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Groove Coverage forced to turn over 50% of royalties

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 31, 2003 to .

Per Gessle’s lawyers have certainly been busy lately. In two cases related to copyright infringement, decisions have been reached:

Gessle vs. Groove Coverage

  An agreement have been made by above parties which means that Groove Coverage will have to turn over 50% of their royalties and publishing income for their song “God Is A Girl” because of copyright infrigement of the Gessle-penned song “Jefferson.”

  “It’s something that the efficient ears on the Daily Roxette spotted some time ago,” credits Gessle’s manager, Marie Dimberg. A Daily Roxette discussion topic, started by TDR reader “jobarth,” pointed out the similarities.

Malmstedt vs. Gessle

  Malmstedt’s accusations against Per Gessle at the English court finally came to an end yesterday when yet another judge dismissed Malmstedt’s claim for appeal. “This is not over, there are other ways,” Malmstedt commented.

  • Groove Coverage (“God Is A Girl” now featured on site’s title page)


yeah - groove coverage bought to justice!!!!!!

i guess they thought it is better to give Per half of the royalties rather than being sued :PP

the ’other ways...’ comment from Stephen scares me a bit! When are the men in white going to take him away?!? lol, Gessle rules the world!

TDR should get a commission :P (and i´m not joking that much)

Well... it feels nice to get this kinda of news. Justice.

did this guy hear the word “Värdighet”? THere is even a song by Marie with that title, maybe he should listen to it :D

Also the actual single of the german
Jeanette Biedermann (Rock my life)
is a unofficial cover of Roxettes The Look


this damn song gets on my nerves
and that brat sings even worse than my cat when i step on ’er tail!!!!!

even i sing least i dont get on someones nerves, its only that the ears of my listeners start to bleed >;)

I remember a very similar case, when a very familiar synthesized part of Enya’s ’Song of Boadicea’ can be heard loud and clear as the introduction and underlying melody in the Fugees’ hit single, ’Ready or Not.’

So I wonder: when plagiarism is SO obvious, why don’t they firstly ask permission to the author before releasing the song? In the end they’ll have to pay the royalties, so at least try to save the expenses of trials...

yeay!!! Poor wanna-be. Don’t you mess with Gessle, he is God and Jefferson is HIS MASTERPIECE!!!! :)

WORD, anonymous! >;)

make ’um phlaaaat, bunny!

just rememberred that english phrase “PAIN IN THE EAR” ..... guess what reminded me of that *muhahahaha*

50% is too few, i’d take 150% >;)

Groovies... -> Learn to write your own music!!! :D

You rule, Per! :-) Grattis!

Wouldn’t it have been better if Per would have let this Song just be a “Groove Coverage”-Song?

I mean, everybody knows that the melodies in Jefferson-Bridge and GIAG-chorus are the same.
And everyone knows that “Jefferson” was the first song and that it is Gessle’s melody.

I thought he would have been “wise” enough to just let it be like it is.

Because on the other hand you might find lots of stolen (??) or at least very similar motivs in Gessle-Songs that existed before. (Wild Thing - Dressed for Success; Dr. Feelgoods “Roxette” and “Do you wanna be my baby”; The intro of Speedo I also heard in an older song)

I think that musicians should tolerate things like this. At least in cases like this when it is obvious.

If Per was an unknown artist and his song would have been stolen and became a hit, situation would be different.
But in this case?

Just my opinion.

2 Lennon:
Unfortunately, I can´t share your opinion. Roxette fans and people who bought “Room Service” knows about “Jefferson” and it´s chorus, or better said “bridge”. But there are even more people who knows “God is a girl”, because it´s a Club-Hit and it really did well in the sales charts. I wouldn´t have said anything if Groove Coverage changed the chorus just a little bit. But they took it almost 1:1 for their own track.

I think, if Groove Coverage asked Per before producing the song and mentioned “Per Gessle” or “Jefferson” in their booklet, there wouldn´t be any problem.

It’s the same song


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