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Per’s live album title revealed

Written by tevensso on June 24, 2009 to , and .

HALMSTAD (Updated) - Per Gessle has revealed on Twitter that his forthcoming live album will be titled "Gessle Over Europe," resembling Paul McCartney's tour name from 1972, "Wings Over America." There are "no further comparisons," says Per in his tweet. Per's live album will be released as a double-LP as well as a CD included with the DVD. Per seems to be very excited about it. "I received the album masters the other day and they sound terrific" Per says.

Per has also written on Twitter that the live recordings included on the album are from Cologne, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm (day 2), Warsaw, Halmstad and Munich concerts. The LP will contain three, possibly four, bonus tracks, while the DVD will contain the full Stockholm #1 concert. EMI is working full time to get the material done before the vacations start and Per mentions the albums preliminary will be released early September.


any further details? For example on is written about the CD/LP will contain audio from Cologne, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm #2, Warszaw, Halmstad und Munich. Why not mention this info here? Why TDR more and more looks like reprint of Gessle’s twitter?

To add the info about the included cities wouldn’t change the “Twitter reprint” since Per himself told us about the cities on Twitter BEFORE it was mentioned on ;-)


I’m talking about the “one-line-news”. It looks like a message in the chat. Since more news are available, why one need to post just one sentence of the recently appeared twitter post? Why not to post more news?

Maybe the author just forgot about it and it wasn’t intended to not include the news.


Be grateful that Thomas posted the news at all. I’m sure he has other priorities at the moment :p



Thank you guys!
I don’t see any article submitted by anyone about anything, so don’t throw any rocks this direction.

I can’t for the life of me understand these people who have information they want to see on TDR, fail to write an article to share that information with others, and then complain about the article that does show up. For the THOUSANDTH time - if you have a story, submit a story! It takes less time than writing a reply complaining about it...

I echo Thomas’s sentiments here.

To regularly contribute to any website takes a lot of effort, particularly if you don’t receive any renumeration for your work.

If you have Roxette news, share it by submitting it!

It takes just a few minutes to punch in a few paragraphs.

I don’t think it matters if English isn’t your first language. I’m sure TDR staff will edit your submission if required.

You may even get a kick outta the fact that you were the first person to bring your Roxette news to the community.

Ok guys, so let’s talk about the album title: Gessle over Europe

I love it I must say. However it somehow makes the Party Crasher Tour sound like it was really really big and not like the club tour that it actually was. Nevertheless it was “Gessle over Europe” and I like that Per came up with this idea for the title a lot.....................

Can’t wait to get the CDs and DVD!!! Any information regarding release dates yet, Tev.........?

No info available about the dates yet. But I talked to Per the other day and he says that everyone at EMI is doing whatever is possible to get the release finished before the vacations start, which would mean next week. Not the release date, but the finished products. Sleeves are to be shown soon as well I hear. Hang tight. Per was also kind enough to play Dressed for Success from Cologne for me and dang, the sound is absolutely top notch!

Oh can’t wait to get my hands on this release... :)

Might be the wrong place, but: Congratulations Thomas! Enjoy!

You won’t hear me complaining; TDR is doing a great job.

I love LP’s

And there will be 3 more tracks on LP edition!!! :)

i would prefer it to be a whole un-interupted live show but it should still be good

According to Twitter, the release will be in early sep.

and, hey, bonus tracks? I remember the show (munich) lasted about 110 mins.
aren’t all songs on the double album???

You mean 4 extra tracks for the LP!

So does the live CD release contain the live DVD with the bonus videos etc kind of like Mazarin did with its limited release? No separate DVD release?

i hope LP will be released in all music shops, because i allways buy in cdon, and they never sell any Gessle’s LP!!

They do this BUT STILL no offical Live roxette album. what a joke !

Stockholm concert TWO on the DVD?

Of course not, the first! :) Sorry.

No probs, just checking in case they changed it, even though I know that the 2nd one wasn’t recorded

Speaking of the DVD: it will be in 5.1 DTS and stereo, but no Blu-Ray this time...

Thats gonna sound tasty on the surround sound!! Mmmm

Wow, great news!!!!

@tev, I believe it’s “Wings over America”


No I am REALLY disappointed :( It was the thing I was waiting for... The sound quality of DVD has nothing to do with the sharpness of BD. Hopefully the LP would be worth buying.

Damn... damn... and damn!

I hope the extra 4 tracks are available on the digital album and not just the LP, I’ll buy the LP but want the quality!

Yes it used to say America, I think Visa changed it by mistake. :)

Wait for a couple of years and you will get a remastered BR edition as well :P.

-= tridy =-


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