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STOCKHOLM (Updated) - According to Per Gessle the seven new Roxette remasters (2009 versions) will be released September 28. All physical albums will have no more than three bonus tracks each, except for "Tourism" which only gets two. Per explains on Roxette's own site - - that it was neither EMI's nor Roxette's intentions to put out collector's items, but new versions of older catalogue titles and that demos and such will be taken care of otherwise. "Trust me!" has listed the Roxette remasters at €8.99 each and the German release date is October 2.

The 2009 versions:

Pearls of Passion


1.     Pearls of Passion B-SIDE SOUL DEEP-SINGLE
2.     Neverending love (demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997
3.     Secrets that she keeps (demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997


1.  I call your name (Montezuma demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997
2.  Neverending love (Frank Mono mix) A-SIDE SINGLE
3.  I call your name (Frank Mono mix) A-SIDE SINGLE


Look Sharp!


2. One is such a lonely number B-SIDE THE BIG L-SINGLE
3. Don’t believe in accidents (demo) B-SIDE RUN TO YOU-SINGLE


1. Cry (demo) ROXBOX
2. Dressed for success (US single version, mix by Chris Lord-Alge) A-SIDE SINGLE USA
3. Listen to your heart (US single version, mix by John Luongo) A-SIDE SINGLE USA
4. Surrender (live) B-SIDE DANGEROUS-SINGLE
5. Neverending love (live) B-SIDE DANGEROUS-SINGLE



1. The sweet hello, the sad goodbye B-SIDE SPENDING MY TIME-SINGLE
2. Love spins (demo) ROXBOX


1. Come back (before you leave) (demo) B-SIDE CHURCH OF YOUR HEART
2. Joyride (US single version, mix by Brian Malouf) A-SIDE SINGLE USA
3. Fading like a flower (US single version, mix by Humberto Gatica) RADIO SINGLE USA



1. Fingertips ´93 A-SIDE SINGLE


1.     Fading like a flower (live) B-SIDE HOW DO YOU DO-SINGLE
2.     Paint (live) B-SIDE QUEEN OF RAIN SINGLE
3.     It must have been love (live) B-SIDE QUEEN OF RAIN SINGLE
4.     Dressed for success (live) B-SIDE FINGERTIPS ´93-SINGLE
5.     Hotblooded (live) B-SIDE FINGERTIPS ´93-SINGLE

Crash! Boom! Bang!




1. Better off on her own B-SIDE STARS-SINGLE
2. Always breaking my heart ROXBOX
Have a Nice Day


2. Myth (demo) ROXBOX
3. Makin’ love to you BONUS EP THE POP HITS


1. Little miss Sorrow THE POP HITS
3. Anyone/I love how you love me (demo) ROXBOX
4. New world (demo) ROXBOX
5. Better off on her own (demo) ROXBOX
6. Staring at the ground (demo) ROXBOX
7. 7Twenty7 (demo) ROXBOX
8. It will take a long long time (Modern Rock version) B-SIDE REAL SUGAR-SINGLE

Room Service


1. Entering your heart B-SIDE CENTRE OF THE HEART-SINGLE
2. The weight of the world B-SIDE A THING ABOUT YOU-SINGLE
3. Bla bla bla bla bla (You broke my heart) BONUS-EP THE POP HITS


1. Every day ROXBOX
2. Bla bla bla bla bla (You broke my heart) (demo) ROXBOX
3. All I ever wanted (demo) ROXBOX

Tomos85 contributed to this article.


Hmm...and any information if it will be released as a nice box...or all albums seperately??( I would prefer a nice box like Maries for example...c’mon EMI don’t be so anti-creative)

I know there were plans for a nice box, what I don’t know is if that box still exists.

Nice!!! Looking foward for this ( esp Look Sharp- Crash!). I think 2-3 bonus tracks is OK. And yea, it would be GREAT if it was something like the Marie album-box:).

yeah.. I also think that it would be great to have a box!!.. I don’t think that I will buy again all the records separately...(again)... specially the new recordings. Well let’s see...

How would you call the new box?... the rox box 2.. all singles you always know and nothing else :)
I hope that at least the booklets are nice.. with more photos, Roxette comments.. and something original...
Another question... why do they have to release additional songs on i-tunes... I think that we all have all of them in a digital format... We want them on a physical format :P with a comment from P&M telling us why they decided not include the song on the recording. Per, we miss your comments!!! we really love them!!

And what happens to Baladas en español? XD we are waiting for the Spanish version of You don’t understand me... (porque no hay mal que cien años dure...)


I expected more, even much more. Each original album with second CD containing unreleased demos & b-sides + a concert DVD wouldn’t be a bad idea at all... That would be a box that everybody dies for. We all know that there are tons of material that didn’t see a daylight. Now I’m not sure if people will not hesitate to pay for it.

Maybe they could release it in a box including a live cd ( live in zurich???) or something..?? Just like Marie did :D

So are the ’bonus’ tracks just b-sides and bonus tracks from other albums?? Or are they previously unreleased tracks?? Anyone know?

Probably b-sides that we already have.. but its great anyway because the sound of the old records is really bad ( Look Sharp! sounds old) so remastered it should be great! :P

only 2-3 bonus tracks???? b-sides???? no new tracks, i think!!! what jksjshjs!!!!! always doing the worst with roxette!!!!!!! i want all albums like TWATG remastered version!!!! bad, bad, bad!!!!!!!!

So you get fewer tracks on the new remaster of Pearls of Passion than the old remaster?
Now with 3 bonus tracks instead of 8 bonus tracks like the old remaster. Yay!

I do like having the albums remastered, and I’ll likely buy them, but unless they’re midprice it’s really gonna feel like I’m getting ripped off.

How are those of us in the USA supposed to import iTunes tracks that only appear in European stores? :-(

Hmmm...I doubt that I will buy all albums once again seperately only because they have different pictures in their booklets. A box would be another thing....
Why is EMI always have no words for it. Who do they think will buy this? I’m not a grumbler normally. I really don’t understand their marketing-strategy. (If they have any) Not-fans would also get no information about the re-releases...I’m sure and even if they will...well...a releasedate around NOTP would be more clever maybe...
The re-release of “TWATG” was really cool. So many unknown demos...but who needs another “the sweet hallo the sad goodbye”?

Uugh, that is a little disappointing... was expecting a little more than that after the fantastic TWATG release. But I’m glad there might be some more (previously unreleased, I hope) material on iTunes - although I bet they will want you to give an arm and a leg for it. Gessle Over Europe is much more exciting, it seems.

After that cool re-release of TWATG I was so hoping for something special here as well. But new releases with bonus songs that have already been released officially sound really disappointing so far...

