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King presents medals to Per and Marie at palace ceremony

Written by Jud on January 31, 2003 to .


Although there was a great deal of uncertainty as to whether or not Marie Fredriksson would be able to attend, it was both members of Roxette who arrived at the Royal Palace here this afternoon to receive medals from His Majesty, the King of Sweden.

  This morning the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and tabloid Expressen reported that it was still uncertain if Marie would attend or not. “It will depend on the mood of the day,” had previously told Per to Aftonbladet, but in the end, she felt with the energy to attend the event and receive the Medal personally.

  Per and Marie both were beaming with pride as they stepped forward to be distinguished by the King. “Both [of them] are so honored and very proud to have received this medal,” explains Marie Dimberg, their manager.

  Aftonbladet also reports today that Marie feels better, “it is like night and day, she feels definetely better,” explains Per, but we have to bear in mind that “she didn’t get a cold, but a big knockout.” So Marie has to take her time to come back “Marie has to decide it for herself when she feels like coming back,” Per goes on telling, “there is no reason for her to stress.”

  It is for this reason that it is not sure what Roxette will do during this year. Previously the target was to work together this summer, but now Per reveals that the “The Pop Hits” release may be the last that the band does this year. “Under normal circumstances, we would have surely spent a couple of months in the spring to promote this album,” says Per, “but now I doubt it.” Besides that, there is no urge for Roxette to release a new album. “We are not in panic of having to make a new album,” Per states.

  On the other hand, Expressen reported this morning that a bump was found in Marie’s left breast. According to the tabloid’s source, they will apply a biopsy to this bump next week, but Dimberg already denied this piece of information in the press message we reported earlier today.

Groove Coverage forced to turn over 50% of royalties

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 31, 2003 to .

Per Gessle’s lawyers have certainly been busy lately. In two cases related to copyright infringement, decisions have been reached:

Gessle vs. Groove Coverage

  An agreement have been made by above parties which means that Groove Coverage will have to turn over 50% of their royalties and publishing income for their song “God Is A Girl” because of copyright infrigement of the Gessle-penned song “Jefferson.”

  “It’s something that the efficient ears on the Daily Roxette spotted some time ago,” credits Gessle’s manager, Marie Dimberg. A Daily Roxette discussion topic, started by TDR reader “jobarth,” pointed out the similarities.

Malmstedt vs. Gessle

  Malmstedt’s accusations against Per Gessle at the English court finally came to an end yesterday when yet another judge dismissed Malmstedt’s claim for appeal. “This is not over, there are other ways,” Malmstedt commented.

  • Groove Coverage (“God Is A Girl” now featured on site’s title page)

Gessle’s work with Lisa L results in “Rainclouds” forecast in France

Written by tevensso on January 31, 2003 to .

FRANCE - Per Gessle’s collaboration with Swedish singer/songwriter Lisa Lindebergh resulted in a song called “Rainclouds” which received a French lyric and the title “Depuis La Nuit des Temps.”

  This song has been recorded by the French group “What For” and has just been released. “What For” are the French winners of the TV-show “Popstars,” and the song is included on their self-titled debut CD.

Lindebergh, who goes by the name “Lisa L,” is a TomBone/Jimmy Fun artist who in 2000 released her second album, “Sparkling,” on the Sony Music label. She is a busy songwriter and two of her recent songs appear on the
Peter Jöback album “Only When I Breathe.”

Marie to attend the ceremony

Written by tevensso on January 31, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - “Due to the information in today’s Expressen we hereby deny the info given strongly,” says Marie through her manager Marie Dimberg. Swedish tabloid Expressen claims today, in short, that Marie is feeling terrible and probably has more tumors.

  “Marie’s surgery has gone well and she is feeling the way one is expected to feel after an ordeal like this. Since the surgery almost four months ago, she is very well and keeps on receiving normal after-treatment and rehabilitation.” Marie Dimberg says.

