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Possible EMI merger heats up

Written by steven on January 22, 2003 to .

CANNES - At this year’s Midem music industry conference on the French Riviera, music executives have been actively speculating over a possible, future merger concerning Roxette’s record label EMI. Sources close to the world’s third largest record company have said that EMI has been in discussions with both BMG and Warner Music. So rife is the speculation of a possible merger that EMI’s shares have climbed a respectable 18 percent in the last two weeks.

  Meanwhile, EMI has declined to comment on what they called “market rumors”.

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Sure they got their procent up thanx to Roxette with their last album, and wait until full spring to see how thei will go from here.

Capitol is one of the labels (or marketing names) owned by EMI.

didnt they go through all this a couple of years ago?

well lets look at it this way...warner is a huge entertainemtn conglomerate...the r in busoiness with aol...and lots of media agents....this could bode very well for roxette

@mixella 1
It‘s not roxette that gives EMI its percents!
It‘s Robbie Williams!!

@coyboyusa or they could consolidate their debts and assets and it could be very bad news for Roxette too!


According to these news:(in Spanish)

It tells you that RW received a big amount of money from EMI for the “Escapology” recording, and that EMI has to sell 18 millon copies of that recording in order to get the money they prepaid to RW.

Right now they have “just” sold 5 million copies..

The news are that RW has just said that he is in favour of music piracy (and it says that he says that because he has his money.. and - i think - EMI could say.. that’s what you’ve got.. so what’s for me??)

Have a nice day!

And to cowboyusa:
Better promotion through the Internet ain‘t the key to more succes! Not in the case of Roxette!More people regarding Roxette would only mean more people beeing dissapointet and wondering wether this is the band that once used to rock!
Roxette has lost credebillity during the post-CBB-world-tour-era . No promotion in the world could have taken RS above 2 mio sales!

@ flowersonthemoon:
I don‘speak spanish but what ever they say...what i heard is that he recieved the money for signing a 3 or 4 record deal wich means, that they have to sell 5-6 mio copies per record. Correct me if i‘m wrong, but calculating with 18 mio sales is rediculous!


Well.. that are the news. It tells you that in order to get “some money” from that recording they have to sell 18 million copies.

i hate robbie williams!!!

firstly its coyboy not cowboy...and promotion is key!

promotion sold nearly 4 million copies of hand ..and the territories matter warner is everyhwere and warner doesnt make reatrded deal like emi. emi was afraid to loose robbie williams...granted all i wanna do is shag him his singing does nothing for me....roxette could make out much better if they turned roxette recordings into a full fledged label and distributed on warner...if ace of base got their shit together i’d even suppoprt them teaming up

PLEASE READ this related SmallTalk thread:

Wouldn’t you agree that it is stupid to count on sales of 18 million copies?

PS: sorry coYboyusa!

another greatest hits album???

i thoink honestly we cant go about slandering emi if we have never run a record company ourselvesa. emi admitted they caught the ball mid throw when roxette’s success toook off. emi uk and usa have been two of the most poorly managed labels...while emi svenska has turned over they aren’t all bad


I agree with you.. it’s a company.. so their purpose is not to waste money, is to GET some MONEY.. and yes, maybe sometimes they do wrong things.. but, as you know, they don’t want US to be happy.. they just want to get as much money they are able to... remember.. they are a C O M P A N Y ..

It’s like the copy protection on CDs.. nobody likes it.. and they knew that it would be broken.. but.. it makes people think than they are a “good” company.. and that they care about their recordings... but I’m sure they knew it wouldn’t work.

Anyway.. have a nice day.. when we talk about money, no conversation has a good ending and nobody is “good”.. you know.. as the song “money changes everything.. ” (Cyndi Lauper)



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