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Marie tops the chart two weeks in a row

Written by Roxryder-V2002 on November 11, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Despite this week’s fall of sixteen spots to #34 on the Swedish singles charts with “2:nd Chance”, Marie Fredriksson achieves a second week in the top of the albums chart with “The Change”. Last week it debuted on the same place.

  “Solsken” drops four spots to #37.




The Change... let’s hope that doesn’t happen for a few more weeks, stay at No. 1 :)


This album deserves a top-one position! It really grows on you. Didn’t like it too much first time I listened to it. Find it great at the moment, and like it more and more.

Wondering if the three who wrote the review on the day this album was released, changed their mind also...

nice one...considering buying it....maybe it will be a grower....

take that per not tops 40 material eh?

2 weeks at numer 1!!! :D

and what about releasing the album in South America?.. we’ve waited to long I think!!!

you might be waiting a long time

And who doubted about MARIE’s abilities at staying at #1???

@Auryte: Well, it wasn’t really a certainty... “I En Tid Som Var” got to #2 (but spent 5 weeks in the Top 10) and this album’s in English... also, “TWATG” only spent a week at #1, I think it really depends on what else is out there. I think Marie will get maybe one more week at most on top, though, because next week is a big one for new releases (Destiny’s Child, Eminem...) and Britney and Shania have new compilations out this week, so maybe not even...

Nevertheless, 2 weeks at #1 for “The Change” is awesome.

@flower: Yeah, maybe Judith dislikes the album now! ;-)

flower: in what way should I change my mind about the album? I should start to hate it? stop playing it? stop going “wow” with “The change” or crying with “a table in the sun” or? Maybe you can explain better, I feel a bit lost here

and great for Marie :D:D

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! :D

That’s great news!!!!

I only got the album this week and I can tell you it deserves every bit of success cause it’s brilliant :) :) :)

congratulations Marie!

@Judith: My post was mainly pointing to Mr.I-dont-like-it-at-all, I hoped you understood the message anyway. Was in a hurry and didn’t have time to check the names so wrote this in general. You were really very enthusiast from the beginning, doubt if that glorie can rise higher ;)

@flower: Start accepting that there also are people who don’t like everything PG/MF has made. I for instance still seriously dislike the whole thing. I also think you should stop with this bullying against Thomas. Has he ever done anything mean to you?! So please stop being this childish and grow up and face that people have different opinions!!!

I think it is really great news that she is still number one though! Go swedes, go! Buy, buy, buy!! ;-)))


People can’t read, can they?
What I wrote: I didn’t like this album at first, changed my mind. I wonder if the reviewers (thomas, as you like) changed their opinions too, they don’t HAVE to...

“I also think you should stop with this bullying against Thomas. Has he ever done anything mean to you?!”

^^^ huh? I should do what? I didn’t even add a comment on the whole review-thing.

@Flower: Well, I don’t think “Mr.I-dont-like-it-at-all” sound very loveable to be honest. I just got so fed up with all the people that nag Thomas all the time like he has no right having a negative attitude because he is a moderator. If you didn’t mean it like that, well, then I take it back and I’m sorry! ok?!

All-right, point taken. It does sound cruel. It was just to make a difference between the two person (beside judith, who corrected me earlier) that kind of didn’t like it (Visa) and really-really didn’t like it (Thomas).

Hope the air is cleared now.

No, I still don’t like the album and I still think it’s the worst she’s ever made. In fact I can’t stand hearing it. But that’s all MY opinion.
And by the way, it still hasn’t been marked for Gold in any charts.

But it must have sold gold already, that’s strange. Didn’t they mention 30.000 copies have already been sold after one day?

Maybe we could ask EMI about it?

EMI said it was “shipped” in 30,000 copies, but those may not be all sold yet.

Woo Hoo! This is amazing! She deserves!!! =)

It’s down to #12 now! :-(

*edit* Oh, and 2nd chance is now #38...


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