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Party Crash in the UK

Written by pwbbounce on June 15, 2009 to and .

Per Gessle's latest solo album "Party Crasher" finally sees the light of day in the UK today.  The UK edition will be the standard 12 track album.  However, it would appear that the album is not being sold in shops.  As far as The Daily Roxette has heard you can only order from online sites. 

All the major UK online retailers are stocking the UK release though, which of course is being released on Sony Records rather than EMI/Capitol.

Also, the release has re-appeared on the UK iTunes store…

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The majority of British fans would have purchased this album from European online services when the album was released last year.

I don’t see any real benefit for the British consumer with this release.

...only online stores? and uk have a promotions in radio, and music tv channels?

what is the point of just online sales - very disappointing.

I went HMV in London to buy the Party Crasher album and the price was 16 pounds, crazy!!!
I did not buy as i have one already but, i would have if the price would have been like any other new release.

i didn’t understand the thing. First you write about album will be available digitally only and then you write about it was released on Sony Records, so HOW was it released indeed? offers to but a Sony-released CD, so it cannot be just digital album at all.. 0_o

There is a physical cd release, but as far as we’re aware you can’t walk into shops to buy it. You can only order it online. Sorry for confusion :-)

No we never said it was a digital release.

But if you want to order the album in a shop is it then possible? Maybe the stores don’t want to have the CDs on stock.

I’m guessing that if the shop offers that service, then yes. The best thing though would be to check with your local record store, or just order the CD on line

@ pwbbounce
thank you, now everything’s clear! ;)

I don’t understand all this thing about PC in UK... is it some miracle? Here in Brasil Party Crasher is in stores since april’09... and it is a real miracle, since The Rox Box, for example, is just a mith here.

In short: yes.

ok, thanks!

I only heard the whole PC Album last week and have given it many listenings...and i love it!!!! BUT..........Gut Feeling just HAS to be a single....everyone i know says its a great song...It has “Radio” written all over it, for sure!

really don’ t see the point in this release....

I love this album but not going to buy it again

I love the album as well, but I’m not going to buy another copy just because it is a UK release. The days of needing to own different versions of the same thing are long gone for me. I have other priorities now. I do hope that if Roxette do record another album that Sony release that as well though, as they couldnt do a worse job than EMI UK.

any info on UK sales figures yet? i bet it wasn’t even in the top 1000 sellers.

Nope, no idea from me. Sorry

At least it was #1 at saleschart.... I think its #3 or something now.


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