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Roxette looking for big label in the US

Written by roxeteer on April 26, 2001 to .

HELSINKI - As you probably already know, Roxette doesn’t have a record deal for the US. They had a deal with Edel America Records (EAR) that was supposed to have included the “Room Service” CD out now, but it only lasted for one album - a Greatest Hits compilation. So, what went wrong?

  “We’re not used to working with small record companies,” said Per at a press conference held here today in response to a question from The Daily Roxette. “They are always like ’We have to move in 6 months’ and things like that. We’re not used to that. We are a big record company band.”

  Roxette has their entertainment lawyer in the States attempting to talk with bigger companies, but without success so far. The reason may be that Roxette is reluctant to lower their price. “If we’re going to have a record deal in the US, it will be on our terms,” said Per.

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I believe it would be wise for Roxette to lower their price in order to sign with a larger record company. If they swallow their pride a bit now, and jump aboard a company that has the means to get serious airplay and launch a major advertising campaign, it would mean more money for them in the long run anyway. How can they expect to get as much for a recording contract in the U.S. as they do in other countries when they have neglected the states for so long that no one but their die-hard fans even remember who they are?


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