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Major Per-releases in the world

Written by tevensso on December 2, 2009 to and . Source: d&d management.

Per has just let The Daily Roxette know that the albums "The World According to Gessle," "Son of a Plumber" and "Party Crasher" now are via Tunecore digitally released in these online stores:

# iTunes U.S.
# Rhapsody
# Napster
# eMusic
# Lala
# Shockhound
# LimeWire Store
# iTunes Australia/N.Z.
# iTunes Canada
# iTunes Japan

Additionally the single "Silly Really" is also available on

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Good! Same should be done to the missing Roxette albums (CBB to RS in the US) if EMI doesn’t want to play their game.

Sounds great! I hope there’ll be some kind of minimal promotion so that the people in those countries know about the albums:)

I think this IS the promotion. For now.

For the record, Crash! Boom! Bang! (2009) -IS- available on iTunes in the USA–only Have a Nice Day and Room Service are still missing....

The major problem is that the iTunes exclusive bonus tracks aren’t there. :-( I can’t tell you what a major disappointment that is to me. Why even have iTunes exclusive tracks if you’re not going to post them in the U.S. store as well?!

Party Crasher and World According To have actually been available in the U.S. iTunes Store for a while now. But another problem: There are 2 versions of World According To, but NEITHER is the extended version.

As of now, I don’t see Son Of A Plumber at all. Here’s hoping the iTunes exclusive tracks will be included here–though based on the Rox and Gessle releases, I won’t hold my breath.

All these albums should be released to online stores ! No excuse.

there is a perfect excuse emi is going to face bankruptcy next year and emi holds their distributorship deal unless I am mistaken

so say we all

hey tev whats the story on official live-ism dvd?

so say we all

nevermind amazon says it was withdrawn by emi?

so say we all

I think it was a bootleg, it was available on CDON as well. People who bought it claim it was a crappy TV recording from Australian TV.


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