Look at the U2 or the Genesis remastered albums. That’s the way it should be done. There’s no need for bonus tracks, that every fan allready has on other records. There are existing audio live recordings at least from the Look Sharp Tour, Joyride Tour, Crash Boom Bang Tour and the Room Service Tour. So why do they not inlcude a second disc, which includes live performances from the corresponding tour? And for Tourism there can be the MTV unplugged audio tracks on the bonus disc; HAND could include some remixes especially Crush On You or Stars.
Or they can put the released concert VHS recordings on DVD and add them to the album.
And then they could do it like Genesis again: make a box with all the remixed albums and include a Bonus-CD and a Bonus-DVD which are not available seperately.

To say truth, I didn’t expect someting so ’big’ as was Gessle’s World for Roxette. From my point of view it’s better to get albums with some 3 outtakes from the current recording session to preserve the album feeling, than crash it using old and low quality demos, lives, etc. Album tracks, 3 bonuses, extended booklets (hope we’ll get Marie’s and Per’s comments again) with more photos from each album era, more informations, etc - and all albums in luxury Box set. This is what I want.

Roxette are recording new songs as we speak: It will be an exciting autumn even without a lot of rare bonus material!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. im just happy with the re-releases just how they are.

Yes, I agree. We’ll get 7 remastered studio albums this autumn and I do believe that 8th studio album will come soon.

There are good reasons for just 3 or 2 bonus tracks:

1. This way all songs fit on one disc.
2. They don’t have to add mediocre fillers to fill 2 discs. They don’t have more good b-sides/aditional songs.
3. It still feels like original albums and not compilations.

I don’t think there are many unreleased demos or even songs left, we already got a lot. Hoping for nice artwork and some extras in the booklets. A box set would be fab! Could add a disc with remixes etc.

ooooo always wanted a better sounding ’Look sharp ’ and ’tourism’ :) Wonder what the Extra songs are ! Dont think ill personally bother with POP and from CBB - RS unless they have something i dont have of course. ;-)

Can I ask what’s the point of these re-releases?
Obviously it’s not for the bonus tracks, cos if I want all the b-sides that I already have again, I’ll buy TheRoxBox (which I did anyway)
It’s not for previously unreleased material as well, at least the songs mentioned above are the old ones
It’s not for some Live CD or DVD or any other goodies
It’s not for a luxury box packaging, cos in the albums are shown seperate
It’s not for a new exciting art design in the sleeves (the RoxBox was worth it even for it’s booklet alone)
I was at least hoping to get Rarities re-released, but I guess I was the only one
So I will ask again, what’s the point for us to buy it?

It is kinda weird feeling. Cash cow getting greedy again?

CBB has a good sound, I think.

What do HAND and RS actually need in terms of remastering?

Pearls of Passion a second remaster?

first of the original albums people can get for 30 SEK from Ginza.

How much do you think a remaster version can cost?

-= tridy =-

Before you start moaning, don’t forget about this letter... :)))))))))


I don’t think this is that bad....yet!

I cant understand you.

Digitally what? For whom are they for:

People who havent the record yet
People who lost ther records in the years

But who ownes them already doesnt have to buy them...and certainly doesnt have to complain?

There was never said anything more to come than the digitally remastered versions of the albums. Sorry folks...

People asking whats the point? who will buy them?

People who want to buy them will buy them.

The point in re-masters being that the sound quality on older albums, especially 80s - mid 90s, is pretty poor compared to what they would sound like if newly recorded today.

Albums like Look Sharp! and Joyride will sound fresher and more clear than the old recordings do.

i for one will buy Look Sharp! onwards, though i think i’ll miss Pearls Of Passion out as I dont like it much anyway and its already been done, though it might sound a bit clearer.

As for Have A Nice Day & Room Service my copies of them are worn out so was needing to buy them again anyway.

I am a bit disappointed to not have;

1.Dance Passion -i was expecting it to be honest
2.Rarities - i really want a proper copy of this
3.Balades En Espanol (sorry if spelt wrong :) )
4.Dont Bore Us Get To The Chorus would have also been nice remastered

I like fortuna1895’s ideas, I soo want a heap of live stuff, espesh DVD versions (my VHS copies are soo worn out and extremely rare/difficult to replace).

But perhaps its all a marketing move to get the world excited about Rox again for the possible new material Roxette-atic mentioned .... fingers crossed :)

And yes, I agree with davidc4 re Dance Passion and the others - I want Dance Passion, its the only album I don’t own :( (hint hint)

Still I am not keen on buying each album separately at full price (unless its like Gessle over Europe or fortuna’s idea), so hopefully there’ll be some kind of box arrangement too.

All in all I’m still excited about new Roxette releases (its been sooo long and sooo quiet), I’m just getting my two cents out there.

where’s the point asking who will buy them. Some people will and that’s it, you don’t HAVE to.

I don’t know yours, but my first CDs are quite scratched, yes I used to play LS, Joyride, Tourism and CBB a LOT. So I will buy those at least. I doubt I get the others, they are still fine here... unless they are VERY cheap and nice. I won’t buy them in September though, will wait till Amazon lowers price ;) Of course, I would have preferred more additional tracks, but I’ll be happy only if LS or Joyride sound better :)

I’m sure there are some people with this “problem” out there :)

And of course, NOTP is coming, people go to the shows, the get out of them and want to buy some Roxette, what’s better than finding fresh remastered CDs in the stores? :)

On the other hand, while I think complaints are annoying, they are there. People like to complain, complain about their bosses, about politicians, and of course, about artists. I hope there won’t be another letter like that though ;)

FiraDiamond: and you/fans are not the center of the universe. Whatever they release, it’s surely not thought only for us, who are like.. max 500 people..?
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

By the way: there is no need for roxette/per gessle/marie fredriksson to be still working and making new records. lots of artists retire when they reach an age. we should be happy to have them as artists in the today and not have to remember them as a swedish pop duo which had success and doesn’t exist anymore...

I will buy them, at least look sharp, joyride and tourism. look sharp is awesome, nevertheless it sounds terrible nowadays. I have been waiting for a “up-to-date” quality for almoust 10, 15 years.

what a good year: per live (not only in sweden!), per’s live dvd/cd, roxette’s return, remastering of all roxette albums... I can’t hear the complaints anymore...what do you want more...?
roxette on the moon 2010? force per and marie to create a new pop duo with their children called “reroxette” for the future years when per and marie are old and grey?

neverheless a nice thought. roxette on the moon. marie singing “the first girl on the moon”, per “jupiter calling”...

Like Judith said, people will ALWAYS complain about something. Part of it is human nature, other’s just enjoy it.

Any word on where these re-releases will show up? Worldwide, or just ’here and there’? Am I going to have to buy them online??

