eloy: and thats a matter of personal opinion too ;) GT25 rules Sweden ..... yes most likely it does.
But I don’t really think there was ever meant to be any competition was there?

@vix: Thanks for saying this isn’t a competition. I think all this blabla about how good Marie is and how bad Per is and vice versa has gotten a bit out of hand now and then. Like what you want people and stop nagging the ones who don’t like it. It is after all thanks to BOTH Per AND Marie that most of you people from outside Sweden even know about them.

If they never formed Roxette they wouldn’t be singing in English at all.

i was sure I commented twice on this....weird/oam//

I actually agree with you 100% Per_mson, this isn’t a competition and it doesn’t matter if Marie is #1 and Per is #52 or vice versa. I think it’s incredibly stupid to attack one member of Rox because you are a fan of the other member. It’s one thing to compare the two, but when the criticising gets nasty I think it’s just ridiculous. I don’t understand why some fans have to knock the other one down to make themselves feel good that their favourite is the best! I’m glad Marie got to number 1 but if she didn’t, who the hell cares because this album was a big achievement for her anyway.

Just a few days left til documentary being shown on TV. It should rise attention to THE CHANGE.

Who cares about the charts or how many albums sold?The album is great,that’s the point!

Btw The Change is on sell in Latvia too.

it’s sold in Switzerland as well (from today).

now down to number 17


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