  Marie has several times asked to be left alone out of respect for her and her family. This has not been respected and it is extremely sad to be needed to repeat this plea, Marie continues through Ms. Dimberg.

  Both Per and Marie will attend the ceremony at the Royal Palace later today, to receive the King’s Medal of the Eighth Size with Royal Blue Ribbon.

Gessle to take Gyllene Tider for a spin?

Written by tevensso on January 31, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Next year Gyllene Tider turns 25. Today The Daily Roxette can reveal the group’s plans of a reunion, all according to Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

  The summer of ’96 one of the biggest successes ever in Sweden rolled out on the Swedish tour road. Gyllene Tider reunited under the name of “Återtåget.” Next year it can happen again. Aftonbladet reveals today that the members of Gyllene Tider discuss a reunion next summer. “I guess it’s time now, with the 25 year anniversary and all, it’s not at all written in stone, but we’ve talked about it. And 25 years is a nice thought,” says Per Gessle.

  In the end of last year the group met in Stockholm to discuss the future. “We decided to see each other again in a year. This is damn far into the future. But things that are making this look like a good idea is that we still are great friends and have a good time together,” says Per.
Despite the fact that Gyllene Tider disbanded in 1985, the group has gotten several requests for a reunion over the years.
“Yes it keeps popping up all the time, and we are offered incredible amounts. But that shouldn’t be the reason for a reunion,” Per claims.

  The plan for the anniversary is another summer tour. Just like at Återtåget the audience will be given all the classic hits. But moreover, there are plans of cutting a new single for the jubilee.

  “We don’t feel motivated enough to make a whole album, and pretend that Gyllene Tider is still living. Because it isn’t. We may record a single at best.” Per explains to Aftonbladet. What’s definite is that next year’s tour has a lot riding on it. Återtåget ’96 was a thunderous success all over Sweden.

  “That tour is still some sort of norm in Swedish tour life, nobody has beat the records yet. So if we are to do something new it has to feel special and good,” Per states.

Picture courtesy of EMI.

Track listing for “The Pop Hits” revealed

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 30, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Here’s the interesting track listing for the upcoming “The Pop Hits” compilation CD. As Per Gessle told The Daily Roxette in our interview with him when “The Ballad Hits” was released, “Stupid” is indeed included as a bonus track. Furthermore, songs like “Little Miss Sorrow” and “Makin’ Love To You” (the titles of which were reported before) are included. The album will be released March 24th.

  1. Opportunity Nox
  2. The Look
  3. Dressed for Success (Chris Lord-Alge mix)
  4. Dangerous (single version)
  5. Joyride (single version)
  6. The Big L.
  7. Church of Your Heart
  8. How Do You Do!
  9. Sleeping in My Car (single edit)
  10. Run to You
  11. June Afternoon
  12. Stars
  13. The Centre of the Heart
  14. Real Sugar
  15. Little Miss Sorrow

Bonus EP (Limited Edition):

  1. Stupid
  2. Makin’ Love to You
  3. Better Off On Her Own
  4. Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart)

“Breathe” demo to appear on “’Nox” maxi-single

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 29, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Tits&Ass demo version of “Breathe” will be included as the third track on the maxi-single version of “Opportunity Nox” when it is released on February 24th (EMI 7243 -5518972). The second track, as previously reported, is a live version of “Fading Like A Flower” recorded during a “Room Service” concert in Brussels, Belgium.

  The music video for “Opportunity Nox” is – as of today – still in production, and therefore not available to have been included on the maxi-single.

Per and Marie to get Medal from the King of Sweden!

Written by tevensso on January 28, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - This Friday, January 31, Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson will receive the King’s Medal of the Eighth Size with Royal Blue Ribbon, from His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, the King of Sweden. The medal is to be awarded for outstanding achievements with Roxette, in Sweden as well as internationally.

