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Roxette single title revealed? (Updated)

Written by roxeteer on December 3, 2010 to and .

Update: It's true! The single will be out on January 10.

Cutting Room Studios briefly released a blog post on their website saying that Roxette's forthcoming single is titled "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)." The post was later removed, but it's still available in Google cache.

Here's what was posted on the site: 

Roxette is Back With New Single

Our long time friends at EMI Sweden & Roxette are releasing a new single titled “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)”. The Roxette duo started in 1986, combining Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson. Roxette has sold 75 million albums all over the world and have had four singles in the number one spot on the Billboardlistan in the US. With songs like “The Look”, “It Must Have Been Love”, & “Listen to Your Heart” och “Joyride” you can expect another great hit from this outstanding pair. Mastering with Björn Engelmann.

In related news, Per tweeted that the single will be a 2-track release.

Roxette special on SIRIUS XM

Written by tevensso on January 8, 2010 to .

NEW YORK - On Sunday January 10, 20.00 (8 pm) ET with a rebroadcast Wednesday January 13, 23.00 (11 pm) ET there will be a special Roxette edition of Per Gessle's program "Nordic ROX" on SIRIUS's The Spectrum, channel 18 and XM's channel 45. This Roxette special will feature Roxette songs played live on the Night of the Proms tour such as "Joyride" and "The Look."

SIRIUS XM listeners will also hear an in-depth interview with Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson, the founding members of Roxette. The duo will share stories about the tour and discuss their upcoming project and new material. 

Major Per-releases in the world

Written by tevensso on December 2, 2009 to and . Source: d&d management.

Per has just let The Daily Roxette know that the albums "The World According to Gessle," "Son of a Plumber" and "Party Crasher" now are via Tunecore digitally released in these online stores:

# iTunes U.S.
# Rhapsody
# Napster
# eMusic
# Lala
# Shockhound
# LimeWire Store
# iTunes Australia/N.Z.
# iTunes Canada
# iTunes Japan

Additionally the single "Silly Really" is also available on

Heavy metal cover of “Fading Like a Flower”

Written by colinvdbel on November 12, 2009 to and . Source:

Finnish heavy metal band 'Warmen' recorded a cover of Roxette's "Fading Like A Flower". The song has been released as a bonus track on the Japanese version of their fourth studio album called "Japanese Hospitality". You can listen to the song on Warmen's Myspace page.

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“Gessle over Europe” the review

Written by tevensso on October 20, 2009 to , , and .

LJUSDAL - First there was nothing, then there was "Wings over America." Now there's "Gessle over Europe"! The live CD/DVD combo awaited by many a fan. Was it worth the wait?

Yes. Yes it certainly was!

The CD is amazing, crystal clear sound, heavy bass and with a live feeling that puts you right back into the audience again. If you were there in the first place, that is… Kudos to Christoffer Lundqvist! The packaging is identical to the Roxette re-releases; a high glossy "eco" pack that looks like a small vinyl LP. Speaking of which, the album comes as a double LP with three bonus tracks as well, not reviewed here though.
The tracks on the album come from the best concerts available, and from what I can understand, some concerts were better than others. "Gessle over Europe" isn't mixed together to sound like one homogeneous concert so there are some fade ins and outs. This only affects the crowd noises though.
I won't review the concert again, so if you want to read about that, check that review out here.

In short: This album is a must have. I would recommend it to non-fans even. However, I have to mention some of the better tracks (and this is hard): "Doesn't Make Sense" is out of this world on this album, and so is "It Must Have Been Love" and "Listen to Your Heart." I can go on and on, but I'll limit myself to these three. What I keep wondering is if they've cut the last part out of "Listen to Your Heart" as I want to remember it from the concert that Per sings "you tell her goodbye…" yet another time.

Now, Capitol is marketing this as a CD with a bonus-DVD, while I think the audience may see it the other way around.

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“Gessle over Europe” promo sheet

Written by tevensso on October 17, 2009 to and .

Just to be clear: this isn't an article, this is the promo text from Per's promo folder for the new album. The text is written by Sven Lindström.


"Gessle Over Europe - the 2009 club tour captured live!

