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Cover for “GT25 Live!” DVD revealed

Written by daniel_alv on November 12, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Today Swedish Internet site CDON published the cover for the new Gyllene Tider live DVD “GT 25 live! - En scen vid en plats i en stad” that will be released on the 24th of November.

  The CD sleeve has now also been made available.

Tracklist of the CD:

1. En sten vid en sjö i en skog (Jönköping)

2. Juni, juli, augusti (Halmstad II)

3. (Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän (Halmstad I)

4. Det hjärta som brinner (Jönköping)

5. Fån telefon (Jönköping)

6. Flickorna på TV2 (Eskilstuna)

7. (Hon vill ha) Puls (Norrköping)

8. Tuffa tider (för en drömmare) (Helsingborg)

9. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta (Halmstad I)

10. Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly (Eskilstuna)

11. När vi två blir en (Stockholm)

12. Det är över nu (Jönköping)

13. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet (Gothenburg)

14. Tylö sun (Helsingborg)

15. Billy (Eskilstuna)

16. Gå & fiska! (Jönköping)

17. Ta mej… nu är jag din! (Eskilstuna)


18. Sommartider/Min tjej och jag/Vänta på mej/Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång/Sommartider

19. När alla vännerna gått hem (Eskilstuna)

Tracklist of the DVD:

1. Intro: GT25

2. En sten vid en sjö i en skog

3. Juni, juli, augusti

4. (Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän

5. Det hjärta som brinner

6. Fån telefon

7. Flickorna på TV2

8. (Hon vill ha) Puls

9. Solsken

10. Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)

11. Tuffa tider (för en drömmare)

12. Kung av sand

13. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta

14. Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly

15. När vi två blir en

16. Det är över nu

17. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet

18. Tylö sun

19. Billy

20. Gå & fiska!

21. Ta mej…nu är jag din!


22. Sommartider/Min tjej och jag/Vänta på mej/Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång/Sommartider

23. När alla vännerna gått hem

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YES, YES, YES, there’s no more waiting!
A lovely thing to put into Santa’s bag :-) and to celebrate the “gyllene” summer 04 on cold and rainy winter weekends.

Thank you guys! Gyllene 4 eva, rock on!

GREAT!!! (-;

But I don’t like the cover...



hahhaha kewl :P

well atleast its not drawn by Gabriel ;-P

LOL - I’m really excited about this release. Bring it on! Rich

Wow!This is great! (again!)

I thought GT were 5? :S

That’s what I was thinking too.

pretty uggly cover i think, but it is a must have

I really don’t like the cover, it’s awful.... :S

yes it is *urgh*

:-DIs beautiful!!!:-D

@vix, lol

Wish it would have been drawn by Gabriel... :0

LOL Vix, mybe Gabriel has been promoted to graphic designer

I like it! It will always remind me of Ullevi – the way the title of the dvd has a wave like Ullevi Stadium is designed – I saw that show live - I wonder how many of us made the final cut into the dvd?

San Francisco

Anyway: I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I wanna see it NOW!!!

I wantwantwant it! :D

well the cover has lots of pretty colours on it so maybe Gabriel had something to do with it ;)

@Vix: lol!

Is it me, or the cover is too dark? Maybe the size/quality of the picture doesn’t help. Anyway... as some others suggested, why did they use a so-Gessle-centered cover? I don’t think GT members care about it, and that’s fine, but... don’t know. I think a picture like the one of the “TACK” posters [1] would have looked better than this one, wouldn’t it?


I think it’s got too many happy colours...

More ice cream and balloons ;)


Don’t like the cover either :-/ But can’t wait for the content ;-DDD !

personally I like the cover :) it´s full of colours and looks really cool. the pix of the TACK poster is really great. that pix was perfect for a cover but too much åtetaget-ish, I think.

I wonder about the cover of the album. will it be the same? I´d really like to know. GT25 rules! :D

Remove a couple of the colours... like that pinkish-Pepto Bismol lookin thing and the yellow. Leave it in blues / greens and it’d Look Sharp.....

Finally a nice looking cover after all those MF boreism pictures... ;)

LS: and add a full pic of the other guys.. who btw they ARE GT too, and we would be done ;)

Great cover!!! looks very Mazarin,so Gessle-ish.Poor all the rest of the GT’s guys!

The cover now also has been published at, at the “Nyheter” section.

Agree with the selfish-PG comment! Again a shot of Per in the middle and from the bottom-up, like EMÄ?’s cover!

Hope this DVD will be as good as the other! (anyone interested in swapping just email me!)


@ patolucas

What’s so Mazarin about this?
Apparently nothing!

