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Lundquist: “There will be a tour and I’m in the band”

Written by roxeteer on April 26, 2001 to .

HELSINKI - (TDR EXCLUSIVE) Christoffer Lundquist, an all-around musician on Roxette’s two latest albums and in the band Brainpool (“discovered” by Per’s company Jimmy Fun Music), was playing bass in Roxette’s band here today. Speaking with The Daily Roxette at the end of their mini-concert here, he said that he has enjoyed working with Per and Marie. “They are really nice people,” Lundquist said.

  It doesn’t bother Lundquist that Per and Marie grab all the attention of fans. He was able to walk out from the studios without being surrounded by autograph hunters. “That’s the way it is,” he said laconically.

  At the press conference, when asked about a tour, Per only revealed that they are going to have a big meeting about it tomorrow. But when we asked Christoffer if he knew anything about tour plans, he said that the decision to mount another major Tour has already been reached. “They want to have a proper tour,” he says. “And I’m in the band.”

  Christoffer also told TDR that Brainpool is working on a new album. “It’s a rock opera and it will sound something like our previous album,” Lundquist said. That album, “You Are Here”, was their first without Janne Kask, who left the band’s lead singer position in 1997. The album was a flop, but Kask is not going to be back in the band. “We don’t want to work with him anymore,” said Lundquist.

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YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! That would be so great!!! I can’t wait for them to go on tour. Hopefully M & P don’t change their minds, but let’s wait until tomorrow.


I can’t wait one more minute to see they live!!!!!!

wow, GREAT NEWS!!!!! I hope they will really confirm this information!!!! But they will be angry about lundquist because he told that there will be a tour before per and marie did it....

YEEEEEEES!!! You go, Marie and Per! WOOOW! You BET we’ll be there to support the living hell out of you!!

The gigs in Cologne, Barcelona and Stockholm showed them,
that they have to do a tour. A now they themselves want to have more of that feeling.
YES, they are really back on stage!


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