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Track listing for “The Pop Hits” revealed

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 30, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Here’s the interesting track listing for the upcoming “The Pop Hits” compilation CD. As Per Gessle told The Daily Roxette in our interview with him when “The Ballad Hits” was released, “Stupid” is indeed included as a bonus track. Furthermore, songs like “Little Miss Sorrow” and “Makin’ Love To You” (the titles of which were reported before) are included. The album will be released March 24th.

  1. Opportunity Nox
  2. The Look
  3. Dressed for Success (Chris Lord-Alge mix)
  4. Dangerous (single version)
  5. Joyride (single version)
  6. The Big L.
  7. Church of Your Heart
  8. How Do You Do!
  9. Sleeping in My Car (single edit)
  10. Run to You
  11. June Afternoon
  12. Stars
  13. The Centre of the Heart
  14. Real Sugar
  15. Little Miss Sorrow

Bonus EP (Limited Edition):

  1. Stupid
  2. Makin’ Love to You
  3. Better Off On Her Own
  4. Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart)

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1) Run to you ???

2) Better of on her own ???

3) Bla bla bla bla bla ???

Oh no... no “SDLHA”... we’re never going to hear the end of this...

Is there again a special (stupid) version for Germany planned?

Or is the 2CD-Set (inl. EP) released everywhere?


(I can’t wait to see the new pictures and the fantastic booklet! TBH was perfect!)

I’m sooo pleased that Run To You is on there! It’s one of their very best songs and it missed the first hits compliation. I’m not too surprised about Fingertips and Fireworks being missed out but She Doesn’t live Here Anymore is a major omission. I thought that they may include more tracks, especially seeing as most of them are shorter then the ballads. Still, it’s a good track-listing and I’m delighted at the prospect of hearing Roxette’s version of Stupid in the near future. Excellent!

@ anonymous: yeah! I agree! where´s June afternoon ?? it really should have been there ...

Guess we’ll finally get to hear more of the mysterious BMI-songs :-))

I dunno, but track 11 might be “June Afternoon”??

LITTLE MISS SORROW - the title is nothing new for us. Didn’t Per once say that it’s similar to Jefferson?
RUN TO YOU - I think it’s more a ballad, but I’m pleased that they put it at least on this compilation. It’s a great song and I’m missing it on DON’T BORE US.
BETTER OFF ON HER OWN - doesn’t really fit in this tracklist. But maybe it’s supposed to be a kind of “advertisement” for THE BALLAD HITS.
BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA is a very interesting title, reminds me of the current charts somehow.
Hopefully we’ll get the bonus EP in Germany, too. I don’t want another limited edition including “only” 17 songs.

@tove & anonymous: I don’t know about you, but I do see June afternoon... it’s track #11!

Yikes, hadn’t even noticed that they missed “Fireworks”! I guess Per was serious when he said on “Ask Per” that he didn’t like that song very much! I’ll miss it dearly (:

Bla bla bla!! lols! gr8 creativity! Who cud have think of that as a SONG!? It has to be Per!!!



yay!! coolios!!
but i will miss she doesnt live here anymore, one of my Rox favourites :/

What no Fireworks or SDLHA?
And the single edit of SIMC? Why?
I’m curious what version of Stars will be used, not the one with the kids I hope...
And what’s Church of your heart doing here??
bla bla bla...

It’s great though to see that Stupid will be on it!!

I don’t know if “Run to you” is a ballad or not, because it isn’t on the ballad hits but it is on “Baladas en Español”... and of course, “She doesn’t live here anymore” has to be there!!! Also “Fingertips ’93” and “Fireworks”!!! And what’s this “Dressed for success” (Chris Lord-Alge mix)??? Is it very diferent from the original? And I don’t understand the difference between single edit, single version and the song from the album!!!


Where is Neverending Love? Fireworks? She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore? And why Run To You is included (it should have been on The Ballad Hits)?

Real Sugar insted of Fireworks or SDLHA, I can’t understand...
This can’t be real...

Bla bla ... sounds good to me.

>” Wow, good tracklist ! But where are “June Afternoon” or “She doesn´t live here anymore” ? Or “FIREWORKS” ? “

They had to remove them to fit the easily-defeated copy protection scheme.

