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“Gessle over Europe” - CD-tracklist

Written by tevensso on July 4, 2009 to , and . Source:

HALMSTAD - Per has sent out the tracklist of the new live CD with bonus-DVD. He Tweets that the album will be released as a normal-priced CD with a free DVD included.

Gessle over Europe - CD

1. Dressed for success Cologne
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her Cologne
3. Stupid London
4. Wish I could fly London
5. She doesn’t live here anymore Copenhagen
6. 7Twenty7 Amsterdam
7. I have a party in my head Amsterdam
8. Late, later on Amsterdam
9. Listen to your heart Cologne
10. Do you wanna be my baby? Copenhagen
11. Opportunity nox London
12. Doesn’t make sense Cologne
13. Joyride Stockholm 2
14. C’mon Warsaw
15. Are you an old hippie, sir? Warsaw
16. It must have been love Cologne
17. The Look Halmstad
18. Hey mr DJ Amsterdam
19. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone Munich
20. Sleeping in my car Amsterdam
21. Queen of rain Cologne

Live at Cirkus, Stockholm May 9, 2009 - bonus-DVD

1. Dressed for success
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her
3. Stupid
4. The Party Pleaser
5. Wish I could fly
6. She doesn’t live here anymore
7. 7Twenty7
8. I have a party in my head (I hope it never ends)
9. Late, later on
10. Listen to your heart
11. Do you wanna be my baby?
12. Opportunity nox
13. Doesn’t make sense
14. Church of your heart
15. Dangerous
16. Joyride
17. C’mon
18. Are you an old hippie, sir?
19. The Look
20. It must have been love
21. Hey mr DJ (won’t you play another love song)
22. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone
23. Sleeping in my car
24. Queen of rain

· 100 x tribal homevideos from the tour filmed by Mr Gessle and his posse

Video clips:

· Silly really
· Jo-Anna says
· C’mon
· Do you wanna be my baby (director’s cut)
· Kix (director’s cut)
· I want you to know
· Hey mr DJ (won’t you play another love song)
· Shopping with mother
· Kix (Lovely Pair mix)
· Kix-cha-cha (director’s cut)

· Party Crasher EPK – interview by Sven Lindström

· Son of a Plumber Documentary


Sounds good. Can’t wait to hear and see Mr. Gee.

Maximum documents, videos, etc. Great!
Album price with DVD as a free bonus. Even better!
This is f*****g good job guys. This is how great records shoud be look like.
Thank you Per & co. very much for this fantastic “item”.

And the album should be available in every country where “Party crasher” was release. Does it mean that Sony’ll release it in UK?

By the way, Per mentioned lately he was recording some kind of new interview on the beach. Will it be included?

P.S. This is going to be AMAZING release. The best one in years. Even RoxBox wasn’t as good as this one... :) Thanks, Man!

No releasedate decided?

i hope will be released here in italy.

Great great great!! but, “c’mon” videoclip???? is it unreleased????? mmm

I will buy this cd for sure!

This sounds awesome, Per. THANKS A LOT for releasing the live CD and all the bonus material.

Can’t wait to see the Stockholm concert again.

A great release! You really can’t avoid buying this. :-)

cool stuff :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Did I miss something? I never knew they shot a video for Cmon, perhaps it’s the football’s opening performance we all know

Excellent can’t wait to get hold of this release!


Watch this SOAP doc (which will be on this DVD too) much more careful and you’ll find extracts from “C’mon” video:

First PG goes on a tour that costs him money and then we get a packed DVD for ’free’ - this coming of age thing really got to him!!

Seriously though this should be one release that we don’t get a series of moans about.............

Very happy and awaiting the release.

Now this is how it’s done! Thank you, Mr. Gessle!!! After the fantastic job on the 2008 ’The World According To Gessle’ reissue comes yet another gem! The DVD is packed full of goodies, including those promo videos as well! We even get “Shopping With Mother”! Wow! Really looking forward to this! Fantastic! Thank you!!!!

I can only echo what has already been said, tremendous release!


Can’t wait for the cd+dvd release, it looks great. I’m glad he has included the videos.

im not worthy, thanks so much i simply cannot wait.......

Sounds awesome! Hope its released in Australia or somewhere else where I can purchase it from (hint hint Mr G. I wanna give you my money, so pls make it available for me here in Australia (that’s AUSTRALIA, remember us? not Austria (no offence Austria), no doubt it’ll be released there anyway :P ). Now I’ve gotta find something else to do to take my mind of this thing until its released!

BTW, do any of these tracks feature Marie?

As I know there are several versions of the Kix video.
Here is one of them:


As far as I know, Marie won’t be featured on the recordings.

FINALLY (!!!!!!!!) Per‘s videos on DVD !!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god, i can‘t believe !! Thnk you, thank you, THAAAAAANK YOUUUUU, God..., ooops, PER ! :D
Per, i saw you in my dream last night, maybe because of this CRAZIEST release ? ;)

Great! Finally the TWATG-Videos after 12 years since release!!! Never believed it would happen. I really love “Do you wanna be my baby?” (recorded it from TV back in 1999 on VHS). And saw “Kix” and “I want you to know” only once via internet. Thanks a lot Per! And also thanks for this overall great release (whole concert on DVD, most of the concert on CD and all english Solo-Videos). ;o))))

This sounds great. Thank Per. All artists should make releases like this! The more extra media fun stuff on a DVD the better.

don’t you think maybe there are too many things on the dvd???? what about quality image?? this dvd will contain around 3 hours, i think!!! mmmm!! I hope the quality will be the best!!!
2 documentaries!!!! yessssssss!!!

I’m worried, this is how I’ve counted, in my head:

Concert 1.40
PC EPK 15 min
SOAP 15 min
Videos 30 min
Home videos 100 of them á 30 secs=30 min

3+ hours. Not awful, but knowing EMI and its compression terror from previous DVDs...

Full DVD9 will save the situation ;)

Double layer is a must! :)

i’d buy this if it was more gessle solo stuff oddly enough lol. Roxette songs sung just by per that were sung by marie just don’t appeal to me tho having pers videos do

so say we all

sounds like a great value package, but yes I hope the quality of the dvd isnt compromised by all the bonus material! I would rather have just the concert in excellent quality than the concert and all the extras in sub-standard quality

I’d say this is a DVD release with the bonus CD :).
But I guess it is cheaper to handle CD releases these days – less plastic and less paper. Anyways sounds like a good release anyways and I, as well, hope for a good DVD quality and a good booklet as well.
-= tridy =-

Wow!! CD and DVD with so many things, sounds great!!
You rule Mr. Gee!! :-)

So far the solo Gessle DVDs have been of pretty high quality, I’m keeping my hopes up that it will be of high quality... if its in 5.1 then it’s already tons better than Roxette unplugged.... maybe they also put the Gessle solo videos in 5.1... ha ha... I don’t think so...

Fabulous Mr Gessle, fabulous! :)

I must admit though, I immediately thought about how the hech it’s all gonna fit on one DVD and still look/sound good... Probably a 2 disc DVD set with bonus CD for 20+ Euro was an option... Glad we get a more cost-effective way (many thanks), but hope it’s not poor quality, that would really put a sour taste in your left-over birthday cake I am sure!

The news about the free DVD is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait:))))))

I can´t wait to hear and see all the songs. This will be a great record :)

Shame that Dangerous and Church of your heart have been removed for the CD version. Understand that they all couldnt be on the CD but these two tracks rocked!!
Any idea’s on release date yet?

can’t wait for the dvd, looking forward to seeing it

Maybe this has been answered before but when will this be released?


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