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“All About You” second single off “The Change”

Written by Jud on November 29, 2004 to .

(UPDATED) - According to the Swedish online store, the second single to be released from Marie Fredriksson’s album “The Change” is going to be “All About You,” a love song that husband Micke Bolyos wrote for Marie. The new single will be in the stores on December 1.

  Update: On the left of this article you can find the cover of “All About You.” The b-side will be “April Snow (Alternative version).”

  Roxryder-V2002 contributed to this article


Hey cool, I was just thinking today that they should release a 2nd single. Great!

Good choice regarding the radio stations.. :D

brilliant - my fave song off the album!


Why AAY? It sounds like a typical “Roxette-Song”...

my fave too

Who cares what the next single is, its hardly being done to sell loads and go #1 is it.
I love the song but then i love all of them so i wouldn’t care what was next if any.

*wonders what bside will be*

Oh no, not this song... :o( It shoud be something stronger, not another sweet pop song... I think it’s boring.

A very bad choice, in my opinion... “Bad Moon” or “Mother” would have made a bigger splash. Of course, nobody buys singles anyway, but this song won’t create any new interest in “The Change.”

looks at calender... isn’t that like THIS WEDNESDAY!!! Oi... that’s very soon, don’t ya think?

Ooo hope that it includes some nice b-side & a cover actually using some of those promo photo’s!!

Good choice imo.

Or maybe have the documentary as the bonus!!

Hmm I think the cover will probably be more of Marie’s drawings....ehhh I appreciate her art and all, but agree with PM pix would be nice.

I like it!!
It’s a nice and simple love song!

well, personally “all about you”is one of my favourites songs even though I would vote for “mother”.
I think the cover will be a new drawing. I hope we all get a cool b-side, why not “hometown” or “remember” ? :) and they also should include the documentary. id they do that we would get a great single, I think :D

ahh the first flop from the album

it is a good election, though preferred mother/bad moon/all you’ve gotta do is feel:-)

You lot will moan about anything, does it matter whats being released?

B-Side: I guess “All I ever wanted”..

i kind of thought that aswell kiwein, since you could hear it in the background on the documentary

I had the same thoughts as well; now that at least a part of it got somehow available it would be worth releasing as a B-side on the forthcoming single.

what about Bad Moon? most of people wanted this single to be 2nd single... Mother also is a great song, or Many Times... but All about You... :-S

I haven’t got the album yet (it hasn’t been released here in Portugal yet) and haven’t yet heard any other song than “2:nd Chace” so I can’t actually say much about the supposed potencial (or whatever!) “All About You” may possibly have or not to be released as a single. Yet, and if I’m allowed to my very personal view, for as ridiculous as it may be, I don’t know, still, I believe Marie is wanting and trying to express and in a way show us and make us all feel the whole much Micke does mean to her. I saw it being so in “2:nd Chance”. I saw it being so in having the songs by him in her album. I see it being so in releasing now “All About You” as the coming single. Please let her... :) Nox1983 just wrote referring to “Bad Moon”: “most of people wanted this single to be 2nd single”. True. But perhaps Marie wants “All About You” to be it?... Please let her... :)

AL ABOUT YOU is one if my favourites and yes, it’s a very ROXETTE’ish song. I love it.

I don’t think, there is a posibility that documentary will be released as a bonus in the single. I prefer it would be release as DVD.

Of course the documentary will not be released until it has been shown on as many tv-channels as possible.

i would kill for a studio version of all i ever wanted

nono, we already know the demo of that one, a new song that we’ve NEVER heard would be best, or what about that track we can hear few seconds in Sant är livet film :D *hint hint*

My opinion of the 2nd single:
“Bad Moon”, “April Snow” - yes, “All About You” - no.

