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SingStar gets Roxette ballads pack

Written by roxeteer on July 13, 2009 to and . Source: PlayStation Blog.

(Updated) - Sony reports that as a part of their big SingStar update due this week's Thursday, the popular PlayStation 3 singing game will get "Roxette Ballads" SongPack. The songs included are:

  • Fading Like A Flower
  • It Must Have Been Love
  • Listen To Your Heart
  • Run To You
  • Spending My Time

The Roxette Ballads song pack costs 70 SEK (€ 6.50) in the Swedish SingStore.

Update: Sony has now presented the SingStore's global download chart for June and Roxette Ballads is at #4!

Pascal contributed to this article.

Per Gessle to count down the 50 greatest summer songs on Nordic Rox

Written by tevensso on July 10, 2009 to . Source: Sirius XM.

NEW YORK (Updated) - Roxette’s Per Gessle and noted Swedish music journalist Sven Lindström will celebrate the summer season with a countdown of the 50 greatest Scandinavian summer songs of all time on The Spectrum’s Nordic Rox, SIRIUS XM’s Scandinavian music show. Listeners will hear songs by Peter Bjorn and John, Eagle-Eye Cherry, ABBA, Roxette and more.
Catch it on The Spectrum, SIRIUS channel 18 and XM channel 45 Sunday, July 12 at 8:00 pm ET and Wednesday, July 15 at 11:00 pm ET.

The list:

Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry
Worry Sick - Edith Backlund
Hurtful - Erik Hassle
God morgon Columbus - Pontus & Amerikanerna
Sunny Girl - Hep Stars
Cup noodle song - Pineforest Crunch
Runnin' out of gaz - Pauline Kamusewu
Words Enough To Tell You - The Mascots
The Sun - Melpo Mene
Electric - Melody Club
Dream my days away - Broder Daniel
Honey Honey - Abba
Ser bara moln - Alf
En gång i vårt sommarland - Gunnar Wiklund
Do You Love Me - Amanda Jenssen
Don't Call The Police - Moneybrother
Dream On - Atomic Swing
Do You Know - The Lollipops
Sommaren rasar - Bob Hund
Tjörn - Björn Olsson
Over 'Fore It Started - Caesars Palace
You Can't Hurry Love - The Concretes
We Got To Be Good To Each Other - Ray Wonder
Watercolours In The Rain - Roxette
Måndagsbarn - Veronica Maggio

Hit - Wannadies
Dimma - Dag Vag
Got To Go - Damn!
Different Sound (Feat. Malte) - Teddybears
Holidays - Brainpool
Nothing to Worry About - Peter Bjorn And John
The Girl and the Robot - Junior Röyksopp
Spiderweb suit - Sandy Mouche
Holiday for girls - Lisa Lindebergh
En ny tid är här - November
No One Sleeps When I'm Awake - The Sounds
Hunting high and low - a-Ha
Bo Bo Boogie Pack - Annabee-Nox
One Way Love - Agnetha Fältskog
Segla på ett moln - Anne-Lie Ryde'
Lizard - The Mopeds
I can buy you - A Camp
C'mon 2.58 - Per Gessle
Heartbeats - José Gonzalez
Don't Hate On Me - Vincent
Pizza - Adiam Dymott
Stadsvandringar - Dungen
Every raindrop means a lot - Tages
Sail with me, come on and try – I love… - Pugh Rogefeldt
Solglasögon - Docent Död

Sommartider - Gyllene Tider
Cigarettes - Anita Lindblom

Sommartider was not Per's selection, but Sirius'.

Swedish “Got Talent” finalist covers Per and Marie‏

Written by daniel_alv on July 7, 2009 to .

STOCKHOLM - Erik Linder albumErik Linder, who made it to the finals in "Sweden's Got Talent" this spring, is set to release his first album this week. The album, which is called "Inifrån" [From the inside], contains some songs in Swedish. Two are covers of Marie's songs "Tro" and "Ännu doftar kärlek" and another is Per's song "Tycker om när du tar på mej." Other artists covered include Patrik Isaksson, Ted Gärdestad and Eva Dahlgren.  View album on CDON

Roxette - anno 2009

Written by tevensso on July 6, 2009 to . Source: d&d management.

STOCKHOLM - The Daily Roxette is proud to present the latest promo shot of Roxette! The photo was taken by Rickard Eriksson at Cirkus in Stockholm, May 10.

Get the desktop wallpaper here!

