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Roxette single out on January 10: “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)”

Written by roxeteer on December 3, 2010 to and .

Per Gessle just confirmed it: Roxette's next single will be called "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)" and it will be out on January 10.
The B-side is a live version of "Wish I Could Fly" recorded in St. Petersburg September 12, 2010.


I don’t know what to think. The rumour that a L. Gaga song has leaked with a very similar name is suspicious. And the single sleeve looks a bit rushed, looks like the singles off “Party Crasher”. Maybe just another Per joke to tease the fans...

On the other hand, everybody thought the “One Wish” sleeve was a joke too, but it was real. I have reasons to think it’s a joke, and reasons to think it’s real! Time will tell.

great news! I am very happy and the title of the single makes me think of a up tempo ....
if the single will be released Jan. 10, we may be able to listen on the radio before Christmas!

so exciting!!

EMI and Dimberg confirmed this, even sent the cover??
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

It’s great to finally get it officially confirmed... The cover is different but it will grow on me!

Heh heh... Look Sharp! meets Silly Really =p

“Look Sharp! meets Silly Really”

That’s exactly what I thought too!

B-Side live version of Wish I coul fly?? bufffff!!! I prefer and unreleased or demo version!! But sounds great!!!

i like the b-side!

Tider12, I’m guessing the extra songs end up on the deluxe 2-cd version Per tweeted about. 16 songs recorded, 12 on the album. The extra 4 will make a perfect bonus E.P. ala the Ballad Hits and Pop Hits deluxe editions.

I don’t mind “Wish I Could Fly” live as a b-side, I just wish–for my money–it was a maxi single with 2 or 3 more live tracks. The price per song to import this release into the U.S. will astronomical and a maxi single would have made it much more palatable (more for my money). Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m just thrilled to get ANY new Roxette so nothing but smiles here. :-)

“The price per song to import this release into the U.S. will astronomical”

Astronomical? A 2-track single doesn’t cost more than 29 or 39 kronor in Sweden. I can say I have never missed a single during this years, as they were totally affordable. If I could, I don’t think it could be so expensive for someone from the U.S.

39 kronor currently converts to just under 6 USD. That’s a pretty standard price here in the US for a domestic CD single, too. However, it’s tough to find reliable, safe online resellers who don’t charge a premium to import CDs. Typically, a disc like this will cost 9 or 10 USD since imports are priced at a premium here. Now add international shipping. It becomes pretty hard to buy even a 2-track single for a whole lot less than 15 USD total. Even if it only costs me, say, 12 USD total, that’s still 39 kronor PER SONG–a 200% markup over those of you fortunate to live where Roxette is a domestic title.

You’re right, “astronomical” is a relative term. It’s not like I won’t eat in January over this. ;-) It’s merely a statement of value. A 4-track single gets me more music for my money. I guess I just miss the Joyride and C!B!B! days when all the singles were 4 tracks minimum.

What a coincidence. Lady Gaga have a song called “Nothing on (but the radio)”

Roxerally said on December 3, 2010 16:38:

It’s great to finally get it officially confirmed... The cover is different but it will grow on me!

Yep i agree Roxerally,i haven’t been on this site for a couple of years & the first time i do i get to know about a new album & world tour.Tell you what Alison if Roxette come to Sheffield again we’ll make an evening of it,i.e pre drinks,meal etc if your up for it.

Any news about a possible snippet, as it’s just one month away. I want it!!!


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i’d love to know when the radio premiere will be ...

The sleeve of the single available in has a purple tint!

Either there are more than one, or there’s a color coding problem (RGB/CMYK).

I didn’t like the cover....It looks as if Roxette is somehow still there in Look Sharp era....In Roxette documentary they themsevles said that it’s important to not look back at your old work when the host asks about the success of Look Sharp.....All the singles had their own originality...anyway let’s hope for the best.......

It´s fabulous!! Fresh and Lively. Simply love it!!!! Waiting for the next tour you´ll be making...Come back to my country..Peru!!!!You ´ve got many fans here :)



” shaping me up for the big time, baby “


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