The sleeve for the CD is now to be seen on

wow the cd cover is cool :)

yes the CD cover is cool :P

at least they remembered there are 5 guys in the band ;)

hahaha true story Judith :P
the dvd cover is just so......... tacky.... for want of a better word ;)

Why Per is in the middle? Because he is THE LEADER of the group!!!

This is how it works, i mean music business.

one thing is to be in the middle, another is to put the others around as if they would “only” be the band that doesn’t belong to the main act or that changes at every tour ;)


I don’t remember there being little circley pics of Helena, Christoffer and the gang on the ’mazarin’ DVD ;)

I think it’s fair enough that Per be the centrepiece... if you write and sing practically all the songs, you are THE Man!

*I* didn’t compare it to Mazarin ;)

Anyway, I prefer the CD cover. At least the GT logo is back ;)

and peopel had the audacity to say the photography for baladas was bad :)-

I think they could have come up with better!

I ordered the CDs and the DVD and the cute T-shirt at the fanshop


Cool sleeves both of them!! :-))

Now pre-ordered.... roll on the release day! :)

waiting to see if CD-wow will sell those too ;) If not.. CDON here I come!

Are GT a band of five guys, or a solo singer with a backing group? Are the other GT guys just servants? Hmm, we know who the star is I guess....

hehehe i cant wait! 2 weeks til Stockholm (and the dvd woooooo!)

I’ll pass on CDWOW, takes too ruddy long! ;)

Well the CD-cover is so much better than the DVD´s one but still it looks like it´s been made by a photoshop starter... they could have done it better...

I must say that both covers are weak... but all GT covers were weak (maybe F5F is an exception).

They are all made i think in old fashion way, just like covers from the begining of GT career :)

Well, I prefer MAZARIN cover to those, but in my opinion, these pix are very GYLLENE TIDER’ish. Don’t ya think so???

The DVD cover is a mess - a shame for GT and a shame for Per. GT is a band of five and NOT “Per AND band”..

Pers the man, and he should hog the cover. The other band members are on the cover after all. I like the cover, it even would of looked better without the other band members and just Per! :D

@Anom: That’s what Per thinks too, I guess...haha

oh who cares if Per is a bit more in focus than the others, he IS the lead singer and the songwriter in this little band. And if Micke, Göran, MP and Anders like this covers, why shouldn’t we then? Atleast I don’t think we should dislike it because of the fact that Per is “in focus”.

But that IS the reason why I DON’T like it! :) And I have every right to like or dislike whatever I want for whatever reason.

GT is a BAND of five and not “Per och band”..what would GT be without the great Farfisa of Göran, the great guitar solos of MP...and so on...

how do we know if the other guys like the cover or not? ;)

I loved the Idea of this new DVD!!! It must be wonderful!!!

But at the same time I can’t understand why we don’t have a acceptable live ROXETTE DVD yet :-(

@judith: We don’t. We just have to assume they have had a chance to say yes or no to this. And we just have to assume that they all said yes, and that they would not use a cover that one or more of them did not like.

Ofcourse everyone is free to like or dislike the covers... what I don’t understand is why it has to be such a big deal. And I really don’t like the fact that if someone says something like “I really like both covers” then there emmediately are answers to telling why it is so bad and why it is wrong to like it. Atleast that is the feeling I get from reading some of the posts here. And that’s a feeling I’ve been getting from other discusions to. As long as your opinion is somewhere near the majority, then it’s perfectly ok to say what you think. But, if your opinion differs from the general one, you must be ready for some heavy argumentation... THIS annoys me.. not some cover that really just is a piece of paper.

Well, at least I only told everyone that I dislike the DVD cover and didn’t judge on the people who like it. :)

The guys in GT were not consulted, it will be interesting to hear what they think about the sleeves.

I guess we have to assume all that about the cover as much as with Solsken? ;)

I can’t believe that they haven’t been asked or showed BEFORE! What the hell...??

I quite like the CD cover now I can see it enlarged. All the best, Rich ;-)

PS But in any case I have more interest in the sound being good than the covers!

@tev: Just a question, because we keep asking ourselves in a chat about it: does “the guys” include Per or not?

Good question, Kiwein1...:)

if the second pix belongs to the cover of the album then I gotta admit I don´t like. the cover of the dvd is cool :)

ckeck in they mention the release date of the dvd on november 9th. I get confused

very nice cover cd :-D

@Kiw: I don’t know if Per is included, but my guess is that he isn’t.

