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Written by tevensso on February 4, 2010 to .

SKÅNE - Per has started feeding with photos from the studio with videos to follow within hours.

Ticket information

Written by tevensso on January 31, 2010 to and . Source: d&d management.

Here's the correct information about the Roxette tickets, as many of you already know: Tickets for the Roxette concert at Anderstorp are available through SEK 605 (€ 60) plus service charge.

Roxette to play Anderstorp

Written by tevensso on January 28, 2010 to and . Source: Aftonbladet.

(Updated) - Roxette will play Anderstorp Raceway August 14, for the Race Legends. The stadium holds 45,000 spectators. "Roxette hasn't played Sweden since 2001, it feels great to be on stage in Sweden again. This will be extra fun, since I've raced there myself several times" says Per Gessle. Urban Stamming, CEO The Race Legends, says "This is the first and, as far as I know, only concert Roxette will do in Sweden this year. Roxette is a dream come true for us. Per is excited as he is very interested in racing!" The concert will last 1.5 h says the CEO.

Everyone that has bought tickets for the race will be able to see the concert. There will also be a very limited number of tickets sold for the concert only. Racing tickets are from 800 SEK and up.

Update: The Daily Roxette has managed to get hold of Per for a short interview.

So Per, Anderstorp, it must be like the mothership is calling you home?

Yes sir - when a racing track calls out for you you just have to answer!! (Sounds like a pop song, doesn't it?) I visited their race legends event two years ago and had a great time. This year it looks like they're gonna have loads of really really fantastic old Formula One drivers attending the race among many other things. So it will be a special set up for a Roxette concert for sure.

Hmm, yeah, a song that's already written… Why did you pick this place?

We're slowly but surely trying to get Roxette back on track. This is one of several major things we're gonna do this year and it feels perfect to kick it in on home turf. And, you know, the recordings of a new album have already started. 2010 is off to a good start.

It's a big race track, isn't it?

Yes, I've heard that they can hold 45,000 people around the track. However, I think the capacity is around 8-10,000 where we're gonna play.

Is it true you will play an entire full length show?

Yes, it will be a "real" Roxette concert. I can't say how long it will be though, we'll decide during rehearsals. But we expect something like 60-70 minutes. And I'm sure there will be more artists announced pretty soon. If the weather's good it will be a magic night.

The CEO says this will be Roxette's only gig in Sweden 2010, can you verify this, or will there be others?

I don't know at this point, a year is very long. It's definitely the only one confirmed as I'm writing this…

Will there be any surprises for the audience?

I guess just the fact that we're doing a concert is a surprise to most people!!!

Concert for Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel

Written by tevensso on January 27, 2010 to . Source: TT.

STOCKHOLM - In 1976 the Swedish Parliament arranged a concert for King Carl XVI Gustaf and his becoming wife and Queen Silvia where, among others, ABBA performed (fittingly enough "Dancing Queen").  June 18 there will be another concert, this time for Crown Princess Victoria and her fiancé Daniel. While the artists performing are held secret there is no huge stretch to guess that Roxette will be there. "Since it's a gift, the artists will remain secret" says Stefan Forsberg, manager of Stockholm Konserthus and continues "I guarantee the music will be absolutely world class." Stefan also mentions there will be a mix of pop artists, musical artists and classical artists. All the wedding guests and all the members of the Parliament will receive an invitation to the concert.

The concert will be aired live on SVT.

Top 50 songs of the past decades presented by Per Gessle

Written by tevensso on January 23, 2010 to and . Source: Sirius XM.

NEW YORK - Per Gessle and Sven Lindström to count down the Top 50 Swedish Songs of the past decade on Sirius XM's NORDIC ROX show. A two-part special to showcase a wide-variety of Swedish songs from artists like The Hives, Roxette, Peter, Bjorn and John, Kent, The Cardigans, The Sounds and more. On The Spectrum, SIRIUS channel 18 and XM channel 45

The first half of the countdown will air on Sunday, January 24 at 8:00 pm ET. The second half of the countdown will air on Sunday, January 31 at 8:00 pm ET.

The story of “The Look” now available online

Written by Jud on January 17, 2010 to .

As we reported in December, Swedish television, SVT, premeired its new show "Hitlåtens historia" ("The Story of the Hit") with the story of Roxette's "The Look" yesterday. You can watch the program online on SVT's website.

Roxette special on SIRIUS XM

Written by tevensso on January 8, 2010 to .

NEW YORK - On Sunday January 10, 20.00 (8 pm) ET with a rebroadcast Wednesday January 13, 23.00 (11 pm) ET there will be a special Roxette edition of Per Gessle's program "Nordic ROX" on SIRIUS's The Spectrum, channel 18 and XM's channel 45. This Roxette special will feature Roxette songs played live on the Night of the Proms tour such as "Joyride" and "The Look."

SIRIUS XM listeners will also hear an in-depth interview with Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson, the founding members of Roxette. The duo will share stories about the tour and discuss their upcoming project and new material. 

Radio Halland’s annual Per-interview

Written by tevensso on December 29, 2009 to and . Source: P4 Halland.

HALMSTAD - Radio Halland's Pelle Hörmander has met Per Gessle for their traditional after-Christmas interview. These are the highlights of the 13 minute interview:

About the new album:

"We're thinking '80s, that immediate in-your-face production. We're looking at 'Look Sharp!' production wise. The songs are short and effective. Clarence calls it "fool proof production" meaning not so many instruments and they all are very clear to hear. I'm trying to think that way when I write [for this album]. It's hard to explain."

- Is it as danceable as 'Party Crasher'?

"No, not at all. Not at all. Maybe next year when we sit here again, the album's out."

"Half of the songs are written for me, half for Marie. Marie hasn't written anything for the album. I'd like Marie to sing it all, but I guess that's not possible so I have to fill in here and there."

About touring:

"I do see Roxette performing again, that's what we want. Why not in Sweden? If not, we'll have to make room for Sweden. This is not written in stone though, but if you had asked me 6 months ago I would have said no."

- Next big Roxette tour, will you take more space on stage?

"Yes I might, since I've been touring a lot solo lately I now feel more comfortable to be on stage."

- Still interested in the US?

"Sure, but that will never happen again. We're too old and vintage. But there may well be a cover of a Rox song that will climb the charts. The songs still have power, not sure that Per & Marie have it anymore…"

About 2010:

"We're in the studio until midsummer for starters. Then possibly rehearsals if we're to do concerts."

"Next year there will be nothing but Roxette."

The story of “The Look”

Written by tevensso on December 28, 2009 to . Source:

Swedish television, SVT, will premiere its new show "Hitlåtens historia" ("The Story of the Hit") with the story of Roxette's "The Look." The first episode will be shown January 16 on SVT1 21.45 CET with a re-run January 17.

NB! New date!

The Proms on Dutch TV

Written by tevensso on December 20, 2009 to .

The Dutch TV channel Nederland 2 will broadcast a 50 minute version of Night of the Proms 2009 on Monday December 21, 19.25 CET.  The show will be re-run on Friday January 1, 14.15, also on Nederland 2.

Olga contributed to this article.


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