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“Gessle over Europe” poster available for download

Written by tevensso on October 1, 2009 to and .

(Updated) - Get your own "Gessle over Europe" poster in high quality PDF format! Courtesy of Per Gessle himself. The latest release date is October 23 now. Bengans has just updated its site and the LP has October 28 as the release date. CD/DVD for 159 SEK (€15) and LP for 239 SEK (€24).

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Yes yes yes! :-)

Greatttttt!! Thanks Per!! I’m excited with this release

Looking good :-)

Somehow I must have missed this but: when exacly will the DVD, CD and LP be released?

October 26th according to EMI Denmark and EMI Norway in these countries.

October 28th according to Per.

The release date for LP is still not confirmed, right?

And DVD and CD will be in one package! :)

Sweden releases albums on Wednesdays, Denmark and Norway on Mondays. That’s why. :)

thank you Per!!

Silly question really, so doesn’t make sense that i’m asking, but any UK release planned? or did Party Crasher not sell enough copies online to make it viable? Perfect excuse for them not to release it really.

How many Party Crasher song titles can you get into the question!? lol

Filmed in HD and presented in SD! Apart from this it’s a great release and I can’t wait!

I thought this was a poster? I can hardly print it in A4 size and retain the quality?

Well, it’s not a HUGE poster. It prints perfectly in A4 for me.

CD plus DVD, both fullfilled to the brim with music, videos, documentaries, etc. 159 SEK /15.90 € on Bengans. Hey men, this is the PERfect product!

in which country? i hope in Slovakia it will be less than 20 € ;)

At amazon you can listen to the previews of the MP3-Album. Sounds great.


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