Wow. Well, this is quite a surprise to find out that each album will feature only a few bonus tracks. I was really looking forward to ’The World According To Gessle’-type remasters. Now that’s how it’s done! However, I understand that putting projects like that together might have taken some time digging through the vaults and remastering the material. I can only imagine. So, yeah, I’m disappointed, but I will definitely still be buying them. Maybe one day EMI/Roxette will roll out deluxe editions of the albums with bonus discs and material. As for iTunes and digital only bonus tracks, are you kidding me? It just amazes me how little regard is given to audio quality nowadays. It’s disappointing to see that so much bonus material is available only on compressed digital formats instead of physical formats where they should be. Now if this bonus material could be made available in high quality downloads (FLAC or WAV) then that’s a different story.

I was hoping for a ’Dance Passion’ remaster as well since that has not been officially released on CD. I guess that I’ll still have to wait. :) What’s another 20+ years? LOL.

I think that ’Pearls Of Passion’ could actually benefit from a new remaster. I was listening to the 1997 remaster the other day and realized that it still sounds a bit flat, especially in comparison to the same tracks on the 2006 ’RoxBox’. Will we get “Christmas For The Broken-Hearted” as the other bonus track? If not, I’m glad that I just purchased my copy of the ’One Wish’ single for the 2006 remaster. What’s with the demo of “Neverending Love” as a bonus? Odd choice for a bonus track.

’Look Sharp!’ is the album that could probably most benefit from a remaster. The original audio quality on CD is bad! I’m curious to see what they pull out for the bonus tracks. Hopefully it won’t be anything already available on the ’RoxBox’. Would love to see the “U.S. Remix” of “Listen To Your Heart” be made available since it is, after all, the version used in the 1989 promo video. The “U.S. Look Sharp!” extended mix of “Dressed For Success” would be a pleasant surprise as well. However, I have a feeling that we won’t see remixes as bonus tracks.

The original CD pressing of ’Joyride’ is pretty bad sonically as well. Can’t wait for a remastered version of this as well. The same can be said for ’Tourism’. My guess for the other bonus track on that is “2 Cinnamon Street”. ’Crash! Boom! Bang!’ sounds decent, but let’s see what can be improved with new mastering. Some people may whine about remasters of ’Have A Nice Day’ and ’Room Service’, but am I the only one who can tell the difference between the original mastering on those discs and the 2006 remasters of the same tracks on the ’RoxBox’? Actually, I think that the mastering on ’Have A Nice Day’ was well done, but I think that the same tracks featured on the ’RoxBox’ sound enhanced. ’Room Service’, on the other hand, has always sounded a bit flat to me ... and I think that some of that has to do with the production.

With that said, I can’t wait to pick these up! :)

OK, ok, I know I was a little harsh...
I guess I always have big expectations when it comes to Roxette, but I can’t help it - they’re not just some band, they’re my fav band!
I want everything to be perfect and I often get dissapointed (mainly by EMI not by Roxette)
So let my words be that of dissapointment, not of annoying moaning.

For anyone who has to get excited here about the alleged money, Per posted by at Twitter: “Yea, 3 songs on each album. Several more digitally. ITunes I think. It’s EMI who’s running this, not me.” So do not upset people, we look forward to what comes and hope also to a new single. I also think that all who are upset here, probably not real fans?! ABBA have made it so, why not Rox?!

It is interesting point about Dance Passion. I think that the reason it is not done is basically nobody believes it will sell even close to enough. But Dance Passion on iTunes would be an interesting idea. Or, if the material is doomed to pick up the dust for the rest of the days, then a bad hair day might be a way to satisfy the need.

Besides people liking to complain, I do not think it is really fair to say, “people do not buy it”, “people do not listen to it”. It does not really work that way in many cases. When I was a teenager, I HAD to get everything that was released by them because I considered myself a collector and I was proud to show off my collection. It was almost my life style. Try having a puzzle with a couple of pieces missing. No, you do not have a choice – blame the hormones if you want. Quite a few people here will not be able to miss the releases and will buy them just because they must have it on the shelf. period.

Those who will buy it first, compare the records and write your impressions and let everyone know if you think it is better or worse or if you feel any difference.

I will wait for some time and see if the prices will drop. Worldwide economics isn’t really in a good shape to put a price over 10 Euros on a release like that. Right now Ginza sells POP, LS, Joy, CBB for 29 SEK, Tourism for 49 SEK and even the book The Look for Roxette for 49 SEK.

A boxed version (even if just virtually) of all albums sounds like an interesting idea. If one buys all of them, then one is for free or something.

-= tridy =-


If Per has said that then it is fair enough... it doesn’t stop one from being a little disappointed that a solo gessle album has receiveed a better treatment in regard of its re-release than several Roxette albums that have sold millions of copies worldwide. It seems a bit odd...

Like I said I’m not bashing Per or Marie for this disappointment, and I’ll almost definitely get them all. It doesn’t stop it feeling like something of a wasted opportunity. Hopefully new material comes within the next year ! =)

BTW... does anyone amongst the dailyroxette team know if these re-releases will be encoded in HDCD like the recent hits and Roxbox were ??

@chrisjankunas - I would imagine so, but I’m not sure. I’m sure Thomas will know the answer. It would be the obvious way though...

if they were going to do the remaster justice they would have done what they did with the cranberries remaster. The entire album sessions before songs were removed to reduce the size of the commercial purposes and b-sides and rarities. The problem is per has no idea what is and isn’t out there, and frankly noone at emi does’s part of the reason the rox box skippes things like crazy about you and i remeber you for album tracks.

so say we all

I would imagine these remasters to be HDCD as well, since the other remasters are.
No Per doesn’t know what tracks are out or not, but I do and we have discussions about these things before most releases.

Oh to be in the know... lol :-)

Some people mentioned to make a CD with bonus tracks only instead of a second disc because it would be easier for people attending the NOTP. So again, do it like Genesis or U2. Every remastered album is available in two editions: the remastered original album without extras and the second edition which includes the remastered album and a second Disc with Bonus-Tracks (U2) or a DVD (Genesis;included on the DVD are the album, music videos of that album, Liveperformances, Re-Release Interview, digital tour program).
I think it would be nice, seeing Per & Marie talking about the recordings and their memories.

Great, can‘t wait!!

I agree with Sasha... and I hope they come out as regular cd’s and not digipaks that I hate!

Thanks for updating the article! The most promising news in it is Per’s “Trust me!” because I really don’t want to believe EMI is doing it again. ;-) I really hoped there’s at least ONE song or mix I don’t already know, but there isn’t..


I don’t think I commented before here I think it was over at R2R... I did say I was going to buy these and I still probably will because my CD’s are a little old and battered and they do need replacing, I can use the old ones in the car or as frisbees for the dog!

I guess realistically these are being released just in time for NOTP promotion, perhaps they’ll be sold as merchandise at the venues... good promotion for EMI, money in the pot for them... they aren’t stupid when it comes to making money! You’ll get people at NOTP thinking ‘Oh I remember Roxette’ and ‘Oh they were good, I’ll check an album or two’ Kaching the tills are ringing for EMI and Per & Marie...

