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Rockabilly version of “The Look” recorded by The Baseballs

Written by sleepingSingle on June 28, 2009 to .

BERLIN - The Baseballs, a German rockabilly/rock 'n' roll cover band (think Elvis Presley, think Stray Cats), has recorded Roxette's "The Look" for its new album "Strike."

Digger, the frontman, said in an interview in Münstersche Zeitung that "we wanted to give the album a personal touch. "The Look" was chosen by me. It refers to my musical beginning. It was my sister's first vinyl LP, the first song I could play on the keyboards."

Listen to a snippet (  Visit the band's website.

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Great cover! Can’t wait to hear the whole version. I personally happy every time there were band/singer covered Roxette’s song, meaning that Roxette actually influenced many musician and I am proud to be Roxette fan. So far, none of the cover (that I got a chance to listen) destroyed the song. Of course, none of them (yet) are better than the original but definitely not suck either.

You can listen to the whole version on YouTube:


Love it!!!!!!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

gonna buy the album, the snippets are just great! :D
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Great cover version! Very rocky :)

What a delicious cover! SO Elvis/Stray Cats... I crave it!

LOL i like it attually :-)

love it :)

Bought the album via iTunes 2 days ago! It’s really great if you like that style! Prefer many of the songs to the originals (Umbrella...).

Just bought the album and it is fantastic (you can get it on Itunes uk) the covers are amazing! They do ’I don’t feel like dancin” which I thought couldn’t get much more camp? I was wrong! The look feels so different, I’m so happy listenening to the whole album! x

I stumbled across this on youtube a while back and couldn’t find it again.

Sounds great!

really funny this version of the look!
congratulations Baseballs!

I like it. it’s different! it would get a bit annoying after a while but its fairly good!

got the CD... what can I say, great!!! Good-mood music!!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Just found out that boppin’b also covered The look back in 1991! They even named the CD “The Look” :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Marie Fredriksson Online reports that Marie will perform live on stage in Café Opera, Stockholm in an event called “Still rocking in the free world.”

The event is organized by Lass cfa e Lindbom who is remembered as the producer of Marie’s early solo albums. According to the event information in Facebook, the event, taking place on March 12, is dedicated especially to the people “who used Café Opera as their living room in the 80s.” The tickets cfp is only available via Swedish bank giro, so it may be difficult to obtain tickets abroad.

Other artists in the event will be Mats Ronander, Anne-Lie Rydé, Niklas Strömstedt and Lasse Lindbom. They are performing together with the musicians Pelle Alsing, Mats chmm “Gaffa” Karlsson, Patrik Lundström, Hasse Olsson and Mikael Bolyos.

Lasse Lindbom told Marie Fredriksson Online that Marie will perform 4-5 songs, one of them being “Jealous guy” by cgfns John Lennon.


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