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King presents medals to Per and Marie at palace ceremony

Written by Jud on January 31, 2003 to .


Although there was a great deal of uncertainty as to whether or not Marie Fredriksson would be able to attend, it was both members of Roxette who arrived at the Royal Palace here this afternoon to receive medals from His Majesty, the King of Sweden.

  This morning the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and tabloid Expressen reported that it was still uncertain if Marie would attend or not. “It will depend on the mood of the day,” had previously told Per to Aftonbladet, but in the end, she felt with the energy to attend the event and receive the Medal personally.

  Per and Marie both were beaming with pride as they stepped forward to be distinguished by the King. “Both [of them] are so honored and very proud to have received this medal,” explains Marie Dimberg, their manager.

  Aftonbladet also reports today that Marie feels better, “it is like night and day, she feels definetely better,” explains Per, but we have to bear in mind that “she didn’t get a cold, but a big knockout.” So Marie has to take her time to come back “Marie has to decide it for herself when she feels like coming back,” Per goes on telling, “there is no reason for her to stress.”

  It is for this reason that it is not sure what Roxette will do during this year. Previously the target was to work together this summer, but now Per reveals that the “The Pop Hits” release may be the last that the band does this year. “Under normal circumstances, we would have surely spent a couple of months in the spring to promote this album,” says Per, “but now I doubt it.” Besides that, there is no urge for Roxette to release a new album. “We are not in panic of having to make a new album,” Per states.

  On the other hand, Expressen reported this morning that a bump was found in Marie’s left breast. According to the tabloid’s source, they will apply a biopsy to this bump next week, but Dimberg already denied this piece of information in the press message we reported earlier today.


She looks GOOD! I know she must be wearing the hat due to some hairloss, but man, this looks damn OK!

yeah!! actually she looks better than Per :PP

Marie looks great! Absolutely elegant!!

Congrats again to both Per and Marie! Marie glad to see you again after all this months! Hope to see you soon!

Brave little cutie!!!! I AM proud of both of you! You rule and the elegance you wear is really killing me, mmm :o)

go here:

and scroll down till you see

“Medaljutdelning på slottet
Inte mindre än 29 förtjänstfulla medborgare fick ta emot medaljer ur kungens hand.”

when you click on it, you can see a short video about it! Marie is there :))

Marie. our precious little look FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Per baby, your cheeky smile always makes me laugh!!!!hehehehehe You both look so elegant and proud....YOU DESERVE IT!!!!


“Expressen reported this morning that a bump was found in Marie’s left breast”

...i’d really like to do something vewwy vewwy gruesome to some certain Newspaper staff... >>>:(((

SUE SUE SUE ’em Bunny! Let Expressen pay some fat amout of money to a cancer fund! >:)

Marie looks GREAT!

Äntligen - äntligen i dag - solen gick upp över stan!


I hope you feel as good as you look!!!

Congratulations to BOTH of YOU!!!

So nice to see you on your feet again Marie!!!!
The best thing you can do for all your fans is to look after yourself and take all the time you need!!!! :-)

Love ye!!!!

Yeeesssss, Marie looks GREAT! I am so glad!
But Per needs some rest! :-)

i’m really proud of marie /// hugs

I’m very happy to see Marie so nice! I was really worried after expressen article but i think it’s wrong.
Anyway my Honey Gessle looks so tanned and sexy like always... ;)
Un bacio
Dary & Niky*


* B R A V O D A I L Y R O X E T T E *

Superb peice of professional reporting.

Per & Marie must surely be so pround to know you guys are constant in your efforts.

Keep up the GREAT work.


P.S. Great picture!

a lump in her breast now? i dont think so i hope. what are the press like.

aaw! i’m so happy for Marie!

i hope what Expressen said was a lie!

Wow, feels so good to see Marie again! And look how happy she is!

she looks alot better than i thought she ever would i do hope to god and the godess that the expressen thing is bullcrap and i hope they sue them for you marie rest well we’ll rox anther time :)

great job Daily Roxette!

Congrats to both Per and Marie, they must be very proud of themselves.

Its great to see Marie looking cheerful and full of spirit, keep up this level of energy Marie!

Per, looking good as always, but sorry, Marie was the star today :)

Well done Per and Marie! You look so proud, and so you should do!
Marie you look stunning!!! Take all the time you need to make a full recovery - we’ll always be here supporting you both!
We all hope to see you very very soon again!
Take care. xx

When I first saw the picture of Marie, tears of joy welled up in my eyes. She looks beautiful, she is up and about, and lol, you’re right, Judith, she does look better than Per! (he looks like he had stayed in the tanning bed too long)

Keep fighting, Marie! We love you!


Lookin DAMN good!!!!

Congratulations Marie !

Congratulations Per !

She looks really fine, so. What an honour to get a medal at a ceremony.

She’s got the look

stay safe


I knew Marie would fight. She is looking so fine, but we don’t know how she feels inside. :-*

Wow! I didn’t expect Marie looking so good. The one who looks really ill is Per. That’s what I call solidarity :-) Well done Per! No, I’m so glad see that Marie was able to go there. She seems to be recovering otherwise you wouldn’t have gone there. Thank you Per and Marie making this day start with tears in my eyes, tears of joy!

Congratulations Per and Marie.

They look great, especially Marie. Per looks a little bit red, maybe because of the cold.

I’m very proud of them!!!

Oh, great!!!

It seems really that Marie is getting better.

Congratulations to both, Per and Marie !!!!!!!!!

You deserve it

you should also get a medal for being the greatest person on earth!!!!
i love you!

I can’t tell you how I felt seeing these pictures of Marie, I’am so happy she attended! This is the first time we’ve seen her since we heard the news that’s to long with no Marie!


Congratulations to Per and Marie!
They deserve that!
It’s nice to see Marie’s smile again!
Greetings from all Bulgarian fans!

The king get a medal from the king!

i am so happy!!! congratulations to per marie and to us the fans ( yea too).
marie u look great like always

well done on the medal you deserve that for the
years of great lyrics and music get well soon, rest and get back to what you do best

Hola me parece muy buena la premiacion a Merie and Per! se lo merecen! los q tb les guste Roxette y sehan fanaticos, espero me agreguen en su msn mi mail es [email protected]


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