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“Opportunity Nox” on your door on February 3rd

Written by tevensso on January 14, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Roxette’s new single, “Opportunity Nox,” (EMI 7243-5518972) will be hitting the European airwaves on February 3rd.
  The song, a power-pop tune, is to be available in stores on February 24th and will be included on the forthcoming Roxette compilation, “The Pop Hits,” scheduled to be released about a month later, on or around March 24th.

(Roxfreak contributed to this article.)



Can’t wait to listen!

Hopefully MixMegapol will play it soon... and we’ll tap on its webcast like we did with ATAY :-)

yeah Pietro, that was great team work :)

no no its to soon ATBY is still climbing.

it iss coming! it is coming! it is coming!!!!!!!! FEEL THE POWER OF POP!!!!!!!!!!

GESSLE THE KING I am expecting a lot from this single. Keep on Noxin’, keep on Roxin’


Alright .... nice summer in Argentina with Opportunity Nox in the beach!

WOW ... fantastic news! :o)

Roxette Rules!!!

Yeah! Let’s Rox!



hope it would be something like “sleeping in my car” or “joyride”... or even like “lies”!!!!!!!! =)))

Hey rox-kuryliw:
ATAY is still climbing???? Please tell me where that is!!! ?? I am sorry, but is ATAY even left in any charts??? Maybe I am wrong, but didn’t this flop leave the sale charts long ago??

Th Th sorry i was thinking about the ballad hits not ATBY, ballads still climbing i mean.

aaahhh! can´t wait anymore to hear it!!!!

it takes a long, long time...

I hope I will survive!!!

yeah!!!!!!!!! :-))

W I C K I D !!!!!!!!

am just dying to hear this song......yep i live in UK too *frustrated sigh* but this one feels real good, c’mon lets ROX with OPPORTUNITY KNOX!!!!!



That’s all I have to say. *smile*


Looking forward to the day we’ll sit here everyone and listen to it through the net!

keep on Roxin!!!

Does anyone knows how this song sounds like ? I mean, there are some fans that heard a bit of it in a meeting/promotion thing with Per.

I’m so afraid it’s going to be another crappy dance song. And if so, I would love to know it already, so I won’t get too disappointed, like I was with “The Centre Of The Heart”.

PS: Hoping that “Opportunity Nox” is going to sound like “Sleeping In My Car”... GUITARS PLEASE.

We want a video as well !!!

Great news!!!!
But it’s interesting if Marie will figure in video or not...

Yesssssss, hope to listen it soon.
Keep on Rox!!!
Fernanda - Brazil

It is coincidental, that I am in Germany over the 3rd of Feb 03!!! So I will actually be able to hear that Song on the Radio!!!! I am lookin forward to it soooo much! As it most likely will never be played here in Ireland...

does anyone know when the “pop hits” is expected?

Great news! But, what’s the hurry?

Please, don’t get me wrong, i’m of course willing to listen to new material. But I really wonder if there’s such a hurry: they released ATAY and The Ballads in September/October, if I remember well, and now, just a few months later, there will be another single and another compilation. To me, this is quite unusual. I wonder if there’s a reason for it.

Who knows... Take care, regards! :)

anyone got diz’ on mp3 already ??? ;)))

that´s the best message in the new jear!

Marie is the best and still the one.

YES ROXETTEFAN, I also want to see the new video, i anyway hope it will be a great song. I really expect to hear it in Belgium !!!

i hope they do a montage video

well, that’s a bit harsh, especially considering Marie’s condition. But, at the core of your example there is an undeniable point. Yes, Per’s song writing is the “source” for the Roxette hit machine. Marie’s voice is also a crucial aspect, and no one could do it as well as her, but if you had to rank the 2, the song writing would have to come first.

And, to the first anonymous, Per does not have a crappy voice...

It would be better if nonone could submit comments anonymously.
It´s terrible that some people writes really evil things without respect for Per and Marie and without their names.
It´s not a brave thing to do at all.....

I mean some anonymous , not all of them, of course.

To paraphrase a modern thinker: “There is no idea, thought, or concept that is offensive to the rational mind.”

I am the one who posted the comment about Per and Marie’s importance to Roxette, as Anonymous.

I took the time to get an account after I posted the message.

I said what I did because it was an honest opinion, not to be hurtful or overly dramatic.

I love Per and Marie for what they have brought to my life, and would never wish harm to either of them.

But Marie’s condition only brings a hard reality home: Human beings are mortal. If the mere thought that Per were to, heaven forbid, die in a plane crash or something, offends you– Yes! It would be a tragedy, but it is not an offense to the senses to consider the ramifications.

If your heart hurts thinking of the day when (not if) you lose a loved one, I understand. It is hard for sensitive people to rationalize those thoughts. But if you don’t want to even face that reality; I suggest society has given us all thin skins.

Lars-Erik: Please be lenient in your editing. Polite controversy only helps us grow. While I realize you and the other editors have a really hard job to do in managing a lot of random junk that gets said here; I gave up on the mailing list years ago and this is the only place left to speak (hopefully) enlightened opinions without fear of having your voice drowned out by idiots. Thank you.

starting to count the days......yea!

I’m gonna open the door:)

To Vivien:

Hello Vivien, how do you do ?
yes, you’re right, it’s so easy to say sad things without telling your name. I hope Marie will be at her best asap. I look forward to this new song. Maybe it will be a kind of mix of Joyride and Tourism (I do have to tell that this last one was for me one of the best Roxette’s recording). I’m really mad of this album. I anyway hope that they’ll make this song great (and why not in an acoustic way ?)

Hello Brunorox!
How do you do?
Have a nice day!

ROXETTE are my everything. Per thanks for being the very best friend for Marie aspecially now when she needs you.Thanks for songs that saved my life.

in response to whats their hurry ,... i wonder if they r tring to end their contract with emi fast?

I live in Argentina and the great new song is just in some radios. I’m happy and I want the CD!!


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