Fireworks I can manage, but leaving off She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore on Roxette’s Pop Hits collection is a crime against humanity.

I think I’ll have my birthday present:-))
But I miss SDLHA and Fireworks as well...

>” single edit, single version and the song from the album ... “

What? It’s not hard. The album version is generally considered the “normal version.” It comes off the album.

Often times, there will single edit for time considerations, like they knocked a minute off of Vulnerable.

And there will occaisionally be a radio edit for language, like rap songs.

Then you can get third party remixes, like the Lord-Alge one.

I liked the early days, where the US got amped-up versions of Joyride and Listen To Your Heart. More percussion, etc. Those are now listed as “US Remixes.”

bla bla bla bla bla - this has to win some kind of award for BEST song title ever!!!!!!!!!

Per: if you read this and you have any power to change the track listing then... PLEASE GET SHE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE ON THE POP HITS - it’s my favourite Roxette song that you’ve sung - please...

why there‘s no “she doesn‘t live here anymore”?
it‘s one of greatest roxette song.
for me “SDLHA” is much better than “june afternoon”.
i hope they will change this tracklist and finally “SDLHA” will be included.
and why here is “Better Off On Her Own”?
it‘s not a power pop song.
i hope “opportunity nox” single will be available in Poland (“a thing about you” wasn‘t).
bla bla bla is very interesting :)

Cool! I’m glad to see run To You again, although I rate it more as a power-ballad! Same goes for Church Of Your Heart.

The only song I really miss is Fireworks. Did you know that the working-title for the CBB album was Fireworks till end of ’93?

Bla bla bla bla bla (You broke my heart) YEAH, WOOH! ;-)

maybe better off on her own will be a different version? a more poppy one?

What’s so wrong to include songs from Pearls Of Passion on the collection? I am sure Neverending Love sold more than Real Sugar! The song was their 1st single ever - and a HIT! C’mon!!

COYH & RTY = Pop songs
FLAF & AU = Ballads

Where is the difference?!

But what I miss the most is Fingertips! Fireworks was also a bigger hit than JA or RS. The song selection on these two compilations is too much alike with ’Don’tBoreUs’!

I just had to add, I don’t have any (serious) problems with the tracklist but there could have better & more obvious choices...This is just somewhat..dull.

One more thing: ’Fireworks’ describes CBB album better than RTY - so FW could have given better PR for the old record. :-)

SDLHA is not there??? I’m Angry now!! ­:(

no fireworks??? i’m gonna CRY! i love that song!

jesus people - they are hits albums - hits from singles! plus a few others EP and new songs to keep fans like us happy - cut marie and per some slack eh?.

CDs can only hold a certain amount of data, so not all the songs could be included - it was the same with DBUGTTC. Per said they discussed doing a double CD then - but it was decided not to. IDWTGH was not a single (as far as I know - although if I am wrong - then I am sorry) But it is just case of what fits. There must be a good reason why Fireworks is not on it - and if it’s because Per doesn’t like it - then that’s good enough for me!

Just be happy with what we’re getting, cos in all honesty we could have been getting a lot less with all that has happened!

“CDs can only hold a certain amount of data,”

Look at the back of The Ballad Hits closely. You can see the line at about 55-60 minutes that forms the Cactus CD copy protection scheme.

While Audio CDs are 74 minutes long, these “modified optical discs” are shorter, and incompatible with some car and PC CD players.
They should not be called CDs at all.

Take away Cactus, and there is plenty of room for Fireworks, SDLHA, and “Per plays the maraccas for 5 minutes.”

“Run to you” is there!!! :-D
I’m very glad!!!!!!

ok every stop bitchung stupid is on here..those missing songs are on here and a song with bla bla bla in the title per rocks even if i think knox sucks the rest is bound to be awesome..bte sdlha wasn’t that big a hit and because of the copywrighting software some stuff need to be left off the cd


Well, i think track list is good, but not great, well, and you all know why. YES I DON”T KNOW WHY THERE IS NO “she doesn’t live here anymore”??????????????????????????????????????????

thank you for RUN TO YOU, because I was shocked when it wasn’t release on TBH

didnt per say that he hated the version of fireworks that ended up on cbb ..thats probably why its not on there....