As for comments here, you always get fans who complain about releases like this, we need an ignore button for them, @tevensso can’t you stick an ignore button or better still create a ‘stick two fingers up button’ for those comments that we are bound to see... :p

@Gessle if you are reading please pretty please give us ’The Big L Demo’, what do we have to do create a Facebook group...

’Desperate Fans - Petition To Get Per Gessle To Find & Give Us The Big L Demo’

Roxerally, I agree. I stopped complaining in 2006 with the release of the RoxBox. It doesn’t change anything at all, simply useless. They do what they want anyway and back then I stopped expecting things that won’t happen and decided to live with their decisions. Nobody’s forcing me to buy the stuff over and over again...!

I am really looking forward to the new songs they are going to record.


Hmm. Mostly obvious choices but some interesting ones there! Glad to see the US Mix of Listen To Your Heart making an appearance, even if in only a 256kbps file.. =)

I have a couple more questions if tevensso or anyone could answer.

Would I be correct in assuming the iTunes songs have been remastered as well?

Do you think they actually remastered songs from the RoxBox? I mean,what more could they do? =p

And lastly (and most importantly) Would you imagine that we’re talking full album versions here (although seeing that the USA version of Dressed... appears as a bonus track I think I know the answer to this one ! =))

Yes definitely.
Yes I think so.


ok, i have all these tracks!! i will not buy this tracks again!!! sorry!! The worst news in years for me!! And i don’t believe that this is just from EMI!! Per save songs for another Box or something like that!!

Cool! Thanks. Jeez, that was a quick response ! =p

And lol, I just realised that the normal version of “It Must Have Been Love” does not appear on these releases. What a shame! =p
Since I noticed Almost Unreal on C!B!B! I just took it for granted that IMHBL was listed on Look Sharp! Though maybe AU appears since it was on the Japanese version of C!B!B!

This re-editions aren’t primary determined for fans. Roxette are coming back to the scene, they are planing to record new songs/albums, they will participate NOTP tour. Roxette are back in bussiness, but there’s missing their old albums (or they are but with last century quality sound) in the stores. This is the real reason for re-releasing their complete discography. Bonuses are ’only’ bonuses.
Per and Marie will go to the studio in next few weeks to record new songs. Why are you so excited with some 20 years old low quality outtakes from outtakes? Give them some months and they will give us brand new Roxette.
The reason why EMI is re-releasing and re-mastering all the Rox albums is because they are out of print in some territories. Also, the sound was not up to date. Some albums are really old, folks! So... it’s not EMI’s intention (or Roxette’s for that matter) to make these albums “collector items” or fill them with demos and unreleased stuff. We’ll find other ways to do that, trust me.
Cheers, P.

I was right. ;-)

i think the track listing (bonus tracks) are a nice little edition and shows how they would have originally fitted in on each album.

the amount of tracks only available digitally is going to disappoint some people.

people mentioning TWATG remaster should remember that that was only 1 album and there are 7 Roxette ones being released, its going to be hard enough to sell 7 albums at once as it is without pushing the price up by adding a demos disc on top of it. the rest will come one day.

but forgetting albums for a second, how about a DVD release of Live-ism and other concerts. Now That Is What I Would Call A Great Idea! :)

“I Feed The Ducks With A Bun!”

where do you see this? :S
I only see the article with the cover, nothing more :/
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

To me this sounds reasonable! And to be honest, if they would release all the ’secret’ and surprising material where Marie Dimberg is on the vocals or the secret Roxette Bollywood smashhits with videos of Per and Marie dancing like Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor ;) (damn, I really would love to see this) most of of us will complain the next time when they release another compilation album without any new material!

Cheers, I need a coffee

Judith, it’s not on but on (what makes sense..) that’s why you can’t find it.


My bad. I added the wrong link. :) Changed it.

As far as I can tell good extra-song choices for the CDs! No odd versions or demos of album-songs but good additional songs from the eras. Makes great albums! Only weak extra-section is from HAND imho, though they did many songs there.

Is everything remastered ?

just album tracks?
album tracks and bonus tracks on CDs?
album tracks and bonus tracks and digital tracks?
(even demos?) :P

-= tridy =-


I think there is wide agreement that putting extra tracks on iTunes is a bad idea, there’s plenty of room on the CD for these tracks too.

For example: Do you think Spending my time sounds more different than the 91 version now? How does that works?

Disappointed, CD’s cost Jack to produce should be 2 cd each. Also now new tracks for those of us that have everything.

Unless cheap not gonna bother. It’s so frustrating.



Never Left The Joyride..

So apart from ’Help’ the whole Roxbox will be on iTunes!

What does everyone think of the idea of a singles box? basically a box set of all the singles including original covers and including the original b-sides. i think it would be a good idea as oasis and the prodigy have both done this in the past as well as alot of major bands

i dont mean yet another greatest hits, but where each single comes in its own sleeve as it originally did, just in a nice box :)

What type of CD case are they going to be in? is it just the standard “old” style or the newer style, with more rounded edges?

Bit geeky i know :)

and i take it that Fireworks is still on CBB and hasnt been removed and buried from existence as usual lols

Instead of reprinting all the singles and considering that the b-sides are all available in cd quality I’d rather they published a triple cd with remixes such as Chances (Dancehall version) and the whole DP album.

Dance Passion is a shit album, it sold 27,000 at the height of Roxette’s popularity in Sweden, that’s nearly nothing.

I have Dance Passion on CD, couldn’t tell you where though. I think it’s with the spare copies of albums in a box somewhere. I’ve never like it, the only track I did like was the Secrets.. remix. I can see why they’re not bothering to release it again.

As for all the CD singles. I don’t think this would be a good idea either. Yes, a nice collectors item, but how many would they sell? 100 max I reckon.

I will get these 7 re-releases, because I’m one the people who has to have everything, but after this I don’t think they should release another compliation or reissue anything else for some years. The word overkill springs to mind. But, saying that, this is an excellent time to reissue all Rox’s album to coincide with NOTP. They have to sell them on merchandise stalls at the venue’s across Europe.

Now, if I could just find out if these will be available in the UK (eagerly awaiting Per’s reply on Twitter....)

Ha ha @davidc4 that is a bit geeky - but super-jewel-boxes would be be great ! =)

Agree with the moderators on both topics.


No collectors items....?? Okay...but for some real crazy collectors of us it is even a collectors item if you change a picture...(sad but true...)
I really would like to buy the re-releases as a box..but not seperately.....hmm..
So that’s why I still think it’s sad...well...okay..maybe one day in some years when I pass by Bengans and find them for 79 skr each....Thaaaaaaan..maybe...who knows... ;)
Otherwise I will try to bite on my fingers if these CDs pass my way.....(if they ever will....CD’s are not that easy to find in shops anymore when they are not in the charts)

@davidc4 LOL...loved your comment on “Fireworks”=)

Well, I must honestly say that I am disappointed and tired of these releases. Plus the multitude of greatest hits in various forms of disguise.

