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Roxette - anno 2009

Written by tevensso on July 6, 2009 to . Source: d&d management.

STOCKHOLM - The Daily Roxette is proud to present the latest promo shot of Roxette! The photo was taken by Rickard Eriksson at Cirkus in Stockholm, May 10.

Get the desktop wallpaper here!


Great photo!

Amazing picture!! Thank you :)

Are you sure it’s from the 9th??

Yes, it’s taken before the concert. Rickard used my flash! ;)

No need to boost Thomas! :-)

Hmm...i thought she only joined the show on sunday the 10th !?

Looks really like they’re feeling at ease with each other again! Thanks for the photo!

To me since day 1 of the big come back Marie looks more happy than Per in photos. Maybe he’s tired about the tour and such.

Is he really happy Rox is back? I can’t tell yet.

Hope Per does really want to do this and not just because the time is right and he adjusts.
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Well, at the time all the new Roxette photos were taken (May 6th to May 11th) he still was on tour and certainly a bit tired! That’s what I guess - that he was a bit exhausted.

BTW: I still can’t believe they’re back as Roxette, it still feels like a dream. I really hope the new songs are far away from stuff like OW.

Yes 10th. :) Sorry.

“BTW: I still can’t believe they’re back as Roxette, it still feels like a dream. I really hope the new songs are far away from stuff like OW.”

And I really hope that the new songs are *just* like “One Wish.” (-:

Cute picture, ha ha.

I think they should stick to the sound of “the compilations” - A Thing About You, Breathe, Opportunity Nox, Little Miss Sorrow (And Reveal). These are 5 of their best modern songs in terms of production and arrangement. I also loved “Entering Your Heart”.

Time will tell, I guess...

lovely pic .

Really nice photo! Kinda sweet, happy, close, natural. Though I thought we’d get a full arranged promo photoshoot already. ;-) Hope they’re doing something arty for the new releases!

What was wrong with the bowling alley? :-P No answer necessary..!
I’d prefer something sweet, happy, close and natural for the upcoming release as well.


One Wish has such a great intro, one of their best. I love this song. Little bit more guitars, more solos and more arrangies and it could be their best song ever, another Joyride. Best Roxette songs to me so far are Little Miss Sorrow, Something In The System (rox demo), Wish I Could Fly and Breathe, so I hope new songs will be similar to these songs. They are exactly what Roxette is to me.
C’mon people - they are finaly back! :-)

Another Joyride? LOL! No matter how you can arrange One Wish, it’s a weak song. No need to mention the lyrics, maybe the weakest ever, if you consider the previous Roxette singles. The intro was more appropiate for the theme of the Teletubbies... No no, no more songs of this kind, please!

more new pictures on // // do you know this one: >> not the best shooting ... hard light, bad make up and maybe marie should grow her hair a bit longer again (TBH/TPH-booklet).

Ah, this is the guy we talked to before the show :) Cool!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

@Raëlian: It’s your attitude.

How sweet!!! Like in the good old times! Or even better. They look as happy as we feel... A real ROXETTE-photo!! Thanx for that...Would be great to get it even bigger as a wallpaper

It was bigger, don’t know what happened in the upload. :S

Try this:

Looking at the bigger pic I wonder what happened to Per’s throat..

Great photo...:-)
I think that OW sucks, but I don’t understand why somebody think that this song has no potential to be great... if it had some different arrangment, it would be great. And maybe a little change in the lyrics and better vocals from both of them. Anyway, I hope they come up with something like HAND+CBB:-)

i think he was kinda disappointed that soemthing to celebrate his solo career became a relaunching pad for roxette, these things never happen the other way around where he interceeds in one of her solo tours :)

so say we all

Great photo! Marie is looking so relaxed and at peace, I feel as though she is really enjoying a second chance at life :)

I really think OW was a throw away song, really bland if you ask me. They can do soooo much better than that!

BTW why don’t TDR change that fantastic bowling alley photo *cough, cough* to the new pic? ; P

ofcourse marie is enjoying her second change. who wouldn’t?
But ofcourse it’s great to see marie so happy.

great pic. can’t wait to go to the notp to see them live.

GREAT pics!!! Anybody got some other new pics??

I don’t know why this discussion turned into a “One Wish”-bashing....But I think the song is great. It’s NO competition for a song like “Joyride”. It’s a great song, the lyrics that Marie sings could have been more imaginative...

I still think Per should get rid of that Christoffer guy and work with the Roxette folks like they used to - or even get someone totally new, and I think they should keep Helena for backing vocals on a new Roxette album - she would be perfect to replace Vicky Benkert.

I saw this pic on and was going to post to find out where/when it was from. Now I know :-)

Nice pic, hopefully there’s more to come.

@ roxryder - i’ve thought the same, guess we’ll see what happens when things start with NOTP etc..

I think both Marie & Per look happy and I think it’s a marvelous photo. I also think that the photo reflects maturity and the confidence of having achieved a lot, both personally and professionally.

I don’t know if Per is not satisfied with his solo tour turning into Roxette-comeback, but there is part of me that thinks that it’s a pity, ’cos he might never go international again and I think the PC album had a potential. But ROX is also great... as long as there are new songs and performances is perfect for me!

?? Who said that Per might not be satisfied with his solotour?? Didn’t you read all his comments during the tour? Not satisfied?? Hahahaha...He made the tour mostly for himself and I guess he was VERY satisfied. “..turning back to Roxette because he was not satisfied with his tour????”....are you really following this page regulary?
Roxette is back because Marie said: Here I am....let’s do something! And I say: WELCOME BACK TO THE BEST DUO IN THE WORLD
...more such pix please... :)

Per was so unhappy with his solo tour that he is making a double LP, CD and DVD of it....

:-D so many sad faces on Per’s home videos. No, I think Per is very satisfied with his ’birthday’ tour and both he and Marie are really excited with forthcoming Rox things.

He doesn’t seem sad at all. Anyway, One Wish could have been better. Aren’t they supposed to be in the studio now? Tevensso, tell us what’s going on!

I don’t know, but as Per is relaxing in Halmstad I don’t think they are in the studio recording.

As far as I know Per told in an interview that Roxette will go into recording sessions on September/October ...

Amazing picture! Thankyou for sharing x

Per told that he wants to compose new material during summer and then they with Marie will go to the studio in September. Let’s bet that Per is sitting on the Tylosand beach this evening with a blank piece of paper and a pen and is composing forthcoming Roxette hits. ;-)

>> Let’s bet that Per is sitting on the Tylosand beach this evening with a blank piece of paper and a pen and is
>> composing forthcoming Roxette hits. ;-)

Tylösand beach or his balcony ;-)

>> Tylösand beach or his balcony ;-)

Does he see the Tylösand beach from his balcony ;-)

Happy birthday Roxette!
23 years have passed but you’re still my #1 band of all times!!!

You’re right Ivany.

Title Neverending Love
Media 7”Single
Released 1986-07-08
Record# 1362277

23 years ago it all started.

So it’s not you who got the misprinted single on the signing session, Thomas, is it?

@Thomas - Per’s signature hasn’t changed over the years!

Not with you?

I’ve got it!

Nice pic!

Hello, I’m an American fan and a new poster. I made a desktop art and thought I’d share ....

download here:



Great news!
You think there is going to be even an attempt to make a tour or some concerts?
Would be great!


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