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“Gessle over Europe” - tracklist

Written by tevensso on June 28, 2009 to , and . Source:

HALMSTAD - Per has sent us the tracklist of the forthcoming double-LP. The CD that will be included with the DVD (or if it's the other way around) will not have the full concert, due to the space restrictions of a CD.

Incidentally, this is the full concert. According to Per the album and DVD will be released in early September.

Gessle over Europe - LP

1. Dressed for success Cologne
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her Cologne
3. Stupid London
4. The Party Pleaser Stockholm 1
5. Wish I could fly London
6. She doesn’t live here anymore Copenhagen

7. 7Twenty7 Amsterdam
8. I have a party in my head Amsterdam
9. Late, later on Amsterdam
10. Listen to your heart Cologne
11. Do you wanna be my baby? Copenhagen
12. Opportunity nox London

13. Doesn’t make sense Cologne
14. Church of your heart Stockholm 2
15. Dangerous Stockholm 1
16. Joyride Stockholm 2
17. C’mon Warsaw
18. Are you an old hippie, sir? Warsaw

19. The Look Halmstad
20. It must have been love Cologne
21. Hey mr DJ Amsterdam
22. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone Munich
23. Sleeping in my car Amsterdam
24. Queen of rain Cologne


Yep yep, good mix, I was at Copenhagen and London and those were the best by far at those gigs, good choice! x

I am not responsible enough to look after my vinyl, but I will buy this one (promise to myself not to ruin it)

I like this track list!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Per!

....and “silly really”? why is not in the track list?

6 songs from Cologne
as Per wrote :
Hallelujah!! What have we done to deserve this??? What a gig! What a crowd!


can’t wait for CD and DVD

If you look to the setlist from the concerts, you’ll notice they didn’t play that one at all.

@Ettexor Silly Really wasn’t played once in the tour, so its not gonna be on the album!

Opp Nox from London? Oh yeah!



Which songs will be missing on CD version?

“The CD that will be included with the DVD (or if it’s the other way around) will not have the full concert, due to the space restrictions of a CD.”

I don‘t understand! Why don‘t release a double CD instead of double LP ? C‘mon. it‘s a 21th century! Most of people doesn‘t even have the equipment to play LPs. But i‘m sure 100% of people have CD players.
This is so strange...

I agree. Why not include 2 CDs with the DVD?!? A double LP is really cool and somehow special these days but most of us “younger” people don’t have players for vinyl records anymore and we’d all be missing at least some of the live versions. So PLEASE Mr. G. won’t you include another live CD in the upcoming release?!? I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind to pay a few extra euros to get a double CD / DVD pack, right?!

keep up the good work! cheers from Germany.

Will definitely buy the LPs.
I think this idea of putting 4 bonus tracks is for better sales of the LPs, ’cause CDs are much more better sold than LPs. So maybe because of this too.
And, guys, it’s the 21st century - you said it. LP players can be bought for your listening pleasure. I have two LP players. And the sound is even better than if you listen to a CD. ;)

The Party Pleaser, Dangerous and Church of Your Heart will be missing. I don’t remember any others right now.

Oh no :( Dangerous and Church of your heart are one of the best songs and Party pleaser is one of the only two PC songs here! I really can’t see why we can’t get the whole concert on 2CD. And as was already said, it’s 21st century, everybody has a CD player, I don’t know why should I pay lots of money just to get a double LP with all the songs... :(

@ EMIL_BG, I’m indeed happy to have 6 songs from the Koln concert, which was an amazing one!)) I’m indeed happy...
a little bit dissappointed I won’t hear Marie on the CD, even they have recorded Amstardam...((

Thomas, could please reply, if DVD will contain all 24 songs? CD will have less than 20, but the video will be full? Thanks.


“Any others”? So will it be more than 4 songs missing on CD edition?

How can they kick Dangerous? This would have been the last song I’d kick off. Dangerous got me dancing in Cologne, it rocked in Amsterdam and was one of the best songs in Stockholm! Seems like I finally have to buy a record player.

Video will be, as far as Per says, unedited, meaning all songs.

At least...thanks Thomas.


Ah, ok, I get that some of the songs can not fit onto a cd - but why not include the missing songs as bonus tracks to the itunes release (should it even get one) That way fans could choose (in essense) what song to bump off if they make their own cd !! =)

Good idea. Per reads the comments, I hope he considers that idea.

If we are talking digital, then all the shows could possibly make it for the electronic purchase, then everyone could choose their favorites and get the ones with Marie performance as well.

-= tridy =-

Please Per, can we have a double CD with the same songs as the double LP? My only record player was thrown away years ago after lingering in my parents loft for many years!


cool!!. does anybody know when would be the DVD available?