  While this particular medal is usually given out to athletes who have outdone themselves in any area, this year it is given to performers, actors, directors and such. The King announced the names of those who he would be bestowing medals today, which is Karl’s namesday in Sweden. In addition to Per and Marie, the creator Lasse Åberg, Princess Christina fru (Mrs.) Magnusson, and Hans-Åke Bergström, manager of the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm, will receive medals.

  “It is, of course, a huge honor to receive such a distinction”, says an honored Marie Fredriksson in a press statement released by her manager. “It’s nothing one could have dreamed of when we first shared a rehearsal space in Halmstad in the ’70s.” “I am so happy”, says Per Gessle, who with his typical sense of humor added… “but my Mom is even happier!”

  The ceremony will be held at 3 pm in the Royal Palace in Stockholm with Her Majesty Queen Silvia also in attendence.

  Since this is indeed considered to be a great honor, Marie is expected to attend, even if the timing could have been better. Marie has been in seclusion for several months now, recovering from the operation to remove a brain tumor, and undergoing chemo and radiation therapy to prevent any further cancer.

  “Marie does not want to step [from this seclusion] directly into a media circus,” explains Marie Dimberg, her manager. However, since the event is to be held inside the palace, security controls are already in place. “We’re working on making arrangements,” Dimberg reveals to TDR.

(Judith Seuma and Stellan Quist contributed to this article.)

Per Gessle writes for Rikard Wolff

Written by Jud on January 27, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle has contributed the music to one of the songs featured on Rikard Wolff’s upcoming album.

  Marie Dimberg, Per Gessle’s manager, tells The Daily Roxette that “En Enda Natt” was written for one of Rikard’s previous albums, but it didn’t really fit in then. Now, however, they felt it was the time to include it.

  The album, “Du Får Mig (Om Jag Får Dig)”, will be released on March 17th and besides the song written by Per, it will also include songs written by Ola Salo, Lisa Ekdahl and Mauro Scocco. Together with the album release, Rikard Wolff will tour Sweden in April. The tour dates are as follows:

March 30 - Göteborg, Lorensbergsteatern

April 5 - Örebro, Hjalmar Bergman Teatern

April 6 - Gävle, Konserthuset

April 9 - Malmö, Kulturbolaget

April 10 - Lund, Mejeriet

April 14 - Stockholm, Cirkus

May 9 - Västerås, Konserthuset

  Rikard, who is signed with Tom Bone Music/Jimmy Fun Music, has previously released two albums for which he has written the lyrics and well-known Swedish artists have written the music. Marie could be counted among these artists, since she wrote the music for “I Den Vita Staden” which is included on “Pojken På Månen” (1995) and “Kärlek”, included on “Stjärnklara Nätter” (1997), which was also released as a single.

Gessle makes big profit on Hotell Tylösand

Written by tevensso on January 27, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet reveals today that Per Gessle’s hotel made a profit of 27 million kronor ($3.2 million) last year. Per owns a major part in Hotell Tylösand. The turnover was 110 million. “We’re more than pleased!” Gessle’s partner Björn Nordstrand says.

  The hotel was bought by Per and Björn 8 years ago, and both the profit and turnover has risen ever since.

Airplay for “Opportunity Nox” to begin this week in Germany

Written by daniel_alv on January 27, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - German radio listeners will get a chance to hear the new Roxette single “Opportunity Nox” a week earlier than the rest of Europe as the song is being released for airplay in Germany tomorrow, January 27th.

  The Daily Roxette previously reported that the airdate for the other European countries is February 3rd.

Popcorn stars join raspberry hearts on “Hits” series CDs

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 25, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - It’s raspberries and… popcorn! A star made of popcorn will adorn the covers of “The Pop Hits” CDs – joining the heart made of raspberries used for “The Ballad Hits” collection.