All that I am waiting for is the next rox album with new stuff. If Per is correct, then it seems that EMI is milking this old cow for all the milk. Sorry, gotta let this out of my system.

Honestly, who listens to roxette anymore other than us die hard fans. I dunno who the target audience is for the albums since most fans would have some kind of the album/tracks in physical or digital format by now. If people would like a refresher on roxette, then the greatest hits albums will be the best. I simply cannot find another reason.

Sorry, better stop this now.

Will these be released in the US in Sept as well?

Yes, better stop that. ;-)

We, the always-following-online-fans are only a tiny fraction of Roxette’s listeners. I won’t rush to buy all the re-releases instantly but see no reason to complain here. We got the opportunity to buy updated versions of the albums but sure no obligation..!? Where’s the problem?

There are many casual buyers. There are many people who only have Joyride or some other album and might buy another rox album cause he got reminded of Roxette by something (NOTP, airplay, TV chartshow etc). The re-release puts the albums in stores again and gives them a fresh look. I like that.

One more comment than I stay silent. Promised!! ;)

Next time someone could tell us a bit earlier what’s it all about (that it’s just re-releases cause they ran out of CD’s) and don’t make so much hype about it and we hardcorer won’t get so high expectations.
Thank you Per for clearing that up by the way!! (
(Looking forward now to Gessle over Europe...yeehaaa)

Finally BORED!!!!
It’s always the same history.
I will not buy the same again. Sorry, but my CDs are in perfect condition and I love the first masterization.
So, maybe, illegal download of new remasters will be the perfect solution for me.

Per!!!! EMI!!!! We are getting bored. I’m bored!!
Please!!! Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!!!

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

These remasters will not be to everybody’s taste, I can appreciate that.


Are my eyes deceiving me?

Have they seriously removed Roxette’s biggest ever hit from the catalogue?

EMI have spent the best part of the last 20 years repackaging It Must Have Been Love and, now, when there was never a better time to include it on an ’original’ album - Look Sharp! or Joyride; or twice if they put the Christmas version on Pearls of Passion - they forget about it completely.

Now please, someone tell me I’ve got this all wrong :)

Roxettes next album should be called ” If you dont want it- dont buy it!”

did anybody say before that these releases will be something special? I don’t really recall having read it anywhere, I actually expected something “special” due to “TWATG”, so maybe that was what some of you expected too :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
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“Hmm. Mostly obvious choices but some interesting ones there! Glad to see the US Mix of Listen To Your Heart making an appearance, even if in only a 256kbps file.. =)” Finally, but it should have been put on the CD. Sad that it makes it’s appearance in a compressed audio format. Sad!

“I have a couple more questions if tevensso or anyone could answer.”

“Would I be correct in assuming the iTunes songs have been remastered as well?” Yes. However, I will never understand the idea of remastering songs exclusively for a compressed audio format. Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose? Isn’t the whole point on remastering presenting the song in a higher fidelity? When it’s compressed to a lower quality digital file it loses it’s quality. Hmph!

“Do you think they actually remastered songs from the RoxBox? I mean,what more could they do? =p ” I highly doubt the songs would have been remastered from the ’RoxBox’ anyway. The songs are more than likely going to be remastered from the original master tapes. If Thomas Eberger remasters this stuff, like he did the ’RoxBox’, then it’s quite likely that his 2006 remasters will be used again for these 2009 remasters. However, if a different mastering engineer is assigned for this release then I imagine that this mastering engineer will be working from the original master tapes as well, including mastering the songs used in the ’RoxBox’ from the original master tapes as well.

“And lastly (and most importantly) Would you imagine that we’re talking full album versions here (although seeing that the USA version of Dressed... appears as a bonus track I think I know the answer to this one ! =))” With EMI you just never know! Remember that the ’RoxBox’ was inconsistent when it came to LP versions vs. single edits/versions. I guess it all depends on which master tape they grab first as to which version is used.

With that said, the bonus track selection is quite odd I must say. I wonder who came up with it. Looks like several of the tracks were just randomly picked out of a hat. It would have made much more sense to include “Christmas For The Broken-Hearted” and “Turn To Me” as ’Pearls Of Passion’ bonus cuts over demo versions. Hmmm.

Oh well. Still can’t wait to get these, complaints aside. :)

Roxette-atic said on August 26, 2009 04:02:
Roxettes next album should be called ” If you dont want it- dont buy it!”

This discussion isn’t just about whether I or anybody else wants to buy it or not - Otherwise, what would be the point of this forum, when there could just be a simple Yes/No vote?

Most people here *will* be buying these new releases, so I find it kinda strange that so many fans won’t have discussions that could potentially enhance the releases. Instead, they seem to have an automatic acceptance of anything Per puts his name to :-S

@Chris - i think most fans have just given up and accepted that anything that EMI release with regards to Rox isn’t going to be up to expectations. Per has already said that him and Marie weren’t very involved with these releases. Maybe if they were involved, the outcome would’ve been different? Who knows?

A lot of different opions here. I would like to give mine as well.

’The voice’, ’One is...’ and ’Don’t believe...’ are great songs and I am happy to find them on Look Sharp! now. The new versions of ’Cinnamon Street’ and ’Fingertips’ are great as well and deserve to be on Tourism. ’Almost unreal’, ’Crazy about you’ and ’See me’ are not the best Rox songs ever, but they belong to C!B!B! anyhow.

Adding ’The sweet hello...’ to the Joyride album is a logical and excellent choice. But why not add ’It must have been love’ as well, instead of those uninspired demos?

’It hurts’ is a fantastic song and should have been on HAND in the first place. Personally I don’t like ’Myth’, so I would have preferred to see ’Happy together’ here.

’Entering your heart’ is a lot better then some of the songs that already were on RS. The other additions are OK, but not brilliant.

Complaining makes no sense. These are just remastered albums with some nice extras. There will be new stuff in the future. We should trust Per.

@ChrisWilliams Threres nothing we can do but to accept the decisions that Per and Marie makes. The way to show that you are not happy with the decisions is to NOT BUY the album...thats it. Its stupid to ask ” For who is this album targeted??? Who is gonna buy ut??”. Answer: Who cares?? whoever wants to buy it, buys it.

@TheRain I agree with you that 256Kbps is not CD quality even though if you compress a song off the ’Roxbox’ in ACC or MP3 format and you compare it with a compressed file of a previous non-remastered version you can hear a hell of a difference!

