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Swedish “Got Talent” finalist covers Per and Marie‏

Written by daniel_alv on July 7, 2009 to .

STOCKHOLM - Erik Linder albumErik Linder, who made it to the finals in "Sweden's Got Talent" this spring, is set to release his first album this week. The album, which is called "Inifrån" [From the inside], contains some songs in Swedish. Two are covers of Marie's songs "Tro" and "Ännu doftar kärlek" and another is Per's song "Tycker om när du tar på mej." Other artists covered include Patrik Isaksson, Ted Gärdestad and Eva Dahlgren.  View album on CDON

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Well, nothing’s special. No emotions when singing a very emotional song like ’Tro’. Sorry, Erik...

... Ängeln i rummet.. gotta listen to that one, but the song is not easy at all.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

This is the right time to say: Oh! My! God! People should keep their hands off MF songs.


Actually that was my first thought, but then I said to myself.. ok.. first listen, then critisize :D

where did you hear the songs?
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true


you can watch him sing Tro live on youtube if you search for it.

personally, i like to hear what other people do songs by Marie and Per - as I’m sure Marie and Per do. most artists actually enjoy and are honoured to have people choose to sing their songs and to hear them interpreted differently. so i don’t understand some fans who think that the song should never be touched by another person.

he has a nice voice in a Josh Groban kind of way - it may not be peoples thing but I’ve heard worse.

oh...and he’s very pretty :)

“so i don’t understand some fans who think that the song should never be touched by another person.”

Unfortunately most of the covers I heard aren’t interpreted differently but just ruined. This goes for PG, MF and especially Roxette songs.


the only cool cover I heard until now is The Look by The Baseballs ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Peter Jöback did a good job covering “Varmt igen”, I think.

At least...this Erik has got a GOOD taste!! ;)
I don’t care about covers from other people really...the voices of Per, Marie and also Eva Dahlgren are so special that, in my opinon, almost NOBODY is able to do that better...
Though I love and prefer Anne-Lie Rydé ’s version of “Segla på ett moln”...her voice is also outstanding!

But Anne-Lie didn’t cover this song. ;)

@ Ivanych I’m not sure Jöback’s recording of “Varmt Igen” (which I agree is very nice) is actually a “cover.” Didn’t he record and release it before Per released his version?

Yes, Jöbacks version of Varmt igen was released before Pers. And that makes Pers version a cover?

Yea, I must admit you’re right about Jöback. :)
But as for Mr Linder I am still sceptical. He’s got voice but his voice has no characteristic touch. I can’t define his voice from millions of other dull voices. And look at his performance - it’s rather boring. I mean emotionally he is just a guy from next door. Not a gift, but a talent.

On the “On demand” section of CDON you can hear snippets of the album.

yikes - regarding Ängeln i rummet!!!! Tro.. no go..

Tro på varann and Ännu aren’t bad or as bad..

but all in all not my style and the kind of voice I like at all anyway.. too “romantic”

Anyway, good luck :)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Is it Charlotte from the ESC in the jury?? Could anyone tell me what she is saying in the end?

I could not agree more with kiwein1 !
Usually (close to 100%), covers ruin the original songs.

crashroxer: Yes, it is Charlotte from ESC. She says that he is the best singer in Sweden Got Talent ever.

Linder’s album debuted on the 9th place:


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