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Written by roxeteer on April 25, 2001 to .

UPDATED Per has answered to new questions at the site. Here are the highlights:

  • “Room Service” sheet music is coming.
  • Roxette does have plans on releasing a compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks.
  • They are working on an US contract. “But nothing will be happen until later this year at the earliest,” says Per.
  • About paying 200,000 SEK for driving Formula 1 car, Per said: “Don’t believe the media.”
  • The album is out in the UK, but the first single there is likely to be “Milk And Toast And Honey” later in the summer. After the single release, Per and Marie are going to do promotion there.
  • As discussed here earlier, Roxette is planning to release a DVD compilation before Christmas. “With lots of forgotten and unseen goodies,” says Per.
  • “Room Service” has sold better than expected, 700,000 copies so far.

(joyrider and Berci Karoly contributed to this article.)

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there are MORE answers now :)

don’t ask me who did that Eskobar question to Per ;PPP LOL no it wasn’t me! It was txi hahahha

I think it’s great that Roxette is going to release a compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks. Although I hope that this compilation doesn’t contain too many songs of previous albums, but that we’re going to get a compilation with all new songs. Some unplugged-versions or a re-release of Rarities would be absolutely FANTASTIC.


for example: ROOM SERVICE SONG BOOK !!!


UK fans: JUMP ON THIS NEWS AND SPREAD IT DAR AND WIDE!! PHG himself, not the useless bunch of minusminds at EMI UK, says they’re doing the rounds in the UK!



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