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Heavy metal cover of “Fading Like a Flower”

Written by colinvdbel on November 12, 2009 to and . Source:

Finnish heavy metal band 'Warmen' recorded a cover of Roxette's "Fading Like A Flower". The song has been released as a bonus track on the Japanese version of their fourth studio album called "Japanese Hospitality". You can listen to the song on Warmen's Myspace page.

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bleh it offers nothing new and she can’t sing she’s basically talking the lyrics

so say we all

@coyboyusa: I totally agree!

Pointless, but hey, thanks to TDR for mentioning it :)

Think it sounds very descent. And I think the singing is not bad at all.
Just to bad it’s not a bit heavier like I would have expected. ( the cheesy mixing sadly enough) But really a nice thumbs up! :)

A “heavy metal”-version???

It’s the original, almost note by note, forced into a pseudo-rock-dress. The original songs on the “Warmen”-Account are much better. But I have to admit that I’m very hard to satisfy with cover-versions, so my opinion might be very subjective.

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hm.. trying to find out where the heavy metal touch is :D
Nice though

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I like it very much
itas the best cover I have heard of this song
which is one of my favorite roxcx songs anyway

It’s not amazing, but I reckon it could be a hit if released as a single in a few places.

Decent cover. Have to agree tho, not ’heavy’ metal really, bit harder han the original i suppose.


I think the only thing that is really good is that it stays very true to the original.

Otherwise not a fan. But nice to see people covering Roxette songs though.

ALWAYS NICE to see bands covering/remixing Roxette.


It sounds like she was booted off Idols during the first auditions fase.

And the music isn’t “heavy metal”, rather similiar to the Rox live versions during the C!B!B! era with Micke, Jonas and PG all three strumming away on guitar. Actually, I think Rox’s version was louder - they at least had 2 drummers ;oP

Would love to see these “moshpitters” performing it live though!

Eugh, her voice is really irritating me now.

*Press STOP*

Not terrible by any stretch, but it does nothing new with the song. You need more than chugging guitar chords to do justice to Roxette.
The main vocals lack the emotion that Marie brought to it as well

Ah guys.. with Maries vocals you all would love this take on FLAF.

I love the sound of the heavier guitars

@eBay: Guilty as charged (-;

Nice cover... but nothing special.

Just another proof that Marie has the best female voice on this planet...:D

Oh we Rox-fans are damned spoiled! :)

Well, I listened to the song, and it sounds just like a re-make of the original Roxette version. I hear NO “heavy metal” on this song.

it just sounds like a bad karaoke version of Roxette’s song.

Once again, after listening to this lady attempting to sound like a singer, one get more respect for Marie, once again.

It could’ve been heavier!!!
But i love it!! Better than all those dance-covers... I’m more into heavy metal!!!

without praise and without infamous!

I hate coversongs, but this one is just plain boring. It’s sung very monotonous and the heavy from metal is nowhere around.
Just a bit more distortion effects in the guitars. It was so boring I skipped big chunks of the song.
No energy, no rockin’ sound, no dynamics, it just misses a vital ingredient.... Roxette!
I expected to be more blown away as the word metal was mentioned, but alas...
It became a cover that needs a new battery. What’s more to say about it? Nothing, just that it’s time lost when you listen to it.
I’d rather listen my old cd of Rox, they put life and emotion in that song.

It’s better than the remix of It Must Have Been Love that I just heard on youtube. It Must Have Been Love Karma remix. Yuk.

Marie Fredriksson Online reports that Marie will perform live on stage in Café Opera, Stockholm in an event called “Still rocking in the free world.”

The event is organized by Lass aicp e Lindbom who is remembered as the producer of Marie’s early solo albums. According to the event information in Facebook, the event, taking place on March 12, is dedicated especially to the people “who used Café Opera as their living room in the 80s.” The tickets ardms is only available via Swedish bank giro, so it may be difficult to obtain tickets abroad.

Other artists in the event will be Mats Ronander, Anne-Lie Rydé, Niklas Strömstedt and Lasse Lindbom. They are performing together with the musicians Pelle Alsing, Mats asvab “Gaffa” Karlsson, Patrik Lundström, Hasse Olsson and Mikael Bolyos.

Lasse Lindbom told Marie Fredriksson Online that Marie will perform 4-5 songs, one of them being “Jealous guy” by cahsee John Lennon.


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