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Gessle’s work with Lisa L results in “Rainclouds” forecast in France

Written by tevensso on January 31, 2003 to .

FRANCE - Per Gessle’s collaboration with Swedish singer/songwriter Lisa Lindebergh resulted in a song called “Rainclouds” which received a French lyric and the title “Depuis La Nuit des Temps.”

  This song has been recorded by the French group “What For” and has just been released. “What For” are the French winners of the TV-show “Popstars,” and the song is included on their self-titled debut CD.

Lindebergh, who goes by the name “Lisa L,” is a TomBone/Jimmy Fun artist who in 2000 released her second album, “Sparkling,” on the Sony Music label. She is a busy songwriter and two of her recent songs appear on the
Peter Jöback album “Only When I Breathe.”


I’ve just listened to the song. Easy-listening, sweet, definitely not a masterpiece...

It seems Per keeps himself quite busy... :)

you can listen to the song if you go to:

and then where it says “LE SONDAGE” you look for the title (its the last one) and click on it... a new window will open..choose one of the 2 programs (WMP or real audio) and listen :P

What is Per’s contribution to this song (lyric? music?)


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