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Written by tevensso on January 8, 2010 to .

NEW YORK - On Sunday January 10, 20.00 (8 pm) ET with a rebroadcast Wednesday January 13, 23.00 (11 pm) ET there will be a special Roxette edition of Per Gessle's program "Nordic ROX" on SIRIUS's The Spectrum, channel 18 and XM's channel 45. This Roxette special will feature Roxette songs played live on the Night of the Proms tour such as "Joyride" and "The Look."

SIRIUS XM listeners will also hear an in-depth interview with Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson, the founding members of Roxette. The duo will share stories about the tour and discuss their upcoming project and new material. 

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Oooh! Interesting! Hopefully someone can record it. I’d love to hear it if possible... =D

Wow, that sounds interesting. Would be cool indeed to hear Cheap fly to America available??? Haha....
Per, please make it available for us here too..thanks dear

I probably CAN record it, but is that okay to share it? If it’s okay, then I’ll try to do it.

Radio recordings are illegal to share as well, but I’m pretty sure no one cares.

I think it´ll be another interesting interview since we will be able to catch up with the things they‘ve been planning so far for their comeback, which I also think it´s going to be just amazing. No fan or whoever has been looking forward to listen to their 8th studio album. I don´t want to talk non-sense words, but I think that by the time they are finishing recording this album, the media will be talking about Roxette a lot.

Regarding Radio recordings, I think it‘s just ok for us (fans) cos most of us haven´t got the chance to listen tois interview live. So what‘s the matter if someone has the nice gesture of recording this for those who who´d kill to listen to it....Just Listen to your heart hahah ;)

Didn’t Sirius mess up on the last Per/Roxette special? It’s been stuck on the first part of “The Look” ... over and over again. :-(

Just heard and recorded the show. Regarding the new album, nothing really new that we didn’t know about. Still, it’s great to hear an interview with Marie. I think they interviewed them separately. The host described the interview with Marie as “rare”.

I still LOVED the interview though ;)

Marie said that the first nights of NOTP, her performances was awful (or bad? forgot which word) because she had terrible cold, but after that she was just so happy.

They played all the songs that Roxette played in NOTP, except IMHBL. Marie’s vocals in Listen To Your Heart still blows me away.

They also played Anyone, CBB, Spending My Time, Opportunity Nox, It Must Have Been Love (the album version), Kissing Is The Key and Kix.

The host made a mistake by saying “Anyone” is from Room Service, the latest Roxette release.

Thanks for your summary! Did they announce “Kissing” as a Roxette song?

No, they don’t. I guess even though it’s called Roxette special, they still play MANY non Rox songs, and when they played Rox/Per’s song sometimes they didn’t really said anything. Still fun to hear, though ;)

My technical difficulties seem to have been caused by my own internet connection, as when I switched to my iPhone and its 3G network, I didn’t have any problem. I missed the interview w/ Marie that Majdy mentions. :-(

I’ve uploaded the files. So, if anyone wants it just PM me or email me [email protected].

About Marie’s interview, here’s some of the things she said:

She mentioned that she’s going to “take it easy”, right now she’s focusing on the new album, and after that they didn’t really think about it yet (speaking about the possible new tour). But you have to know this interview took place back when NOTP first started, so things may have changed since the interview!

She mentioned that she was happy doing NOTP, although she realized that her performance on the first night of NOTP was bad (according to her own opinion) because she was sick at the time. After that she says she was happy with it. She mentioned WICF is a very special song to her and she tried to describe in English but said she couldn’t think of the words in English. Then she said all the songs they performed were special!

I could have missed something or misheard some things because I’ve only heard it once.

Funny thing that Per describe NOTP as “serious shit” ;) never heard that word came out from him before ;)

maybe that little ’mistake’ on Anyone might be some curious way

If you have not been able to hear the Roxette special on Sirius XM, this is your chance!

I’m so happy heaving heard this interview!
“The classic Roxette, Look Sharp and the 80’s”, Per was talking about in the interview, are for me the most genius things, that I have also missed so much. That’s why I’m really touched thinking of all this and the new album..

sorry for an offtopic (but forum is closed), but anybody has heard this version of SIMC?

If you ask me, I prefer overproduced albums with lot of strings, lot of instruments and 4 - 5 mins lenght songs with big solos, middle8s and choruses - Joyride, HAND, CBB. Hmm, let’s wait till autumn and we’ll listen the result.

if you ask me, i prefere “overproduced” songs as well - at least at the moment ... since the (austrian) radio playlists are full of boring and “thin/transparent” sounding songs (exept heavy cross of course)!

overproduced is great as long as real instruments are used like in guitar riffs, real drums, deep basslines, strings, ... with ’overproduce’ i mean also a sound where you can feel that there was lots of time needed to create that special sound, a sound you would like to listen to over and over again and turn the volume louder and louder ... a smart development, different hook lines and kinda beatle-esque background vox for making a song sound like a hymn.

best example for my all time fav ’overproudced songs’:

1 • BOHEMIAN LIKE YOU / dandy warhols
2 • CHASING CARS / snow patrol
3 • SMOOTH CRIMINAL / michael jackson
4 • MANEATER / nelly furtado
5 • HEY JUDE / ... can’t remember the band name

as all of you, i am so looking forward and i can’t wait to listen to the new roxette material ... i hope it won’t be a disappointment like back in 2001 when released the first 30 sec. of TCOTH and most of us thought it was just a demo version!

2010 will be a great year for a roxette fan, i guess (+ hope).

That’s my taste, joyrider. I really LOVE all sound details (volume to the right) on the Joyride album. This is probably the most overproduced album of the universe. And the best album of the universe, ofcourse. :) Room Service is too flat, too short and too simple to me. Like demos collection.
“... can’t remember the band name.”, hahaha, PERfect. I think it was something with B in the beggining of group’s name. - Bugs?

“…like back in 2001 when released the first 30 sec. of TCOTH and most of us thought it was just a demo version!”

Oh I remember that moment, was kinda scary! :P

I think “overproduced” means something different for everyone. For me Little Girl and MWMLML on RS are clearly overproduced (bad), while WOTR and Perfect Day from Joyride sound “idiot proof” transparent (nice) to me. Imho it depends if the instruments play an outstanding, melodic role or just add up to the background noise. ;)

I think they-re gonna get some I could never give you up Kind of songs .

Anyway the fact of a complete NEW album its just great!!!

Sascha said: “Imho it depends if the instruments play an outstanding, melodic role or just add up to the background noise. ;)x

Sounds about right to me and makes sense in the context that Per is talking about the new songs.

No matter what I think people will be happy to hear something new after so long...


I think the new album will kick ass - it has to!! Put Roxette back in the spotlight again, and I hope Per has some screamy songs like “Dance Away” so we can hear Marie really giving it her all again. I like it when Marie sings an uptempo song - she does it so good! She was made to rock!

I hope the album isn’t too electronic like “Party Crasher”. I like real instruments, live drums, guitars, bass guitars, violins, pianos, etc.

To me, Room Service did sound like a demo collection, the only song that kicked ass on that album was Real Sugar!

Unless there’s a greater focus on their own identities, this album does not interest me in the slightest.
Album of the week “Siouxsie & The Banshees -Through The Looking Glass”

purplemedusa, can you elaborate?

Ai Hanrich! - dis al wat ek gaan sê.... Gaan 2010 POSITIEF in, en hou op negatief en skepties wees.

A happy new year to u2, Martin!

Album of the week “Aphrodite’s Child - 666”

Same 2 u too, bro!


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