I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!
I’m crying!!!!!!!!!!!
It can’t be posibbleeee!!! NOOOOO!!!!!
She doesn’t live here anymore IS NOT IN THE POP HITS COMPILATION!!!!!!
AND WHAT’S DOING RUN TO YOU HERE? If you say it’s a ballad (putting it in Baladas en Español) it can’t be a powerpop song!!!!!
And Better of on her own? What is it?? IS NOT A BALLAD!!??? COME ON!!!!
What about Crazy about you, for example?

OH SHIT! No SDLHA. And no Fireworks?

Will there be a stupid german version with less bonus songs again?

I didn´t buy the Ballad Hits just because I was so angry that we have less songs in Germany. Usually I would buy it but not in this case. I think I will also not buy the new one... Just one of the two Hits-albums would be stupid... I want both, but not if I get less songs.... Let´s wait and see. Maybe I will only download all songs again... EMI won´t fool me!

No Fireworks!!!??? >.<

Run to you? That is a ballad isn’t it? SDLHA??? Why not there?

The tracklist is OK for me...ok i’d like to have SDLHA but who cares? I already have it....
For me (and i think for most of us) the true reasons to buy this GH are the new if i have to complain for something i’d like to see a new song instead of BOOHO. Anyway the titles of the new songs are great.

on the greatest hits cd of BRYAN ADAMS, on a day like today wasn’t included as well (as one of my favourites)... so a greatest hits album hasn’t to offer all hits a band released.

Have to admit the tracklisting for POP Hits is a little bit of a surprise. It seems Per & Marie are choosing select songs which have been released whereas the Fans are looking for a set of their favorite songs– released or not. I wish SDLHA would have been included also. It’s a shame it’s not :-( It is one of my favorite ROX songs.

But I am absolutely thrilled to have so many new and fresh tunes to hear. Thanks P&M!!

Now where are all of those fabulously illegal MP3’s. They seem to have disappeared completely from the web... Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla... (singing it to the tune of RS!) that’s enough from this fan * Cheers!

San Francsico

I wonder if they decide for such stuff, like SDLHA not being included, on purpose to see us complain :DD

track listing sounds cool. Would have been better if Fireworks / She Doesn’t Live... / or even Crush On You would have been included, but am still real pleased, especially about Run To You! It was actually very popular in UK, and I was dissapointed when it wasn’t on The Ballad Hits. Looking forward to new tracks, especially Opportunity Nox!!! BUT... why Better Off On Her Own?!? x

@Judith - this seems to be the hobby of the fans, really :P
for me the tracklist is okay, as I suppose I will not listen to that CD a lot, except the new songs... (I don’t like Church Of Your Heart, I usually skip it on Joyride.) but I guess it could be better... and I don’t find the logic of BOOHO being there, there are some more-up-tempo songs that’ve been b-sides... ......and about Bla bla bla bla bla.... LOL!! :DDDD

well actually I dont mind if SDLHA song is not there cuz i can play it from the other cds when I want to, but I would have liked that others who may not be so much into Roxette’s music and that will buy the Pop hits would have been able to listen to the master piece!

But well, fans will buy the cd anyway, and I guess that non-fans won’t know the song enough as to say “if it is not there, i dont buy it” :P

So maybe Per really likes to “annoy” us and then come here and see our reactions :P - just joking :)

After all, we can make a full “new” album if we get the new ballads and the new pop songs, curious to listen to blalblablalbl :DD I had a laugh when i read the title hihi

Wow, more new songs that I’ve dreamed of. But why BOOHO and RTY? I don’t think they really fit to the other songs. As many other fans I miss SDLHA and I had hoped for that tits & ass version of really kicks ass and would have been perfect for this album :o)

FIREWORKS is not there because if you ever pay attention to what Per Gessle says, he simply hates that song.

little miss sorrow is on the pop hits! *g* ;o)

sorry... it’s just funny for me.

Dear EMI South Africa... Please add Fireworks to the SA version of TPH!!! SA was probably the country where this song had the most success in the world! It spend two weeks at #1...the only other song that made that position after the CBB release in SA was WICF that was #1 for one week in 1999…

Per might hate the song, but it is clear that the people from SA love it, so add it!!!

