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Brits once again get to listen to new Roxette material

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 16, 2003 to .

LONDON - Roxette’s “A Thing About You” single has hit the airwaves in the United Kingdom and the “The Ballad Hits” CD it is intended to promote is slated for a February 3rd release — just before Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The record company is hoping that the red raspberry heart featured on the cover will attract attention and help drive sales.

  The UK release will include the “limited edition” EP with four bonus tracks.

  ATAY has been added to the BBC’s P2 playlist, and serviced to other radio stations as well. It’s release is set for either February 3rd or 10th.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Meanwhile, in the United States, where the idea was also to take advantage of Valentine’s Day as a logical tie-in for both a song titled “A Thing About You” and album cover art that features the ubiquitous red heart, these same releases have become “a long story” according to a source at EMI Capitol, and have been postponed.

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Can I move to Sweden now? *waits somewhat patiently for Friday to roll around to see what’s up*

TBH release date - 03-feb-2003
ATAY release date - 10-feb-2003

I wonder what is the long story now. I was really, REALLY looking forward to the US release date for The Ballad Hits! Eventhough in Canada it was already released, there was basically no promotion!
Keeping my fingers crossed!

Eugene: Don’t feel bad. From what I’m understanding, there isn’t going to be any (or much) promotion here in the United States. I haven’t heard a peep from some of my friends at Media Play that are keeping track of the release for me. They knew of the release through here (they “ghost” the site, look at the news and then go from there) and that’s it.

I’m guessing this will delay The Pop Hits in the UK also. Seems to happen lots lately, I guess.

Are EMI UK doing anything to get Roxette played on any other radio station apart from Radio 2? Whilst they are a good target media - they are not really singles-buying public. They need to get the video on Saturday Show, SM:TV Live, TOTP etc etc etc etc. Maybe I am just being a bit impatient (as always) :) sorry!

why is anyone expecting any lagre scale promotion? without marie per most admirably will probably bot want to do promotion....i would rather them both be on the ad circut then neither of them at all..especially if it meant breathe as a single and video for the us market

Hi all! I think this really sux! I mean that it sux that they are trying to see if the Valentines day wave is going to sell more copies of The Ballad Hits. I mean, why not instead put some effort into a real promotionthing??
I am a fan but sometimes i think that they are quite stupid in their promotion ways...!

Anyone who have a comment! Please dont hesitate to send me an email or something!

Rox on!


heheheh hey I love this Anonymous guy! hehehe.. 16 YEARS.. BIG TITS! HEHEHEH

WHy don’t you register yourself?



He put his name and location at the bottom, maybe he just forgot to log in.

Lars-Erik: That was a pretty hefty edit don’t you think? :) I didn’t think it was that bad!

huh? When exactly have the American charts or airwaves been dominated by European acts? Come on now, what planet are you living on anyway? Aside from USA-1-hit-wonders and sporatic success from bands like Aqua, ATC, and a few others in the 80’s & 90’s, the US has always been dominated by domestic acts (unless I’VE been asleep for the past 25 years:)

Oh, and more importantly... there’s nothing wrong with “bone-thin” or “big-boobed” female entertainers! However, I could do without their attempts at singing. They should stick to where they excel... pornos:) Heck, I’d pay top dollar to see Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera “get it on”, and I’m sure a lot of others would as well;)
(thinking of my West Coast Bruthas)

Why in Brazil we don’t have singles and Eps??? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???? Atay is number 25 on top 100 here, it’s playing a lot on radiostations and mtv Brazil is showing the atay video clip.
Per, do something pleaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!
Fernanda - Brazil

I really had my hopes up for the U.S. release. I was so excited about it even though I knew there would be no promo. Just the idea of being able to walk into a record store and buy a Roxette US album again. :( Damn. What was I thinking? I guess I just keep hoping for something that will never happen.

Now that it has been postponed, does this mean we will see ’The Ballad Hits’ by February 2004? *shame*

Yesterday they said: We have more news in our friday edition.
Today (riday) they’ve changed it: now they expect it ’shortly’.....

I know, I guess I was just hopeful (again) about Roxette making a comeback in the US. I am in Canada, and have bought Roxette items from eBay since they are released in Europe before they are released here. Even when Roxette released their albums in Canada, I still went out to buy them here as well. It’s just that if they do promotion in the US, I know it will affect Canada as well.

