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“A Second Chance” airs tonight on Swedish TV4

Written by roxeteer on November 24, 2004 to .

HELSINKI - According to EMI Finland, the new Marie Fredriksson documentary which until now remained untitled will be called “Marie Fredriksson dokumentär - En andra chans” (“Marie Fredriksson documentary - A second chance”). The documentary will be broadcast on Swedish TV4 on November 24 at 9pm CET and on Finnish MTV3 on November 27 at 1pm EET. The Finnish title will be “Marie Fredriksson - Paluu” (“Marie Fredriksson - The Comeback”). In Finland the documentary will be in the original language and subtitled in Finnish.

  The Finnish TV guide says about the documentary: “The singer of the pop group Roxette Marie Fredriksson tells in a Swedish documentary about her fight against cancer and the story behind her new solo album. Marie’s husband, music producer Mikael Bolyos is also interviewed. The documentary features rare footage from recording sessions in Marie’s home studio. New songs ’The Change,’ ’Love 2 Live,’ ’The Good Life’ and ’A Table In The Sun’ are also played. Produced by Titan Television, 2004.”


Can’t wait to see Marie performing again! A table in the sun yay!!!

Also great to hear what she has to say about her illness and life.

will be played as in playback or live? I hope someone snaps this and posts it to the net and i hope it has subtitles

Who knows if it will be shown on any digital sat tv on Sirius or Hotbird satellites?

cool, really great that it will be about the present and not the distant past :o) Can’t wait to hear the new songs live... :)

Is anybody going to record it? It won’t be shown in Italy and I’d love to see it.

Darn I hope this will be available on DVD!!! The fanclub should approach Titan & ask for the rights to make and limited fan edition of this!!

yes yes yes!!! :D:D:D “A table in the sun” and “The good life” live *nanana* and “The change” and “love 2 live”... *yay*

@Jud: You would’ve been happy about EVERY song - just as me..hehe. :P

me? :D I don’t even like Marie!! :D

I don’t like her either - no, not at all..I LOVE her! :D

Marie who?? Marie Dumbberg?

I guess for those not in Sweden the likely hood of seeing this in 2004 is very poor.... nice to see the fans outside of Sweden get the respect they deserve! :S

please send it on emule!!!!!!!
or on roxbytes

excellent! a table in the sun live :-)

i cant wait to see it!

*ponders* stay in and watch marie or go out and see sandy mouche.... *ponders*

hold-on... u going to sweden AGAIN?? BTW love, have u ever heard of a lil handy tool called a VCR??? DVD writers work pretty well too ya know!!

ach ja but the hotel has no VCR! damn! and yeaaah... i’ll be in sweden again on wednesday/thursday :)

dan se virrie nice omie byrie frontdesk to organiseer you one (VCR)... surely hy sal dit vir jou doen if you like give him some clevage

*sooooo not gonna happen*

lol... I would’ve done it; if i had the tools!! (god... can’t do this afrikaans thing anymore... sounds really pathetic)

Finally more news about documentary!!!

And how about our petition???

Tjeez How I would kill someone to get this on DVD or video... Can’t wait to see it!!

Just two more days :-) A friend of mine will try to record it....I keep my fingers crossed he’ll be able to do so.

no please no limited edition than it will be to hard to get one.
i hate when that happens

A friend of mine is going to record it too but I live in argentina and I have to wait some days for the postal mail :(

I do think those songs will be a performance in live

I think those songs will be live. I guess it from the pictures on

Great!!I’m very exciting to watching it!

Only 24 hours and 10 minutes...AAAHHHHH!

They showed small bits of the documentary on the news today at 19.00 CET. On Swedish TV4 ofcourse. You could see Marie sitting in a chair somewhere and talking about the day when she fell and hit her head and when Micke came home and found her. Also some quick clips from the studio recordings. Seems fo be a very nice documentary. Also, Maries said something like “it feels like the worst is over”.

they have a link to the webb-tv on the tv4 news site but either it doesn’t work, or it won’t be available until 21:00 :S,2789,565721,00.html

Also Finnish Ilta-Sanomat has a small story about the documentary.

According to Ilta-Sanomat, Marie lost her ability to read and count. She’s learning to do those things again. I did’t know that.


its a show against cancer! here is the link:

I read the info today at - i don’t know what she will sing. the show (i think so) will be in LEIPZIG

the info was on the .de site but was then deleted:

Es liegen keine Termine vor.

So who knows. We’ll have to find out :)

She won’t be there - I have checked all artists who appear in both shows (since there was another show mentioned on the .de-site) and found out that not Marie was meant but JON LORD and FRIDA...yeah, now guess what comes after FREdriksson? FRIda...
I have sent an email to EMI and my friend called them and SUDDENLY the shows disappeared from “TV-TERMINE”...EMI AGAIN!..who wonders about it...

I hope some kind person will tell us about it! :)

maybe I get it wrong but.. isn’t the ability to read and write connected? How would she write her songs without being able to read? :S

Well to compose a song you need to be able to think and communicate... and the latter can be done either by writing or singing... so if Marie had difficulties reading then maybe Micke wrote down her ideas or her songs were recorded... yes the song-writing process may have been very hard for her... poor Marie... I’m very sad for her this evening... my thoughts are with her... playing April Snow now... all the best, Rich

it’s possible to write songs without pen or paper.
I do that all the time, Paul McCartney did so as well I think - he can’t write / read notes!