If EMI Germany is going to release a hyper-special idiotic german Version without an EP again I’LL BURN THEM DOWN!!!!!!!!! And if you’re reading this Per...than...please help me! >:)

blablablabla...??? I’m sure this songtitel fits in a row of songs like “Hmmmmmmmm”

@CRIZ: Guess you’re gonna have fun in Cologne then cos apparently they are!

The good news: 4 brand new power pop songs!

The bad news: my favorite Rox song ever (SDLHA) is not included. Damn that cactus copy protection nonsense!

Will Little Miss Sorrow be released as a single? I really hope so!!! (And then in the autumn they can end “the hit” season by realizing Breath as a single!!)


OK, you see... Roxette’s losing their magic... How could they pur RTY there? I’m waiting for Fireworks and She Doesn’t.... Hope Marie & Per change their minds. If someone can, send ’em an e-mail in any way you can... Thanx!

I have never liked COYH, I only love it’s live performance at The tops of the pops. And SDLHA is a great hit, it flopped because of lack of promotion. Video would fit MTV so prefectly. I never skip that video from rox GH DVD. Btw TPH is coming out on my Bday:p (March 24)

That ANONYMOUS was me: big-little-girl!!! I was logged in! I don’t know what happened!! ;-)

I don’t miss SDLHA at all! It’s my least beloved rox-single... ;-)

Thank you ROXETTE for the big bunch of new trax!!!

should be fireworks. not SDLHA it was only released in a couple of countries, it was also on the last GH . noy like fireworks.

well what about lies?? i think it can be there too.....
anyway i cant wait!!!.....

i just had a thought the reason better off on her own is on the ep is it matches the time period the other songs were recorded ..just like it hurts and breathe were recorded during hand and rs it makes perfect sense

Run to you is slower than Fading like a flower, same for Church!!
I like firworks but at the end its Roxette’s compilation!!
Thanx for the release,

EMI is looking into DVD Audio, let’s hope that they put out a Roxette DVD Audio! “Elvis’ No 1” on DVD Audio has 37 tracks instead of the regular CD which has only 31. :D

yeah, SDLHA has to be on the pop hits... per & marie: you’ll make a big part of your fans happy, if you put SDLHA on the pop hits... :-)

Anybody knows if Roxette produce another single?

wow, just a short visit to the cinema and so much GR8 news for me!!!! Lovely tracklisting, but if you all started with “where’s...” then I guess I have to support you here: WHERE’S SHE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE!!??? That song has a real kick!!!

But well, soooo many great NEW songs!!!!! Per, how many more pearls like these are hidden somewhere in your drawers?? You make my life so bright! Thx and ROX ON!!!!! :))))

HASMAD sed: “She doesn’t live here anymore IS NOT IN THE POP HITS COMPILATION!!!!!!



>”Anybody knows if Roxette produce another single?”

Methinks this one is a little slow on the uptake.


What about FIREWORKS!

Checkin In
Checkin Out an GREAT Uptempo Song....BUT WHERE IS IT??? I´m very sad..!!!

I agree....SDLHA JUST HAS TO BE ADDED and what about Harleys and Indians and Lies?

Both really great uptempo songs that would be real cool to see on this album!!!

Be that as it may......looking real forward to getting the album, and the bonus EP, when it finally reaches the UK!!!hehehehehehehe


Wellll, “The Pop Hits” looks decent to me, and I’m looking forward to hearing the 4 new powerpop gems Per has knocked off for this collection. Yep, “Bla Bla Bla” sounds like such a Per-ish song title, and I’m sure it’s genius, as usual. I thought “The Ballad Hits” was decent, kinda cool companion pieces. I, too, am disappointed “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” is not included here!! It may have been a flop, but it deserved to be HUGE, the song is such a gem, and Per just has these great, catchy, rockiing tunes he just seems to write in his sleep, ya know?? The guy never ceases to amaze me. Here in the US, their ballads were biggest, but I prefer Per’s powerpop, to be honest!! Cheers!!

I do miss She doesn’t live here anymore and Fireworks. I’m really happy for Church of Your Heart it is one of my favorites, but I do think is more a ballad than a pop hit. I’m just glad that we have new music. Bla bla bla sounds interesting.