So, no “Solsken II”! :)

So it’s “Solsken”, “Här Kommer Alla Känslorna” and “Kung Av Sand” that don’t make the cut on the CD. I can’t wait for these releases although I had really hoped for Solsken on the CD. All the best, Rich


So many recordings from the Jönköpig concert!!! GREAT(-;

Kiwein: read tev’s reply again ;)

I´m terribly happy for the tracklist. it seems the best concerts were jönköping and eskiltuna and that is because they decided to included 10 songs! I attended those two concerts. Great tracklist! :D

they don´t mention where sommartider was recorded. I´d really like to know

So “Marie I Växeln” is missing from the DVD of the Gothenburg concert?? Rich

I don’t get the tracklist of the CD. They supposedly cut all the ballads, than why are “När alla vännerna gått hem” and “Billy” there, but NO SOLSKEN? That’s my fun and happy song, always gets me in a brilliant good mood, now it’s missing so :(

@Jud: LOL, lost my head somewhere in Sthlm the other day..

sniff...if I knew things would turn out this way I would have saved my mobile recording of really seems that was the only decent version I had and would hear performed live - excluding the one on DVD. I am truly devastated but suffice it to say: A GREAT SHAAAAME!!!!
Is Billy for that matter that powerful? Sorry, but after all these times we heard it I am getting slightly fed up with that song. While Solsken was a brilliant and optimistic NEW song which missed it chance of becoming one of the pearls on the live album. Sniff again. Otherwise, a great tracklist!

CD track list looks good, but dissappointed to see only 1 track on there recorded in Stockholm! :S

Me too! 1 track from Stockholm and no tracks from Malmö

@gyllene_tjej: well, you can get the DVD, then rip the audio tracks from it, and record your own live-cd with your preferred songs from the DVD. It takes time... but it’s possible. I did that with Mazarin.

heheh i was there for all songs except for jkp :P

I agree with some of you. I don´t like the cover too.
I only ask one thing: Witch concert is on the DVD? Is it a recording from more towns( like the CD) ? I wasn´t at a concert, but I m looking forward to see the DVD:

I think seeing 3 concerts was enough, I think anymore and it would have been overkill, however thinking now, I think 3 was too much! I cannot belive I spent £75 on a ticket for Falun! I’ve had mad moments but jeez!

Jipeeeeeeeeeeeeee, “fån telefon” is on the DVD :-)!!! Still one of my favourite GT songs. But there are so many, actually... ;-)
...good songs, I mean.

@Marie-fan: the DVD gig is from Göteborg, that was a real blast! :o)

I know I can make my own live CD from the DVD, but well, it won’t be the same - the song appears just once and this cannot be changed :(

Who is responsible for the cover btw, if the guys may as well be unaware of its layout/design? Really makes me wonder, anyone knows?

@ally_77: 3 concerts too much? erm... If I would have gone to just 3... I would be regreting that for the rest of my life. Just like I regret only going to 2 back in 1996 during Återtåget. So this time I saw 9 concerts... and still I can’t wait for the DVD so I can see it again. And if I found out that GT was doing another concert now, which there not, I would be the first one to jump up and down of happiness and rush of to get my ticket...

Strange: Norrkoping was widely mentioned as the best concert of the tour, but there is just one song from that concert on the CD.

But hey, I’m happy that Tuffa Tider from that night isn’t on the disc. It would have been the karaoke-version ’cause Per skipped 75% of the lyrics ;-)

No thoughts folks on why “Marie I Växeln” has been cut from the DVD?? All the best, Rich

Don’t like Marie i växeln anyway... :) I am happy it’s out so I won’t have to skip a song..

He he. I’m not keen on it either, although my Dad likes it a lot. I am curious though why they’ve cut a song when the DVD was supposed to contain the whole concert. Cheers, Rich

I don’t really like Marie i växeln, either, but I kinda liked that “Pacman”-stuff on the screens ;-) Bad idea to cut the one song the big screen is totally revealed in, if you ask me!

Bah, I don’t like the tracks from the CD so much :-( Why did they skip Solsken? Why are all ballads gone (except Billy and När alla vännerna gått hem?)

Already noticed that they replaced the “Gabba Gabba Hey” on Micke’s shirt with “GT 25 live”?

yes.. ah well :P

Well very dissapointing to see not all songs will be available neither on the CD nor on the DVD, shame shame shame

The positive aspect is, they took so many songs from Jönköping, the mood there was great, just a big party, so from where else should a poweful opener (“En sten vid en sjö i en skog”) and the best song “Gå & fiska” been taken than not from there ? - Good choice

why don’t we get skicka ett vykort älskling and vill ha svar on the CD? strange

Marie i växeln, Vykort and Vill ha ett svar are all covers, that’s probably it. Problems with rights. Another answer could be that they simply don’t like them enough to put them on the DVD.

Ok. And what about “Varje Gång Det Regnar”? Why they replaced it?

As far as I remember they only played that once or possibly twice. So my guess is that it was a: a ballad, b: poorly performed and c: not included because it doesn’t reflect the tour.

Does anyone know anything more than the concert that will be on the dvd?

Ta mej... Nu är jag din! is not on the cd.

Edit: And the medley is from Halmstad II.


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