I’m pretty sure the “missing” tracks will be available on the digital live-cd in those markets where the album will be released (i.e. same as party crasher, as we speak). don’t lose your temper, guys & dolls, it’s only rock’n roll but we like it.

luv, p

ps. btw, the reason for the 4 extra tracks on the double-LP is because it can be done technically without fu**ing up the sound too much, it’s impossible to fit everything on one cd (and in this case; two is a crowd!!). and....believe me, releasing a vinyl-double-album in only 1000 copies is hardly made for commercial reasons. it’s just something i’ve wanted to do all my life. David Live. Frampton Comes Alive. and so on.

Supose the double LP it’s part of the same big self birthday present.

But why aren’t the tracks with Marie included!? Those were really special moments for us Roxette fans and to have them remastered would have been just great maybe you could make them available on any digital store as a bonus.. Or thinking even further you could include them with whatever Rox related happen around the end of the year as bonus material?

I think it’s a mistake leaving The Party Pleaser out of the cd i was relly looking forward that song but at least it will be release as digital.
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

How do you do, Mr.Gee !!!
So happy to si u with us here ! 8-)

That‘s right, can‘t fit all songs into the 1 CD, but, YOU‘RE ALL CAN KILL ME, but i‘m still don‘t understand, why don‘t release a double CD ????!!!! It‘s a crowd ? Okay! I think CD, DVD and Double LP is already crowd, ha-ha, so, IMHO, there‘s nothing afraid of to release a double CD ;) Double LP, Double CD, DVD, ALL OF US WILL Be VERY VERY HAPPY, including you, Mr.Gessle. If this will happen.., what else could we dream of ?! :)

Besides, digital release, i think, is not very good idea, because quality of mp3, wma files will never be the same as a CD quality.

I bought Sing along single because “Roberta right” was on this release is CD quality...

And this is not only rock‘n‘roll, this is what i lives with, my every day.
That‘s all!

Haha... I’ve just read this news for the first time and the first thought that popped into my head was “I bet the comments contain complaints from fans about songs that are not included” :)

Big deal that a few songs have had to be removed for logistical reasons.

This looks like a fab release. A real “tour de force” from Per.

I can’t wait to get it.

the best thing re the live release is the choice of the used gigs. in my opinion, it is a great pleasure to have different locations. as i was in munich, it’s a sort of gift from per to listen to ’my’ concert and I think, lots of other persons who attended the used gigs (as cologne or warsaw f.e.) feel the same.
great to release it in early sep,too. birtday present to myself...

the album will be fantastic. Have never seen mr. g this rocky before.

Can’t wait for this!

It doesn’t bother me about the few missing songs. And if they’re are on the DVD, then it’s dead easy to rip them yourself.

Sound quality of DVD is not as good as CD... That’s why I would have loved to have the Blu-ray release. I’m still disappointed, cos there won’t be BD release :/


Surely if the DVD has a stereo LPCM track then that IS the same as CD quality. Although I suppose it will probably be a DolbyDigital 2.0 which is sort of rubbish.

If worse comes to worse just rip the DTS track and mix it to 2.0 yourself. DTS sounds good enough to me eto make a lossless wav out of even if it is of slightly less quality.

Although of course, the DVD will contain different performances !! But this doesn’t concern me....

I say a single CD, double CD’s are a pain in the ass especially if you are in the car, plus I always break them crappy flimsy boxes.

Per just tweeted that the CD will contain 21 tracks.

Thomas, so does it mean that the only missing tracks will be these ones you’ve mentioned before (TPP, COYH & Dangerous)?

Don’t know. They may still be valid, they may be changed. So far no info. My guess though is that they are still valid.

So hej, should I buy a vinyl-player? Where I would put it in my lil room?.. Well, I’m not that sad that I will be missing a few tracks. I can survive that :P I’m just thrilled that the whole package will be released at the beginning of September!!!
Per, just in case you are reading this - my birthday is on the 14th of September, soo snälla :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

so say we all

well since mr g is lookin in on us I have to ask, it’s over 20 yrs and we’re all pretty sure theres a number of rox shows sitting in the vault, why can’t we get some digital release of them, either through it uns, rhapsody or even or whatever the extension is. Personally I would have bought this set if it was more of your solo work and not a semi roxette set. And whats the chance any of this is going to make it staeside. emi is not reprinting most of your albums in the usa and I’m reall worried I’ll have to import all the remastered albums at an unecessary cost to me and my friends

hoping i don’t get strung up by the neck for saying this but:

if Dangerous is left out and Church Of Your Heart then i’ll be happier as i won’t have to skip them :) i enjoyed them live at the London show but theyve never been great favourites of mine anyway.

The Party Pleaser however is great and should not be left off! :)

be good to see’hear the London songs again.

Have there been any suggested release dates?

Just early September.


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