Wow. The tracklisting is a bit shocking I must say. I guess why the title is “The Pop Hits” rather than “The Power-Pop Hits” because of these slower songs.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, the “Dressed For Success (Chris Lord-Alge Mix)” is simple the “U.S. Single Version.” The credits in the U.S. edition of “Don’t Bore Us” state: “mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at the Grey Room, Los Angeles, CA.”

@Jason: You’re totally correct about the CLA mix. :) I can’t hear the changes between the two versions, can you??

@tevensso There are differences. Samll, but noticable :)

I just can´t wait to listen to Bla bla bla bla bla :)

Does anyone know which of the bonus songs Marie sings?
I agree to dump Church... and Run..., and add Fireworks and SDLHAM.
I think its funny how people can’t see June Afternoon in there!!

Besides the new songs I already have all the other tracks of course, but I agree that at least Fireworks (1 of the best ROX-songs is missing !!!) should be on this “Pop Hits” Album.
I consider this song more (power)pop than Run To you which I had expected on the “Ballad Hits”.
But it definetely is going to be a very good album!

Why does Per hate a song he has written himself
and brought out as a single?? (Fireworks).
If that is so, he should rewrite the song until
he likes it (and than the fans have a new version of Fireworks, everybody happy!).

Cool hair style, cool songs, cool man...

Nevertheless, omitting SDLHA and especially Crush on you is unforgiveable.

For a brief foretaste of opportunity nox, use the following link:

Today Sweden
Tomorrow the world

As for the “Chris Lord-Alge mix” of “Dressed For Success” vs. the “Album Version,” I can hear the difference quite clearly. The “Album Version” sounds a bit more dull (meaning, it doesn’t stand out as much), wheras the “Chris Lord-Alge mix” seems “brighter” in sound (the production is richer).

I also agree that Per needs to re-record “Fireworks” if he is not happy with it.

I want
those ones were one of their best pop songs!!! not “Churh of your heart” and “Run to you”, it was a pitty not to see them in the ballad hits, but it is worst not to have “FIREWORKS” and “SDLHA” on the pop hits

To whom it may concern:

There are at least two offerers of Opportunity nox rips on kazaa...

It will knock you off of your feet.

Gessle pop is the ulitmate reason why god created this world.

”...You´re dancing so much better in slomo...”

Today Sweden,
Tomorrow the world!

After complaining about “Fireworks” and “SDLHA”, that I think they must be joking...
I don’t mind if “RTY”, “COYH” or “Fingertips ’93” are or not, but...

Why the single edit of “SIMC”?
It is better the album version!!!

I also miss “COY” but unfortunatelly wasn’t a single, so was no possibility to have it on the compilation.

I love “Better off on her own” besides it’s a ballad.

Congratulations about “ON” it’s perfect!!!!!
One of they best songs ever, far better than “ATAY”

there is no diff between the album version and single edit of sleeping in my car

Hello you all. I want to say thank you to Lars and the Daily Roxette team–without you we could never have been told the tracklisting. (and I really mean it too :D)

Hm, I think it has some flaws (I mean the CD). It only has 15 tracks with the flawed copyright software (it didn’t work for the ballad hits), so why not just remove it and add 2 or 3 more songs?

Eh PLEASE remove that terrible bside Better off on her own!! The worst Roxette song ever! How about a Roxette version of “I Do Believe,” :). That song has some class and attitude. Otherwise June Afternoon and She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore were promotional songs for their other Don’t Bore Us CDs, right? They are not THAT good of songs (but I love their musics—“we grew up together...I’m sorry that’s all... hey that’s all”)—hm, let me see Neverending Love? That would be nice :). How about some non single materials? I can think of “Hot Blooded” and “Knockin’ On Every door,” those songs Rox!! They are also extrememly power pop :D. “babe I’ve seen it all before...keep keep.”

Im one of the few that is happy that SDLHA is NOT included on the album. Never did like that song. But its strange to see “Run To You” and this cd. I was sure that it was going to be on TBH. I mean,wasent it a ballad on BEE?

ok its a pop hits album ... Church of your heart... is ok on the album but i think run to you should not have been... for me its a ballad.... fireworks shoulda been in run to yous place


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