  With a star having played a central role in the cover art of many, if not most, of the previous Roxette releases, many Roxette fans expected that they would be seeing the star shape used for “The Pop Hits,” as a follow-up shape to the heart used for “The Ballad Hits.” And while blueberries were one of the options considered to make the star shape (raspberries and blueberries are often “partners,”), it was popcorn, with its obvious “pop” connection, that won out – even though “pop” as a musical term comes from the word “popular” (while popcorn gets its name from the popping sound; i.e., crash! boom! bang! pop!).

  Just as the “The Ballad Hits,” album as a filled-in heart, “The Pop Hits” will have a filled-in star, while the single, “Opportunity Nox,” has the star in an outline form (click on photo to enlarge).

  As an additional track, the single will contain a live version of “Fading Like a Flower,” recorded during the “Room Service” tour in Brussels.

(Thomas Evensson and i_jera contributed to this article.)

Possible EMI merger heats up

Written by steven on January 22, 2003 to .

CANNES - At this year’s Midem music industry conference on the French Riviera, music executives have been actively speculating over a possible, future merger concerning Roxette’s record label EMI. Sources close to the world’s third largest record company have said that EMI has been in discussions with both BMG and Warner Music. So rife is the speculation of a possible merger that EMI’s shares have climbed a respectable 18 percent in the last two weeks.

  Meanwhile, EMI has declined to comment on what they called “market rumors”.

Brits once again get to listen to new Roxette material

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 16, 2003 to .

LONDON - Roxette’s “A Thing About You” single has hit the airwaves in the United Kingdom and the “The Ballad Hits” CD it is intended to promote is slated for a February 3rd release — just before Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The record company is hoping that the red raspberry heart featured on the cover will attract attention and help drive sales.

  The UK release will include the “limited edition” EP with four bonus tracks.

  ATAY has been added to the BBC’s P2 playlist, and serviced to other radio stations as well. It’s release is set for either February 3rd or 10th.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Meanwhile, in the United States, where the idea was also to take advantage of Valentine’s Day as a logical tie-in for both a song titled “A Thing About You” and album cover art that features the ubiquitous red heart, these same releases have become “a long story” according to a source at EMI Capitol, and have been postponed.

“Opportunity Nox” on your door on February 3rd

Written by tevensso on January 14, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Roxette’s new single, “Opportunity Nox,” (EMI 7243-5518972) will be hitting the European airwaves on February 3rd.
  The song, a power-pop tune, is to be available in stores on February 24th and will be included on the forthcoming Roxette compilation, “The Pop Hits,” scheduled to be released about a month later, on or around March 24th.

(Roxfreak contributed to this article.)

The Ballad Hits is climbing the German Albumcharts again

Written by DTR24 on January 9, 2003 to .

GERMANY - Roxette’s new album release is once again climbing the German Album Charts.

  In the first weeks after the release it jumped from #0 directly to the #10 spot.

  Numerous Radiostations played the song “A Thing About You” a lot of times, and the active Roxette fanbase kept the song continuously for several weeks on the first radiochart positions. After some time the album “The Ballad Hits” went all the way down to the #43rd place in the German Album charts.

  But now the miracle is happening! It is again climbing the charts. The actual position is #35

  “A Thing About You” was also named as best song 2002 on the Radio Station SWR3

Discography competition: winners announced!

Written by roxeteer on January 9, 2003 to .

The three winners of our Roxette discography book competition have been chosen and they are:

  • Chris Oriet, Canada
  • Marc de Kort, The Netherlands
  • Angela Nußbaum, Germany

We will contact the winners directly.

  Here are also the correct answers to the questions. Roxette’s second single ever was “Goodbye To You”. From the options we had, “Listen To Your Heart” and “It Must Have Been Love” have been #1 in the US charts. The discography book contains an unbelievable number of 27 different “Look Sharp!” CDs.

  In the competition we also asked you to write a story about your special Roxette items. We got so many stories that we won’t able to choose the best ones until later this month.

  The winners will receive their copy of the book during the winter. Congratulations!


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