Actually, the more I look at these tracklists, the more I like them–for the most part. ;)

When you consider Per’s comment that these are not meant to be collector’s items and really meant to reintroduce Roxette back into the EMI catalogue with fresh, remastered sound quality, these are actually pretty nice groupings of songs. Similar to the RoxBox, each album now exists a sort of “time capsule” giving you the album, itself, plus 3 songs from that period. These are sometimes demos that never made it to the album (One Is Such A Lonely Number, Don’t Believe In Accidents, etc.) and sometimes they are the single b-sides from that period (The Voice, The Sweet Hello..., etc.). The more I think about it, this is really a great way to reintroduce the album to new and old Roxette fans alike (_especially_ if the liner notes are expanded–crosses fingers).

From this perspective, I think the only real mistakes are:
1.) It Must Have Been Love. As mentioned earlier, how was this song not put on Look Sharp! and the Christmas version deleted from the Pearls of Passion remaster???
2.) Pearls of Passion. Also mentioned earlier–should have had Turn To Me along with IMHBL rather than demos.
3.) Have A Nice Day. Happy Together and Better Off On Her Own really should have been on the physical CD along with It Hurts. Space-allowing, Little Miss Sorrow and Anyone/I Love How You Love Me would have been worthy additions to the physical CD as well.
4.) Room Service. Given the shorter running time of this album and being the most-recent release, Adding Every Day and some of the other demos (All I Ever Wanted, Myth, New World) would have rounded out this release nicely.

From my view, this means Look Sharp!, Joyride, Tourism and Crash! Boom! Bang! are really pretty perfect reissues. And considering they stand to benefit the most from remastering, I think these 4 in particular are solid releases. Pearls of Passion is, no doubt, a downgrade from the 1997 remaster. Have A Nice Day and Room Service, in my opinion, could have a better selection of bonus tracks on the physical CD, but they’re not too bad.

I hope someday we get collector’s versions of these albums akin to The World According To Gessle with all those old b-side remixes (many of which were vinyl-only) on a second CD and maybe some complete live recordings, too (Room Service Live, anyone?). But until then, I like these reissues and will appreciate the upgrade in sound quality.

So when do these come out in the U.S.? Per’s working hard on a record deal, right? ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


Ha ha, you misunderstand what I meant. I meant would any of the songs featured on the Roxbox actually be remastered (from the master tapes) again - or would they just use the same mastered versions provided for the box? Personally I would rather they did them all again and mastering them with some improvements to the dynamics... but I shan’t beat a dead horse.

As for the single/ album edits I would say it has been consistent with its choices for GH packages - the only change being the Dangerous single edit being changed to the album version from “The Pop Hits” onwards.

I’m wondering why they don’t release the longer version of “Entering Your Heart” on RS? This version is available on the japanese version of Room Service but not on the “Center Of The Heart-single”. I would really appriciate to have it on a real disc...

And yes, a box with all the albums together would be nice. If not, I expect a big nice-price from EMI, otherwise it will be too expensive to buy records with songs that I already bought several times...(except 2 Cinamon Street which I only have on the SMB-soundtrack on MC, very nice version with Marie)

if emi was not intending on making these collectors items they why bother with bonus tracks aside from the original session songs like see me or sweet helo? I never liked emi’s business sense but on the other hand per is a buisnessman, and yet somehow he has no control over the use of his masters? Yes the albums need updating....and if there are more bonus songs out there why not put them out through or bad hair day like he did with some demos a while ago. Yes they aren’t as profitable as they were 10 yrs ago, yes they probably won’t ever tour again or put out a whole new album but as a fan who’s still willing to pay out the arse for their material I’d honestly like to see something like another rareties or frankly another boxed set. And since I’m a us fan having soemthing of value released here for once would be nice..yeah americans hate real music now but some of us still remember actually buying albums cause the whole lp was worth it and the songs meant something to us.

so say we all

hi everyone. i just wanted to say that i´m happy with this release. nowhere did i read that this would be similar to TWATG, so i didn´t expect much. the purpose of these release is to get better sound quality. Look Sharp!, Joyride, Tourism and cbb! sound quite bad compared to HAND or RS. when i got the roxbox and listened to the remastered sound of each track i said: “i wish i could get that sound for each album”. i mean, Paint sounds great in the roxbox. and now “my wish comes true”, i´m getting every single album with that great sound. and ADDITIONALLY i´m getting some extras. since i already had those, it´s not so important, so why bother whether a demo or a b-side is missing? we already have them all! in addition, i´m very excited about Toursim: fingertips 93 and cinnamon street! i remember myself back in 1993, i used to play tourism and as soon as it finished, i used to listen to F93 and CS plus almost unreal. and now they´ll be there. regarding Pearls of passion, the 1997 release was excellent. so i don´t care much about this one. joyride was perfect the way it was so... let´s just wait for this release, all of us WILL buy it anyways...

Super jewel boxes! Thats the term i was looking for lmao thanks. yes they would be great in those instead, very neat and tidy and new looking - modern

as for Dance Passion - I dont care how bad it is! lols I WANT IT ALL! hahaha.....................But really i do, i really really do.....what harm could it do? really? really? reall...........oh yeah i just realised that EMI would forget where they put the CDs meaning we wouldnt get it anyway........or they would make sure it was released in 1 country, say, erm......Iceland :)

lol! I just noticed the Amazon ad on the left had LS as ’new’ @ $11.98 and Joyride as new and 17% off @ $9.97

Still no word on where these releases will show up? I’m guessing in all territories?

Speaking of double sets etc, does anyone remember the double album packs? I remember my local HMV having them, I think (but can’t be sure) that you could get a double CD pack of Look Sharp and Tourism or Joyride and Tourism in a fancy tall sleeve, I think it may have been an import from Oz and I really wish I had bought it at the time - does anyone have any of these?

Had mixed feelings on these re-releases from the start. Haven’t decided if I will buy them yet- depends on the booklet i think!
My gut feelings are that- I already have all the songs mentioned here and the ones that I only have on tape (quite a few lol) are only on itunes (which at the minute i am clueless about- is this only for ipods?)
I think i only really care about Surrender live anyway as I love that version!
Don’t see the point in buying LS again for example cos it sounds ’better’ there is nothing wrong with the original!

Yes, for iPods only. Or for iTunes too of course.

I shall certainly be buying the cds, although I am not liking the iTunes only packages, It’s a disappointment

I can’t believe how selfish some “roxette fans” really are. Your greed is exceptional.


iTunes downloads isnt only for iPod’s and iTunes. You can hear
them in any music player :-)))

True, other players can play them nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they’re not mainly for Apple’s own machines.

I’m tired of those iTunes “exclusives” songs. If I’m going to buy an album, I want all the tracks in lossless quality.

Mmm... i was expecting a new album, new songs, new sound, same voices... So long time waiting for the roxette’s new album, but we get the same we know... in nice boxes, or beautifull bags.
Yo estuve esperando un nuevo album, nuevas canciones, nuevo sonido, las mismas voces, muchisimo tiempo esperando el nuevo albun de roxette, pero tenemos lo mismo que conocemos... en agradables cajas o bonitas bolsas...

anyway... the most possible thing is... i wont be able to buy the album in chile, with this kind of thing, such doing the same album once again and again... there’s not so many people who buy those...
De todas formas, lo mas probable es que no podre comprar el album en chile, con este tipo de cosas,como hacer el mismo album, una vez y otra.. no mucha gente los compra

“I can’t believe how selfish some “roxette fans” really are. Your greed is exceptional.”