“Gessle over Europe” - CD-tracklist

Written by tevensso on July 4, 2009 to , and . Source:

HALMSTAD - Per has sent out the tracklist of the new live CD with bonus-DVD. He Tweets that the album will be released as a normal-priced CD with a free DVD included.

Gessle over Europe - CD

1. Dressed for success Cologne
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her Cologne
3. Stupid London
4. Wish I could fly London
5. She doesn’t live here anymore Copenhagen
6. 7Twenty7 Amsterdam
7. I have a party in my head Amsterdam
8. Late, later on Amsterdam
9. Listen to your heart Cologne
10. Do you wanna be my baby? Copenhagen
11. Opportunity nox London
12. Doesn’t make sense Cologne
13. Joyride Stockholm 2
14. C’mon Warsaw
15. Are you an old hippie, sir? Warsaw
16. It must have been love Cologne
17. The Look Halmstad
18. Hey mr DJ Amsterdam
19. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone Munich
20. Sleeping in my car Amsterdam
21. Queen of rain Cologne

Read more…

“Silly Really” released in the US - sort of

Written by TheRain1981 on July 1, 2009 to , and . Source:

BYRON CENTER - The U.S. division of Amazon MP3 has Per Gessle's "Silly Really" available to download (for $0.99) with a release date of June 17, 2009 on Gessle's own Elevator Entertainment company.  No sign yet of the "Party Crasher" album, however.  Maybe this is a sign of more things to come for the U.S. market… at least when it comes to the digital realm?

“Gessle over Europe” - tracklist

Written by tevensso on June 28, 2009 to , and . Source:

HALMSTAD - Per has sent us the tracklist of the forthcoming double-LP. The CD that will be included with the DVD (or if it's the other way around) will not have the full concert, due to the space restrictions of a CD.

Incidentally, this is the full concert. According to Per the album and DVD will be released in early September.

Gessle over Europe - LP

1. Dressed for success Cologne
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her Cologne
3. Stupid London
4. The Party Pleaser Stockholm 1
5. Wish I could fly London
6. She doesn’t live here anymore Copenhagen

7. 7Twenty7 Amsterdam
8. I have a party in my head Amsterdam
9. Late, later on Amsterdam
10. Listen to your heart Cologne
11. Do you wanna be my baby? Copenhagen
12. Opportunity nox London

13. Doesn’t make sense Cologne
14. Church of your heart Stockholm 2
15. Dangerous Stockholm 1
16. Joyride Stockholm 2
17. C’mon Warsaw
18. Are you an old hippie, sir? Warsaw

19. The Look Halmstad
20. It must have been love Cologne
21. Hey mr DJ Amsterdam
22. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone Munich
23. Sleeping in my car Amsterdam
24. Queen of rain Cologne

Rockabilly version of “The Look” recorded by The Baseballs

Written by sleepingSingle on June 28, 2009 to .

BERLIN - The Baseballs, a German rockabilly/rock 'n' roll cover band (think Elvis Presley, think Stray Cats), has recorded Roxette's "The Look" for its new album "Strike."

Digger, the frontman, said in an interview in Münstersche Zeitung that "we wanted to give the album a personal touch. "The Look" was chosen by me. It refers to my musical beginning. It was my sister's first vinyl LP, the first song I could play on the keyboards."

Listen to a snippet (  Visit the band's website.

Per’s live album title revealed

Written by tevensso on June 24, 2009 to , and .

HALMSTAD (Updated) - Per Gessle has revealed on Twitter that his forthcoming live album will be titled "Gessle Over Europe," resembling Paul McCartney's tour name from 1972, "Wings Over America." There are "no further comparisons," says Per in his tweet. Per's live album will be released as a double-LP as well as a CD included with the DVD. Per seems to be very excited about it. "I received the album masters the other day and they sound terrific" Per says.

Per has also written on Twitter that the live recordings included on the album are from Cologne, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm (day 2), Warsaw, Halmstad and Munich concerts. The LP will contain three, possibly four, bonus tracks, while the DVD will contain the full Stockholm #1 concert. EMI is working full time to get the material done before the vacations start and Per mentions the albums preliminary will be released early September.

Party Crash in the UK

Written by pwbbounce on June 15, 2009 to and .

Per Gessle's latest solo album "Party Crasher" finally sees the light of day in the UK today.  The UK edition will be the standard 12 track album.  However, it would appear that the album is not being sold in shops.  As far as The Daily Roxette has heard you can only order from online sites. 

All the major UK online retailers are stocking the UK release though, which of course is being released on Sony Records rather than EMI/Capitol.

Also, the release has re-appeared on the UK iTunes store…


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