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“Room Service” and “Centre” released in Australia today

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 30, 2001 to .

“Room Service” was released by EMI in Australia today, along with “The Centre of the Heart” as a single.

  Many fans have reported widespread difficulty in actually finding the album in stock, but that problem is expected to be resolved quickly.

  Graham Ashton, a spokesman for EMI Australia, reports that the company is optimistic the album will sell well, now that Roxette is getting exposure on radio and TV.

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How can anyone not like EYH!! great song.
But how can a record company say they will release an album on a particular day only for it not turning up anywhere to buy it!!!

I had a similar problem in Melbourne.
It turned out that EMI didn’t get their deliveries into Melbourne
until the afternoon, so it wasn’t available until about 4pm.

So far I’ve only seen Room Service in HMV in Melboourne. (It seems I’m the only person in Oz who got it on the 30/4) Every other store I’ve been to haven’t got it yet. So if You live in Melbourne goto HMV Bourke Street.

well, we had a little trouble getting the album and single on
monday- only because they had SOLD OUT. There was one copy
of the album in Sanity in Toowong, which we got, but NO singles
- all sold!!!
got the single today, and the head guy from sanity was there-
he said per gessle is one of the best song writers in the world.
he said the other was the guy from bachelor girl.



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