LOL. But, couldn’t we say the same thing about EMI? It amazes me, too, how some people actually defend the record label, especially when they make silly decisions like i-Tunes only bonus tracks. Then they wonder why people illegally download.

yes record companies are very stubborn. How long has it taken them to embrace the internet as a distribution channel, not that they’ve got that quite right yet. least all this is some form of publicity for Rox...hope it all helps :)

The albums are listed at, only 8,99 € each! Didn’t expect such a nice price for a fresh release! :-)

Dance Passion was only released on LP. The Cd-version is a bootleg, not a real release.

Some of the x-tra-tracks are a bit strange to me. Why cancelling most of the bonus-tracks on “Pearls Of Passion”? And why including the “Secret...”-Demo instead of the great acoustic Montezuma-Version of “I call your name”?

Furthermore I hoped to get the complete outtake-tracks from each album (e.g. the CBB-Version of “She doesn’t live here anymore”).

On the other hand I think that this way of rereleasing the records is better than putting one or two unreleased tracks on each CD. For this plan I really would prefer an own compilation-album.

For people who are no collectors but would like to take the chance to get all the relevant roxette-songs with these re-releases it would have been wiser to include “It Must Have Been Love” as a bonus-track on Look Sharp or Joyride (like they put “Almost Unreal” on CBB). For many people (not so much for me) this is THE Roxette-Song.

Nevertheless, I think I will buy at least the “Look Sharp”-Remaster, because there we really might hear a significant difference to the original release (which sounds a bit “dusty” now in a playlist between songs currently played on the radio). But I hope they did not kill all the dynamics by maximazing the loudness of the songs.

Download our songs:

so I couldn’t help it, I bought LS!, Joyride (which was the plan) and Tourism :) The price is really great :D

Marie Fredriksson Online
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Is it a typo or will Joyride be released on the 2nd of September instead of October?

@ RoXoR: it’s a typo. The release Date also for Joyride is the 2nd of October!

Good point, No ’IMHBL’ I would of put that on end of ’joyride album’ Would be perfect album then.

Odd they put ’almost unreal’ on CBB but left IMHBL off any. ow well :)

i was wonderimn is the joyride reissue of the eu version with i remember u? so say we all

Good point coyboyusa. I would assume it would be the full version, but you never know with EMI.

Given what’s coming up in the next few months NOTP etc.. it’s a smart move to get all the albums back on the shelves. I like them adding the extra tracks, as it gives the buyer something extra. Once again, most fans will have all the extras. In the end you don’t buy these discs for the extra tracks or anything else, just the improved sound quality.

It would just suck if the following year they do end up releasing a Boxset of all the albums with bonus stuff, like the TWATG disc.

Also not a fan of the digital only songs, thankfully it’s all stuff I/we have, but is annoying that you can’t get it on a physical medium.

At this stage i’m not sure what i’ll do, maybe the first 4 albums seeing as they sound the worst, but also depends on price.

Per says the new albums will be the ones that were originally released in Sweden, so full versions.

@rossyrox Yes. Fat double cds. Sticker with ’2 pack $29.95’ on them.

Boring releases. Was expecting more. Meh.

Does anyone know if the Roxette Remasters will be released in the UK or made available on I can’t wait to get Look Sharp remastered and finally get my hands on Love spins and Myth!

Roxette have been treated so badly here in the UK and deserve bigger credit than they ever got! I can’t wait to here a new album and look foward to the Gessle over Europe cd which I also hope to be able to get my hands on!

anyone know why track lists weren’t provided for the reissues on amazon? I’m tempted to order assuming they ship internationally unless skivhuggestnet also has them? And I was wondering where the song only you that they recorded for the first hits went I’ve always wanted to hear it

so say we all

The re-issues will be with all the tracks released in Sweden, check for the tracklists. I’m also very positive the records will be released everywhere they used to be available.

it is the remastered releases on Send them outside of germany. But this can only pay for the credit card. Enter order: roxette as searchterm/ Suche, and then click left on music (384)/Musik (384) , then next 3 months/ nächste 3 Monate (7) and since the albums are there...

Maybe release in the U.S. as well?

Attention! PRICES increases for the remastered albums. Joyride already stands at € 13.99 instead of € 8.99!
The others are “OR” at € 8.99, but for how long? Who has not pre-ordered should hurry up!

Hopefully they will be available in South Africa too (and very soon).
I can’t wait to listen to “Hotblooded” full-blast on my sound system!!!!

Davidc4 said: “but forgetting albums for a second, how about a DVD release of Live-ism and other concerts. Now That Is What I Would Call A Great Idea! :)”

How long have people been asking for that. I really hope it’s in the pipeline., and list Roxette 2009 re-releases. got great sale of orginal edition for 29SEK only (except Tourism - 49SEK, there’s no HAND or RS).

For Swedes; CDON has them listed at 79 SEK each, but you still cannot book them. Ginza has yet to to include them in their database.
That’s just about what I expected them to cost. Still not pleased with the Pearls of Passion downgrade, but I’ll likely buy that one as well.

God knows I could definitely use a new booklet for Joyride and a new Tourism-disc :)

@RobS yep! Well Live-ism is already available on DVD (the Brazilian-only edition) but I would be very happy to have a DVD version of the ’Sweden Live’ concert!

I can’t see anything on :(

I can’t see anything on :(

can you see anything on


So the digital versions of the albums will have the bonus songs as well but will the iTunes-only versions replace them with the other bonus tracks or will it be a 6 track bonus?

i just realized no remastered breathe or thing about you and i think tourism should have the entire sydney show with it so say we all

coyboyusa said: “i think tourism should have the entire sydney show with it

I don’t think that would follow what they are doing with these releases. If there is a collectors edition set then something like that would be a nice addition.

I still would love to see a multidisc live set, Live-ISM + CD, Crash!Boom!Live! + CD and a CD of the Room Service tour. Or at least something like that.

Per’s comment “We’ll find other ways to do that, trust me” leaves me hopeful that maybe one day we might get something like that.

I do think it’s a bit weird that they would use some incomplete demos rather than a classic song like “breathe”. That would have been an ideal addition to Room Service or HAND. Bonus tracks arent important to me actually in this instance. I would just like high quality of sound and good songs, as the new editions will be the only ones available in shops and will now be that album. Indeed I think it is somewhat detrimental to the Roxette brand and to the quality of the original work to give trash like “Love Spins” the honour of now being on the Joyride tracklist (and that is just one example of where quality is being compromised on these releases). Overall though I am just happy to be getting these albums as remasters and I just hope it has been done to a satisfactory standard.

