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“Breathe” demo to appear on “’Nox” maxi-single

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 29, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Tits&Ass demo version of “Breathe” will be included as the third track on the maxi-single version of “Opportunity Nox” when it is released on February 24th (EMI 7243 -5518972). The second track, as previously reported, is a live version of “Fading Like A Flower” recorded during a “Room Service” concert in Brussels, Belgium.

  The music video for “Opportunity Nox” is – as of today – still in production, and therefore not available to have been included on the maxi-single.


i think that will be great! i want it...

but i always buy the 2-track singles... i don’t know why, but i started it with WICF, and i can’t change to maxi now....

there we go - a video is in production! did we ever have any doubts!?!

It’s very strange why the b-sides are also ballads - hopefully the 4 extra tracks for the album will be pop songs - I’m hoping for Stupid - looking forward to the 2 b-sides though - they’ll be very nice to have - Richard

I think it’s good to have a link to the ballads on this single, probably TBH will get another boost with the release of TPH. Wouldn’t be bad to get some additional remixes, though!

I knew it, a video is on the way! The long production-time hints to special effects, don’t you think? Maybe it’s really animated or a cartoon!

That’s fantastic! ON video is in production:-)

ugh no new video for the maxi..breathe demo will be interesting...all the high notes for per? now i am very excited ..just cause i ewant the demo lol

anyone caught the full song yet? or ewas the germany thing a hoax?

Wow, great to hear that there will be a video for ON!!!

However, it’s interesting to hear that there will be a maxi single. Since EMI said there won’t be one. Does anyone know more about the maxi-single?

Somebody knows what it´s happened with “Marie”?
If Roxette is recording the video “Opportunity Nox” what will happen with “Marie”?

Wouldn´t be funny to watch “Always Have Always Will” of “Ace Of Base”, but now in a “Roxette” version ...

isn’t that just plain amazing!!!??? Hopefully it’s Per sung demo! Then we’ll have a perfect combination - “Marie oriented” FLAF and Per’s demo :)))

But Per also sang something on Fading like a flower live, isn’t it? Wasn’t it in Room Service Tour an acoustic version with Per singing a verse at least (at least in Barcelona :D). Cool, a maxi with Per singing in the three of the tracks... now we have an argument to demonstrate Roxette is not the name of Marie Fredriksson :D

“Breathe” Demo - Fantastic! But I don’t understand why the maxi-singles have become so limited with tracks. What happened to the 4,5,or 6-track maxi-singles? The “Stars” maxi had 5 audio tracks, including a video (6 total). Now with “A Thing About You” and “Opportunity Nox,” we only get 3. I think Capitol could have easily squeezed 2 more live cuts on the maxi to make it really worth something. Then people wonder why they don’t sell well.

yeah Santi, I think Per was singing one of the parts of FLAF, at least i have heard that song like that.


Hm, we might get a remix maxi cds with a couple of mixes plus the video...
That´s what I hope for, at least...

@Mfan: It seems to me that the first single is always a little short on songs, beginning with “SIMC” at least... I think this is so that the single sales don’t take too big of a bite out of album sales... I’m sure this was the idea behind putting “TWOTW” on the “ATAY” single, even though most people would get it again on “TBH.” Just my speculation, though...

It’s quite possible that the video uses a lot of special effects, or possibly a full animation, what with Marie’s illness. So I think you could be onto something, there :-)

What are you talking about? :-D

About single tracks: I think it’s because more and more markets stop to release singles. Maybe they don’t wanna waste their songs by releases on singles in only a few countries!

Overall, the music industry is in a sad state right now. So much blame is put on Internet piracy, which I believe is a problem. But I think the root of the problem lies, at least here in the USA, in record companies killing the singles a few years before Internet piracy really broke through. They tried to force people to buy an overpriced album for ONE hit song and stopped commercially releasing singles. Then Internet downloading came along and people started getting these ONE hit songs for free and stayed away from the music stores. Look what has happened. It’s like record companies trained music lovers not to visit the stores to buy their favorite songs on singles but rather to go download them for free. At least this has happened to me personally. I no longer have a drive. I download for free, unless it’s Roxette and a few select other acts, which I happily import.

Let me also add that much of the music on the radio and getting heavy promotion in the USA right now is crap. That doesn’t help. There’s no drive to buy anything good because good is so hard to find now.

It’s really a sad state. :( At least the U.K. singles market is still somewhat alive.

So to the person above, you may be right that Capitol doesn’t want to waste these songs on singles that won’t really sell anyway. Is the singles market really dead everywhere else too?

Wow, I’m really looking forward to the maxi single and the video.
Great to hear that the Breathe-demo will be included. Also the live version of FLAF, the Brussels concert was great! And yes Per did sing a part of the song!!

jason while you can claim to some fdegree that internet piracy has stiffled music much content over the past 5 yrs has been worth listening to ...let along buying... labels are allowing big name artists to push out material that isn’t commercially viable...big reminders are the cranberries, celine dion, duran duran..etc

dont get me wrong just because an artist doiesnt fit into a certain music mold doesnt mean they dont deserve exposure...but it is a business...

also...if the music indusrty had aligned utself with online music sources instead of trying to anihillate them we would be buying roxettes single off the web as a download instead of importing it don’t yah think...

yeah, FLAF is with Per in the beginning of the song, that’s why I am sooo happy :) I wonder if we’re gonna hear him sing as we were shouting sooo loudly!!!! Well, I wasn’t in Brussels myslef but I guess the audience wasn as enthusisatic there as in Sweden :) This song is a masterpiece live! :)

I went to 3 concerts on the Room Service tour and Brussels really was the most fantastic experience - Marie and Per seemed almost overwhelmed by the crowd at times - I’m sure that Fading Like A Flower on the Opportunity Nox CD single will have the crowd singing as loud as rOX - excellent stuff!

i agree gyllene_tjej >> in Stovkholm we shouted very high, i have it on MP3 and video.... and it’s great....

The maxi single will be copy-protected.

We’ll brake the “protection” again so don’t worry. Breathe DEMO in an UpTempo song CD? but still it is a great news. I believe that Marie WILL be in the video. Maybe it is another story telling video remember the lyrics from the snippet? ..”WHEN I SAW YOU, WHEN I SAW YOU, YOU SAID....” so Marie and Per will make a short appearence.

I’d love to hear Per sing Breathe!!



I hope Roxette hired some other director for the video. I am sick of dark, slow videos. I’d say NO to Jonas if Rox managment had asked us (the fans).

It was great to have every Rox-video on a single. Even better to have the video on the very same single. This kinda “brakes tradition” of incluiding videos in singles started with Anyone.

If the video is still on production it has to be a computer-animated video or a huge thing... I hope!


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