One can remember the ideas from brain or tape as well.

I’ve just seen the documentory about Marie F on TV4 and my comments are that Marie seems to be fine, she’s happy about the new record, she actually feels fine and have a lot of strange. I hoped that she had a question from the reporter about the future but nothing was mention about that. And nothing about Roxette. That’s a little bit sad....
I also didn’t now that she had to start over with math and reading so the last two years has probebly been more difficult that any of us fans could imagine.

Just a quick review about the documentary.. :)

are you serious about the reading and math thing....? that’s awful. Anyone who fights there way back from that is unbelievably strong. oam//

OK, I’m in heaven that MARIE looks well. Were any songs played live???

Oh my, I have so many questions...

Yea.. they played some songs live. Don’t remember which right now though. Too tired. But it seems like they played in some kind of basement or something like that. There was a small band and a small audience too.

Yes, the thing with having to learn how to read and calculate again is true. She told about it herself...

And a funny thing towards the end of the documentary... Oscar singing “Här kommer alla känslorna” in the studio. *smile*

Sorry guys I can’t hide my feelings. That photo just broke my heart.

There is a kind of tenderness in her eyes, like a hurt kid. It kind of makes you want to hold her. : /

It really touched me.


I got that same feeling from seeing that photo.

God bless you Marie, you a truly an inspiration to all of us!


IF I manage to get a copy of de documentary I won’t be able to understand it :(

Some people have to learn to walk and talk again after an operation like that.

I just finished reading The Orange Girl by Jostain Gaarder that may be why I’m too sensitive to these things.....................



she is still learning to read and count, at least she is still practising every day. This woman is so damn strong :O

yes, that’s really strong.....just that she tells everything by herself that she have more strength now then’s really a 2:nd chance...’re the best!

She also talks about that all her hair fell off and thought it look tuff....I must say I agree...she look’s like Ellen Ripley in the Alien 3-movie (played by Sigourney Weaver)...And Marie is even tuffer!! hehe

shes a very strong, what a touching documentery that was. I hope shes fine

After having seen this documentary I can only say that I love her more than ever!! I adimre her so incredibly much. For everybody who also wants to see the documentation, check out Under the category webtv you can register and then watch the docu via stream.

... and how were the live tracks: were they whole tracks? Cheers, Rich

Oh my!
I think it´s all over now. Marie looks very sad. I don´t think that she will ever be the same as before the cancer.
The Roxette time is over. And I think it´s important for her that she get´s well very soon.

@ Zelda: she wasn’t crying because she was sad, she cries when she is talking about how happy she is that she survived. So I don’t think her life is ruined or something, she was very positive but she just got emotional when she talked about her happiness.

@ Rich: they weren’t full tracks, it was scenes of her singing live at a mini concert in her studio mixed with recording sessions.

Excellent, made me cry.... gonna watch again and again, and again! :) she looks so happy when she is singing! :) and little Oscar is so cute!

There was a piece of “All I Ever Wanted” with some additional arrangements. Do you think it will come out as a B-side if there is another single released? Now that it appeared publically in the documentary... Just my guess.

am i missing something? can we see the whole documentary on the tv4 website, or only the clip from the news?

Thankx for the link:)

Can anyone explain me about loggin’ in???

Aurite, I’ve just sent you the explanations by E-mail.

Can I just say I LOVE MARIE TO BITS!

I have to say - I dont get a word she’s saying, but man oh man - did this boy have a lump in his throat! Especially after the first time they cut from her interview and showed her in studio how she use to look.... what a shock! Oh, and Oscar is too bloody cute for words!

@Vix: yes!! :D She rocks!!

Are they going to release this on DVD? Would we be able to buy it?

I can’t watch it :(


WHY there is NO news about this documentary on TDR?

I mean sth that marie said and stuff like this, not only information when it will be aired :(

Thankx mary for the help.

Could anyone say who the other boy OSCAR was singing with is and what HE, OSCAR, was saying???

A friend of mine who I grew up with listening to Roxette and the one person who understood what my love for Roxette was all about saw marie’s picture a few days ago. She had no idea marie had cancer and when I showed Marie’s picture to her, she was shocked.

We can say she is fine, but she isn’t. This has been a huge change. To us who check Roxette news all the time, this is ok. But this is very tragic. VERY TRAGIC!


Now, what is this whole reading counting thing all about? I don’t have a clue what you guys are talking about. Explain more please?

Marie can’t read or count, but she’s learning.
After seeing the doc, I have a feeling Marie is not completly fine. She’s still getting cortisone, and that’s means only one thing. But as Marie says: The bad days are over.

How do you login to TV4?

just enter your name and a valid e-mail address and the password will be sent to you. Then you are only a few clicks away from watching the video.

@geytenbeek And you also have to check your Internet connection to the web-TV.

I would Love To see her Perform in Germany again!
Plus When does the docu come out in Germany

I hope it would have either German or english subs!


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