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“Room Service” and “Centre” released in Australia today

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 30, 2001 to .

“Room Service” was released by EMI in Australia today, along with “The Centre of the Heart” as a single.

  Many fans have reported widespread difficulty in actually finding the album in stock, but that problem is expected to be resolved quickly.

  Graham Ashton, a spokesman for EMI Australia, reports that the company is optimistic the album will sell well, now that Roxette is getting exposure on radio and TV.

Roxette to shoot “Milk And Toast And Honey” video

Written by roxeteer on April 29, 2001 to .

Roxette are preparing to shoot the video for “Milk And Toast And Honey” in the Stockholm archipelago on May 2nd and 3rd. This will be the third single release from their latest album “Room Service”.

  The second single, “Real Sugar” is expected to be released in early May. Per has said at that “Fool” is a strong candidate to be the fourth single.

CNN’s Worldbeat Chart has “Room Service” at #3

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 27, 2001 to .

NEW YORK - Roxette is at #3 with “Room Service” on the CNN World Beat Top 10 Album Chart, the first ever weekly rundown of the world’s best-selling albums.

  Hosted by Brooke Alexander here in New York, the half-hour program offers in-depth profiles and interviews with artists from around the world. World Beat airs on all feeds of CNN International, Domestic, and Airport.

“Real Sugar” video features puppet band

Written by roxeteer on April 26, 2001 to .

HELSINKI - The next single from “Room Service” will be “Real Sugar.” Per told The Daily Roxette today that the video for the single has already been shot and that it will be something totally new - at least for Roxette.

  “We’re using puppets,” Per said. “Me and Marie are the only real people in the video. We have a puppet band looking like The Ramones. The video starts with two puppets watching ’The Centre Of The Heart’ video from TV.”

  The “Real Sugar” single is expected to be released as soon as early May. The director for the video is Jesper Hiro, who works for the same video production company as Jonas Åkerlund.

Lundquist: “There will be a tour and I’m in the band”

Written by roxeteer on April 26, 2001 to .

HELSINKI - (TDR EXCLUSIVE) Christoffer Lundquist, an all-around musician on Roxette’s two latest albums and in the band Brainpool (“discovered” by Per’s company Jimmy Fun Music), was playing bass in Roxette’s band here today. Speaking with The Daily Roxette at the end of their mini-concert here, he said that he has enjoyed working with Per and Marie. “They are really nice people,” Lundquist said.

  It doesn’t bother Lundquist that Per and Marie grab all the attention of fans. He was able to walk out from the studios without being surrounded by autograph hunters. “That’s the way it is,” he said laconically.

  At the press conference, when asked about a tour, Per only revealed that they are going to have a big meeting about it tomorrow. But when we asked Christoffer if he knew anything about tour plans, he said that the decision to mount another major Tour has already been reached. “They want to have a proper tour,” he says. “And I’m in the band.”

  Christoffer also told TDR that Brainpool is working on a new album. “It’s a rock opera and it will sound something like our previous album,” Lundquist said. That album, “You Are Here”, was their first without Janne Kask, who left the band’s lead singer position in 1997. The album was a flop, but Kask is not going to be back in the band. “We don’t want to work with him anymore,” said Lundquist.

Roxette looking for big label in the US

Written by roxeteer on April 26, 2001 to .

HELSINKI - As you probably already know, Roxette doesn’t have a record deal for the US. They had a deal with Edel America Records (EAR) that was supposed to have included the “Room Service” CD out now, but it only lasted for one album - a Greatest Hits compilation. So, what went wrong?

  “We’re not used to working with small record companies,” said Per at a press conference held here today in response to a question from The Daily Roxette. “They are always like ’We have to move in 6 months’ and things like that. We’re not used to that. We are a big record company band.”

  Roxette has their entertainment lawyer in the States attempting to talk with bigger companies, but without success so far. The reason may be that Roxette is reluctant to lower their price. “If we’re going to have a record deal in the US, it will be on our terms,” said Per.

Roxette visits Helsinki

Written by roxeteer on April 26, 2001 to .

HELSINKI - Per and Marie were here in Finland today to promote their new album and The Daily Roxette was in the center of the action.

  The band had a very tight schedule. They arrived around 11am, held a press conference at 2pm, ate lunch after that, and then had a brief meet & greet with fans at 3:30pm. A live performance was recorded at 5pm and, after that, they rushed to the airport for a flight back to Sweden.

  The band was supposed to have done a live interview for TV-show Jyrki (a daily music program broadcast live), but because they were running late, the interview had to be cancelled at the last minute.

  Roxette was backed by Clarence Öfwerman on keyboards, Pelle Alsing on drums and Christoffer Lundquist on the bass. Per played the guitar. They also had a Finnish string section of four people. They played “The Centre Of The Heart” (twice), “Milk And Toast And Honey”, “Wish I Could Fly” and “Real Sugar”.

Per shares tidbits at

Written by roxeteer on April 25, 2001 to .

UPDATED Per has answered to new questions at the site. Here are the highlights:

  • “Room Service” sheet music is coming.
  • Roxette does have plans on releasing a compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks.
  • They are working on an US contract. “But nothing will be happen until later this year at the earliest,” says Per.
  • About paying 200,000 SEK for driving Formula 1 car, Per said: “Don’t believe the media.”
  • The album is out in the UK, but the first single there is likely to be “Milk And Toast And Honey” later in the summer. After the single release, Per and Marie are going to do promotion there.
  • As discussed here earlier, Roxette is planning to release a DVD compilation before Christmas. “With lots of forgotten and unseen goodies,” says Per.
  • “Room Service” has sold better than expected, 700,000 copies so far.

(joyrider and Berci Karoly contributed to this article.)

Meet Roxette in Helsinki

Written by roxeteer on April 23, 2001 to .

UPDATED Sonera Plaza Kaista, together with a couple of radio stations and Iltalehti newspaper, has a competition in which you can win and meet Per and Marie in Helsinki, Finland on Thursday this week. Roxette will be then on a short promotional visit in Finland.

  At 5pm, Roxette will have a live show in the studios of the TV show Jyrki in the very centre of Helsinki, in Lasipalatsi. Roxette is going to play 5-6 songs that are recorded for a TV special shown probably in early May. Jyrki will also make their own interview which will be shown next week.

  Radio Nova will have a special Roxette day on Thursday. No further information on its content yet.

  As a sidenote, “Room Service” entered the Finnish album chart’s Top 10 this week, on its 3rd week on the chart. The album is now at #10.

  (Mari contributed to this article.)

Jonas Åkerlund signs to direct full-length motion picture

Written by administrator on April 23, 2001 to .

Jonas Åkerlund, well-known for directing Roxette music videos such as “The Centre Of The Heart,” has signed on to direct the dark indie comedy “Spun.”

  Movie rumour site Ain’t It Cool News reports that the film deals with an unemployed guy (played by Jason Schwartzman) who uses methamphetamine and gets entangled with the maker of the drug (Mickey Rourke), who then takes him on a three-day journey. Other actors involved include Brittany Murphy (playing a stripper), John Leguizamo (a dealer), Patrick Fugit (a speed addict), and Swedish actor Peter Stormare, who plays a policeman. The script was written by Creighton Vero and Will De Los Santos.

  Åkerlund previously directed the 1997 short film ’The Hidden,’ but this appears to be his first-full length feature.

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