Why “Solsken”, not “72”? Why “All About You”, not “Bad Moon”?????? :(((((((((((

Probably as I wanted Solsken to be a single :D :D

Personally, I have no problems with ALL ABOUT YOU releasing as the 2nd single.:):):)

I think Solsken & All About You are perfect choices for the second single... Rich

While “All About You” isn’t my favorite on the album and I was hoping for something else as the second single, I think it’s a fair choice since a lot of you seem to really like it. I’ll go for it. “April Snow” is probably my favorite right now, possibly followed by “The Good Life.” But opinions change. Single-wise, I would have gone with either “Bad Moon” or “Mother” as the second single. Let’s just hope that there will be more singles issued, regardless of what they are.

Hopefully we’ll see some of these leaked demos appear as b-sides on the single or maxi-single releases. Here is the chance for the label to officially put them out commercially. With the single coming out December 1, hopefully “Remember” will make the cut since it deals with the New Year. ;)

All about you is really a great choice as 2nd single, from my point of view. The ones who want to help 2nd chance to get more airplay in Germany, can vote now for the song on:

just voted....and i dont think you need to be in germany to vote. After you press “abstimmen” it asks you for a few details, but you can just enter your name and email and it seems to work OK. It said my vote was sent anyway

Nice! An alternative version of April Snow sounds exciting. It’s my favourite track at the moment but All About You is a better choice of single imo. To release both tracks on a CDS sounds perfect. All the best, Rich ;-)

Lovely cover!

yes the cover is so cute!! :D

alternate version? what is it gonna be like the bothery they did of the change with all the overboard guitars?

Maybe an orchestral version or one without the choir?? Rich

Ahhh, this was a nice cover!! :-)) Nice combination of colours. :-))

Like it very much! :)

’All about you’ isn’t one of my favorites in the album, I never imagined that it could be the second single.
Anyway, I can’t wait to hear the alternative version of ’april snow’!!!!!!!

April Snow! Yes! It’s just like by my request!
Thanks! :)

The alternative version is with the overdrive guitar only.

oohh yes ;)

Overdrive guitar only and Marie’s voice?? Oh YEEEEEEEEEES!!! That is what I wished since I heard April Snow for the first time...

i think, taking “all about you” as the second single is the most natural choice. i like the arrangement of the song and a think “aay” could become a hit. Although it is not the best and strongest Song on the album, so it is the best song for the radio...

The cover is extremely cute!!!Very nice for a love song!
Oh,April Snow it’s my fave on the album,i cabn’t wait to hear this version!

I love this cover...

Great cover!

ALL ABOUT YOU is one of the most radio-friendly songs on the album. It’s a wise choice.

And the cover is great!!!

“April snow”should be the second single... with “AAY” as the b-side :D

All the songs are very great, but maybe i prefer other single, but anyway All about you, is very nice, and i want that this song will be a hit.
Marie: “Good luck & I tell you Many times, I love you more than ever”.

Mmmm... I’ll look forward to the overdrive guitar version... especially as I prefer the song before the choir! All the best, Rich

Strange, the single’s not listed at Skivhugget and CDOn doesn’t even know about it! Pretty unusual considering it’s supposed to be out tomorrow...

yeah :S but EMI didn’t say the info wasn’t correct either :S

Why not “Mother” ??

Today at 20:15 it was tv-comercial about The Change on TV4 in Sweden. Marie sang som songs and the voice said it was “the most longed-for comeback of the year, Marie sing songs about life.”

Wonderful cover! I love it :)

CDON has listed it as coming... Will be fun to see if they have it at skivhuset today...

Did anyone actually managed to get hold of the single today?

Wondering the same myself...??...

The release date has been pushed back to next week, it seems...EMI at their best again!

Star is that official? I think that infor should be added to the article then!!

@GT_85: Thanks for the info... glad to see that EMI is still serious about promoting “The Change” in Sweden.

Purple: not really, CDON is selling it now, it’s just that the CDs will be delivered late .. for some “mysterious reason” ;)

OK, I should have worded that differently: the release date is still the same, but the delivery date has been pushed back to next week ;-)


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