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Airplay for “Opportunity Nox” to begin this week in Germany

Written by daniel_alv on January 27, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - German radio listeners will get a chance to hear the new Roxette single “Opportunity Nox” a week earlier than the rest of Europe as the song is being released for airplay in Germany tomorrow, January 27th.

  The Daily Roxette previously reported that the airdate for the other European countries is February 3rd.

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I’m not too sure we Germans will actually get to hear ON a week earlier... probably it’s only a matter of one to five days! The thing is that (according to the guy responsible for radio promotion at Capitol Records Germany) the so-called “airdate” often means that the promo CDs are only sent out by post that day, so radio stations can’t start playing the song until wednesday - in the case of ATAY we had to wait til sunday!
But who knows, I managed to hear WICF on a German radio station before the “world premiere” on Rix FM had taken place back on 4/1/99, so they must have had the single in time...



maybe a german listener can tape it and post it on the net!!
I knew they’d say ROX in the song!!
Has anyone got the words?

i got a reply from SWR3, one of the biggest radio-stadions in germany:

“Wir wissen nix davon, haben die single auch noch gar nicht.

Bettina Stender
SWR3 Musikredaktion
Sendung Hithop
76522 Baden-Baden
[email protected]

—> “We don’t know anything about it, we even don’t have the single. Greets.”

So, where and when will we hear the new song? :-\

Never mind... Let‘s torture the radiostations so they‘re looking forward to get the single in order to keep us quiet!

this is so not gonna be a hit at all

i am disappointed :(

dont like what i hear so far, sounds cheap nox off.
something to bang on a album.

What is it with you people?? Don’t yo have anything else to do than to complain about just about everything? If you don’t complain about the lack of new songs, you complain about the lack of promotion in the US and UK, and if you don’t complain about that either... then you complain about the few new songs we do get nowadays, saying oh it’s not gonna be a hit, it’s so bad... I don’t like it, where are the guitars? Where are the keyboards? Who cares if it’ll be a hit or not? The improtant thing is that the song is out and that we all have the opportunity to hear it.

I just wonder... can’t you ever get satisfied with what you DO GET, instead of complain about what you don’t get all the time?

Peter loves wot he has listened to... it seems Peter’s Billboard is different from the rest of the world and the Roxette fans!

whenever the airplay starts....I’m a Rox-Fan..I’M USED TO WAIT !!!!!!! :) :)
Can’t understand all this stupid negative vibrations here either!

And I immediatly started dancing as I heard the 30 sec snippet some seconds agoooooooo

seems to be a masterpiece.......
Tack PER & MARIE!!!

well to be honest it jusat isn’t what we hoped for..its now wheres near beibng a simc like song at all its more real sugar meets 727 ...

WE hoped for? Please speak only for yourself, I know a lot of people like ON the way it is, myself included...
BTW, I’m really tired of people having big expectations of how a song should be like and then are totally disappointed when they actually get to hear it because it’s not what they expected... anyone else, too?

yea... i was disppointed with ATAY...but because we were told to expect something like IMHBL o FLAF... otherwise I wouldn’t have been so negative about it in the first it’s grown on me and I like it... that’s why I LOVE’s new and it’s great!

@Starrox: I agree with you! I wonder why some still listen to Rox! They are complaining about everything!! Find something new if you don’t like Rox anymore! I don’t have ANY expectations!! I’m just waiting, listening and making my opinion than!
I also think that one have to understand how Per and Marie work and why they sound like that. I hope I do! :)


it sounds cool, fresh, it’s all new, it doesn’t seem bored, GREAT. I THINK I’LL BUY POP HITS. WELL.. I HOPE, IT COME TO MY COUNTRY.. COLOMBIA

The song is wonderful. Hope I could listen soon in Brazil.
Thankyou a lot Marie and Per :o)

i didnt hsave high expectations to begin with per booosted themby promising something he obviously didn’t deliver i am sorry :)

ON is EXACLY what I was hoping for. So dont say “its not what WE hoped for....”.


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