But it’s true, I agree about today’s radio play and it’s sad to see the fabricated bands being over promoted, and over rated.

i’ve read The Ballad Hits is due for release in the States January 28th. we’ll see.
the sad thing is, when Roxette releases a single/CD in other countries, people from
the U.S. and Canada order from the Internet. or, i go over to Canada if something
is released there before here. so this only makes the U.S. sales look worse than
they are. but hey, i’m not gonna sit and wait for a “possible” U.S. release, I’m gonna
order from the ’net!


i will say this...theyt coudl have some degree of suxccesz if they were marketed right...that was edels first misstemp. ACC radio isn’t their formate......pljj 95.5 in ny and other adult pop stations are. granted mostly only their ballads will get radio play...but they did an interesting spot on vh1 in 2000 for the usa hits that would have been a great introduction to them in the states again. the simple fact is they are marketable...esepecailly to the gay population here in the states to

you people do you think Lars does nothing else during the day other than calling here and there and writing articles for Daily Roxette? This is not his professinal job, as it isn’t for Visa or Thomas or the Fanclub or the other people who have websites around, so please, be a bit patient...

If Roxette wants to be sucessful again in the US. They need to release the album in the state before Europe, and be willing to promote. Also the loyal fans from europe would probably not wait for the Euoropean released and will buy the album from the US helping the sales. Also, Marie’s condition made some of the news channels, because of this more people are aware that Roxette still around. The problem in the Us is that people think that CBB was their last album.

Can any US fan tell me that if ROX releases an album with promotion and all, will the US public give it a try??


What about all the fans downunder? Spare a thought for this poor little fan who would love a bit of excitement or airplay of her favourite bands new stuff.... or even their old stuff.... anything really!!

this would be great!!! to see again Roxette in the US´s top!!!

What happens with them in England? They are still so famous?

George, from Sweden... im nwe here...if you want contact me, feel you free...

abaout me:
[email protected]

NYC visitor: There are Roxette albums at Virgin Megastore, but you have to search for them... in the Import section.

Hej, all of you frustrated fans.....hehehehehe i know how you feel!!! I went into HMV yesterday asking about the SINGLE and they said only the ALBUM was being released and if the ALBUM was a success then ATAY will be released!!!! So i guess all us UK fans must rush out and clear the racks of Ballad Hits on the 10/2 just so we can get the single released????? *desperate sigh, feelin rather dizzy at this point!!* And as far as Opportunity Nox goes *another desperate sigh* we will have to wait 6 months for Pop Hits to be a successs...and so and so!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! hehehehehehe love to all of you!!!!

Not fair that us UK fans have to wait - I don’t as I have joined and they have a shop with all the latest releases. I buy from here or from Sweden when I go on a yearly trip to get rare items.

Yo fellow roxers!!! I agree roxette will need lots more promotion in the UK and the US. Roxette’s older songs eg. It must have been love / listen to your heart almost seem to have been forgotten, but with successful press releases and good promo, ’a thing about you’ will remind the public just how strong roxette are, and the old classics will be revived leading to great sales of the ballad hits!!! BBC radio 2 is a good start - but not enough!!!! This is a really big chance for roxette to make a well deserved come back! lets not blow it!!! and if the ballad hits sells well, then people will look forward to the release of ’oppertunity nox’ and the pop hits!! take care u guys - love is all x.

ROXETTE ARE BACK! I KNOW LOTTA PPL I KNOW BOUGHT IT! Sunshine is a lady, who ROX you like a baby! (sorry! i’m just TOO happy!)

Hiya Guys. I am from Germany and I have one statement for the rest of the world: our politicians may be bastards, our educational system system crap, and the people here are the worst fuddy-duddies in the world - but all this is by far outweighted by the attention Gessle pays to Germany, making it ultimately the best place to be.

Believe me, without this benefaction by Rox, half of the german population would already have emigrated....

The UK release will include the “limited edition” EP
with four bonus tracks.

Ummm.... is it just me missing this then, or do we have to mail off for the bonus EP.

Or might it just possibly be, heaven forfend, that EMI UK HAVE LIED TO US AGAIN?!



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