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Roxette single title revealed? (Updated)

Written by roxeteer on December 3, 2010 to and .

Update: It's true! The single will be out on January 10.

Cutting Room Studios briefly released a blog post on their website saying that Roxette's forthcoming single is titled "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)." The post was later removed, but it's still available in Google cache.

Here's what was posted on the site: 

Roxette is Back With New Single

Our long time friends at EMI Sweden & Roxette are releasing a new single titled “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)”. The Roxette duo started in 1986, combining Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson. Roxette has sold 75 million albums all over the world and have had four singles in the number one spot on the Billboardlistan in the US. With songs like “The Look”, “It Must Have Been Love”, & “Listen to Your Heart” och “Joyride” you can expect another great hit from this outstanding pair. Mastering with Björn Engelmann.

In related news, Per tweeted that the single will be a 2-track release.


Love the title!! Sounds very much typical Per, and I expect its not a ballad, but you can never be sure with Roxette! (ie C!B!B!)


Sounds great!!

Sounds interesting! Unsurprisingly my-simpleton-self is having visions of it sounding like “Keep the Radio On”, merely because it has a similar title, heh heh. Look forward to hearing it at some point!

i think the title is great! do you think “she’s got nothing on but the radio” is rather a ’male’ or a ’female line’ or in other words: what’s your feeling: will it be a per- or a marie-chours?

And Gessle has registered two new songs on BMI, FEMALE GODDESS and FUCKING AMAL-BG CUES!!!
You can see it on and search gessle like songwriter!!

“it’s not true I had nothing on. I had the radio on” - Marilyn Monroe.


the same title has one song of lady gaga but i don’t care:)

keep the radio on was a superb track!

There’s a song called “Nothing On (But The Radio)”, that is _rumored_ to be a song by Lady Gaga. According to this page it’s a song written by Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander.

Accually it’s not the same title as Lady gaga since Gagas song is titled “Nothing on (but the radio)”, and it goes “I got nothing on but the radio”. It’s similar and a funny coincidence, but I don’t think it is a reason to belive that the Roxette title is wrong. I’m not saying that the Roxette title is correct, because I don’t know more then the rest of us in that matter, I don’t think we should concider the rumour untrue just because of Lady Gagas song.


hope,we can hear this song in december!!!!
i can’t wait!!!!
i’m sure it’s an up-tempo one:)

I think it’s fake.

maybe it is clever song titling....someone searches itunes for the lady gaga song and it comes up with Roxette and they think “hey I remember them” and buy it :)

Probably is fake, I’m so pleased there will be a LP of the album too.


i know a lot of songs or albums of different artists with the same titles. that’s nothing wrong of course:)
i can almost imagine marie singing the chorus so sweetly and sensually:)

I am not sue how true it is... I’m not sure I like the title for a single release, but I guess until I have heard it I can’t really comment!

I HOPE i’ts fake! I want a great ballad as a first song and this title doesn’t sound like a ballad it just sounds awful!


i prefer rox-ballads too, but it seems the new album includes, unfortunately, mainly up-tempo-songs and the first one will be probobly an up-tempo pop song too.


Fake? I would say it could be a problem for Rox camp if Lady G. releases a song with a smilar title. Maybe that was the reason to delete the message on Cutting Room? Anyway - I love the concept, but it’s so hard to make a proper translation into Polish! :D

i know, radio dj’s love songs with “radio” in it in their moderations ... it’s always a nice keyword to talk about their own station ...

I with you PWB it is very Per ish and sounded like it should had been on CBB. Just wondering if he wrote, I wonder we he come up with the title? May Asa was listening to the radio while she was in the nude. :-)


New Roxette single: SHE’S GOT NOTHING ON (BUT THE RADIO). Release date Jan 10. Check out the sleeve at

It’s official!!!!


I just listened to the song, and I’m almost 100.0 % certain that the lead voice is NOT Per’s! BTW, for the member who used it, PLEASE don’t use the “f” word? It has no place here!

The cover is very ’Look Sharp’ ish! Looking forward to it!

The song on YouTube claiming to be the new single is NOT the song! Clearly, it’s not Roxette


Jan 10 new single!!! yeahhhhh!! I can’t wait!!! I don’t like the cover, i hope the album cover will be a photo of Marie & Per!!


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