Since Roxette’s ”Room Service” tour in the fall of 2001, Sweden has been able to keep one of their true pop superstars more or less for themselves. Starting with 2003’s massively successful Swedish solo comeback “Mazarin”, Gessle kept himself busy in Sweden as a solo act or reuniting with his former group Gyllene Tider. But in the spring of 2009, the Roxette songwriter Per Gessle finally took an acclaimed step back to the international scene.

With a back catalog of songs from multi-million selling Roxette albums as well as solo material from his 1997 international debut “The World According To Gessle” to the 2005 double package “Son Of A Plumber” and last year’s “Party Crasher” album, Per had plenty to choose from.

Between April 16 and May 10 fans in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, The Czech republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and England could experience a seemingly never-ending stream of Gessle-penned hits in an intimate club environment. They got revamped Roxette classics like ”Joyride” and ”The Look” next to more recent solo material like ”Hey Mr DJ” and ”Doesn’t Make Sense”—all in a new and inspired setting that made even a more than 20 year old-faithful like “Dressed For Success” seem like it was written yesterday.

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“Gessle over Europe” new DVD preview

Written by tevensso on October 13, 2009 to and . Source:

SÖDERHAMN - has posted another teaser for the forthcoming CD/DVD pack, it's subtitled in English and in German. On a sidenote, Per tweeted that the combo will be available at hotel Tylösand in 100 signed copies.

“Gessle over Europe” poster available for download

Written by tevensso on October 1, 2009 to and .

(Updated) - Get your own "Gessle over Europe" poster in high quality PDF format! Courtesy of Per Gessle himself. The latest release date is October 23 now. Bengans has just updated its site and the LP has October 28 as the release date. CD/DVD for 159 SEK (€15) and LP for 239 SEK (€24).

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Roxette remasters reviewed

Written by tevensso on September 25, 2009 to , , and .

LJUSDAL (Updated) - 090909 the Beatles remasters were released (by EMI), both in stereo and in mono, now EMI is releasing Roxette's entire (well…) album catalog remastered, albeit only in stereo… "The Rox Archives." Which is more anticipated I cannot say, but from what I can gather both the Beatles's and Roxette's albums are released in this new "eco friendly" packaging. Which is a fancier name for a high gloss gatefold paper sleeve. The albums look very spiffy, with a collection name on the former jewel case spine; "ROX ARCHIVES VOL. X. FILE UNDER POP" written in the style of an old plastic strip type labeler - all labels of the releases follow this pattern. All the albums have the same back sleeve. Do the albums come with a booklet? Yes they do, and they are indeed redone, however, they are not better, in fact they are very plain with just the lyrics and the odd photo. These are not collector's items as Per stated, and mind you they are also not priced as new releases. So, to recap: very very nice looking sleeves, quite disappointing booklets. But the music, you ask? Hey, I'm getting there!

First, let me present to you some graphs of "Neverending Love." The top one is the 1986 release, the middle is from 1997 and the bottom is the new 2009 release. As you can see the sound has gotten more compact for every release. But is this a good thing? There's no right answer to that question, some songs are better more compressed and some aren't. In my opinion, pop music generally doesn't suffer from this, as long is it's not overly compressed and/or distorted. What gets lost is the dynamic range.
We're using "Neverending Love" as an example here and the song is much much louder on the new release, but I feel that the song sounds better than before so it's not just louder.

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Roxette remasters to be out September 28

Written by the_first_boy_o... on August 30, 2009 to and . Source:

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - According to Per Gessle the seven new Roxette remasters (2009 versions) will be released September 28. All physical albums will have no more than three bonus tracks each, except for "Tourism" which only gets two. Per explains on Roxette's own site - - that it was neither EMI's nor Roxette's intentions to put out collector's items, but new versions of older catalogue titles and that demos and such will be taken care of otherwise. "Trust me!" has listed the Roxette remasters at €8.99 each and the German release date is October 2.

The 2009 versions:

Pearls of Passion


1.     Pearls of Passion B-SIDE SOUL DEEP-SINGLE
2.     Neverending love (demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997
3.     Secrets that she keeps (demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997


1.  I call your name (Montezuma demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997
2.  Neverending love (Frank Mono mix) A-SIDE SINGLE
3.  I call your name (Frank Mono mix) A-SIDE SINGLE


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