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Roxette to shoot “Milk And Toast And Honey” video

Written by roxeteer on April 29, 2001 to .

Roxette are preparing to shoot the video for “Milk And Toast And Honey” in the Stockholm archipelago on May 2nd and 3rd. This will be the third single release from their latest album “Room Service”.

  The second single, “Real Sugar” is expected to be released in early May. Per has said at that “Fool” is a strong candidate to be the fourth single.

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How nice! MTH is my fave song from this album and I think it would become their best sold single from this CD.
Rox on and join the Joyride!

Fool will be a flop. Should be MMHGP!

1 The Centre Of The Heart
2Real Sugar
3Milk And Toast And Honey
4Make My Head Go Pop

Hey roxers!

I think the song Jefersson should be the 4th single

#4 - My world my life my love
# 5 - Looking for Jane

Milk and toast and honey is a very good choice to be the third single of RS, cause in my opinion is the best song of the album. Fool is a nice song, but I think that Make my head go pop is better, and this shold be the fourth single. After this, My world my love my life would be a perfect last single for this brilhant album.
Jefferson and Bringing me down to my knees are excelent too.

OK, how about that: #4 Fool/MMHGP-without the choir (double-A-side isngle ;) and #5 MWMLML/Bringing me down.. (again doble-A-side single ;o)..... BWT, I don’t like Fool so much, but a friend has managed to get a bunch of teenagers to listen to RS, and their reaction to Fool has been quite good - here in Europe..... Anyway, don’t worry so much about the singles, on Per said they wouldn’t have fans decide on that.... ;-)

where can it be downloaded


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