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“Real Sugar” video features puppet band

Written by roxeteer on April 26, 2001 to .

HELSINKI - The next single from “Room Service” will be “Real Sugar.” Per told The Daily Roxette today that the video for the single has already been shot and that it will be something totally new - at least for Roxette.

  “We’re using puppets,” Per said. “Me and Marie are the only real people in the video. We have a puppet band looking like The Ramones. The video starts with two puppets watching ’The Centre Of The Heart’ video from TV.”

  The “Real Sugar” single is expected to be released as soon as early May. The director for the video is Jesper Hiro, who works for the same video production company as Jonas Åkerlund.

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roxette never did that... GREAT! ALWAYS SURPRISING THOSE GUYS (c; what are the ramones? cant wait to see!

great song, i agree with this choice. anyway i think that room service contains a n.1 song for european charts: FOOL.

The Ramones were one of Per´s first musical loves.

Gabba-gabba-hey! The Ramones are one of my fav bands too!!! Can’t wait to see the video. Little sad is that the lead singer (Joey Ramone)died this month...

I don’t think “Real Sugar” is a good song either. Now, “Fool” is a great tune! And as someone said above, it will sure hit the radios if it gets released this summer.

great chice, and innovative video, can’t wait to see it soon!!!

Can’t wait to see the Roxing Puppet Band!!! hehe...;) ...But PLEASE sooner or later LOOKING FOR JANE has to be a single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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