I agree with ncurran actually. I found that whole “Quality over exclusivity has always been our choice” comment regarding the RoxBox a bit strange, considering that the unreleased demo versions of both “Bla Bla Bla” and “Better Off On Her Own” featured in the release over the indisputably superior “Pop Hits” versions.

I don’t know...

BTW the webshop describes the new releases as “Eco-packs”. What are they going to be like ?

Ouch, anything labeled “eco” scares me...

probably just recycled paper/card

some possibilities here?

“i just realized no remastered breathe or thing about you”

Yeah, but these were already newly mastered on the ’RoxBox’.

Seems to be some sort of digipak.


In a first for the music industry, the standard packaging for these titles, both sleeve and tray, is completely paper-recyclable. The traditional jewel case has been replaced with recycled paperboard sleeves, and the plastic tray with trays made from PaperFoam®, which is biodegradable. To further reduce the amount of paper in the Eco-Pack, the CD booklet is no longer offered.

Check out the video by following the link. I’ve seen these before. Maybe they are also available in addition to the standard jewel case/booklet packaging.

Hmm. Digital versions have appeared on - but no physicals yet! Wondering it I should just order from cdon or Bengans... ??

Edit: Hurrah! Full album versions!! =) Looking forward to hearing C!B!B! (the song) in its entirety.

Also, having listened to them, even the newer songs seem to sound better. But maybe I’ve allowed myself to be tricked. Ha ha...

Of course it’s the album versions on the albums!? ;-s

No booklets? Didn’t Per said they were working on booklets?? The booklets are part of buying the CD!

@chris - just listened to the Real Sugar snippet, I can hear a difference as well and I should know. I’ve heard that song far too many times since its been released!! lol

if they are released in those stupid eco sleeves then i wont be impressed in the slightest. they are easily damaged and scuffed and with no booklet makes me feel like ive been ripped off.

chrisjankunas said: Hmm. Digital versions have appeared on

I can’t find them anywhere?? I can’t find anything on any Australian websites about releases. But i’m not holding my breath for anything.

Just pre-ordered all 7 albums from ( 79 sek ) :D

Guys, is it really that CDs will not contain booklet ? Is it a true information ?

No one seems to know. It’s only a rumour. Let’s hope it remains as it.

Need to ask Per. I‘m sure he knows.

I’m sure there will be 3 versions:

One with booklets, plus the Eco-packs and ofcourse digital releases.

No need to cry.

79sek is about AU$13, which is very cheap for a CD over here. Makes me think there is something going on with this ecopack thing, and the talk of no booklets.

Bon Jovi’s last compilation album was apparently an ecopack as well. Anyone have that so we might know what it could be? mentions upgraded booklets, i’m thinking there may be two releases, a standard with jewelcase & booklet, and a budget version “ecopack” with just the disc.

welcome to why emi is the least competitive recording company in the world they can’t even get the correct information out abou tthier releases. If they don’t come with booklets I can honeslty say bittorrent will become my new friend permanently.

so say we all

@Rob - I haven’t got that version of Crossroads - I refused to buy a forth edition of Crossroads or another copy of Livin’ On A Prayer!

EMI says yesterday, it’s in eco-pack with some extra’s, all to an attracitve price.

Mmmm if these ecopacks are similar to digipacks I’m going digital because they get ruined in no time!

offtopic: Any Roxette news? I thougt Marie and Per wanted to join the studio this summer. Does anyone know if they allready recorded something?

I’m guessing no one knows. Per’s in Italy today though...

Per’s busy recording demos, already several times at T&A. :-)

Actually he said the there’ll be going to record demos at T&A soon... :-)

Does it mean that Roxette remasters will be released in the USA?

=O Didn’t expect the US to get them! How nice! What about the UK though? So far I’ve only seen digital. Are we getting them? I don’t know whether to buy from cdon/ bengans or not...

Looks like a real worldwide release. Just be a bit patient! :-)

From my understanding “101 Distribution” is though EMI. In other words, yes, the U.S. will get them, but they will get them an imports. If you look at other EMI releases made available in the U.S. they are often cited as “101 Distribution”, and yes, they are imported. Amazon just hasn’t listed them as “import” in their description.

I hope that there will be a day when we will hear TCOTH (HAND version), SDLHA (CBB version), Ghost In The House... especially TCOTH !!!

@pwbbounce do you know what he is/was doing in Italy?

@roxlad No idea, there has been no tweeting from Mr G today!

maybe he watch the “gran premio of formula 1”, to Monza... he’s a Ferrari’s fan!

No fun in Italy. Per wrote: work work work. ;-)


Work in Italy? Now I’m curious!

Anyhow to go back to the subject.... could it be that when they talk about booklets they mean the digital versions will be iTunes LP files that come with a DVD-like menu with lyrics and the lot?

Per’s already back, see twitter. So no Capri recordings... ;-)

Btw, I’m curious which studio they choose for new recordings? Polar? Cosmos? Atlantis? Or their own? TAGM, T&A, Vinden? Or will they travel to abroad? Hmmmm...

Polar Studios no longer exist, so don’t count them in. If they are going to record something new, I am quite sure they will use Aerosol Grey Machine, as in their latest releases. No need to travel abroad, they feel more comfortable if working close to their families.

Per said later he regreted recording at AGM in 2006 since he thought Marie wasn’t comfortable at his established solo grounds down there. Sadly, polar got a fitness studio. There was a TDR article about the closing.

I’d guess some studio in Stockholm, maybe Marbella as well.

I’m going to pre-order Roxett’es cd’s from tomorrow... Can someone help me step-by-step where to click on what, as the site is only in Swedish. LOL....


U.S. fans – currently has the Roxette remasters at a pre-order price of $7.95 each! Wow!

do they ship to South Africa this Tower place??

I guess you know by now also have Roxette’s re-masters to order.

Hmmm, I might get them from Tower then. Still nothing on any Australian sites, I would say it’s strange, but it’s not really...

hi people ive found that hmv are releaseing the 2009 versions of roxettes albums, they are coming out on the 28-09-2009, there is no price yet but they are all there, ive emailed admin to this forum so they can let the other english roxers..

here’s the link for you all to see

well guys see you all soon,

colby x

They are already available on iTunes (ITALY). They sound great but the track ’Come back (byl) demo’ has a horrible click. Could anybody check again (in case it’s just my file).

Is it me or only 3 of them available - Joyride, Crash! Boom! Bang! and Room Service?

You can also find POP and LS! but no 2009 remaster is stated in the title. HAND and TSM are not available yet.

So far I’ve bought the remastered versions of LOOK SHARP!, JOYRIDE and CRASH!BOOM!BANG!
To be honest I’m not too fond of the remaster-job, especially on JOYRIDE i think the sound is too compressed and sometimes even distorted.


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